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Designing Audio for AV Applications. Professional Audio Consultants UK Distribution & Wholesale.

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1 Designing Audio for AV Applications

2 Professional Audio Consultants UK Distribution & Wholesale

3 Audio Solutions Background music Presentation Speech Speech Reinforcement Teleconferencing Surround Sound

4 Background Music: Audio source Amplifier mixer Ceiling speakers or Wall mount speakers or In wall speakers

5 Room dimensions Speaker size and type Look, size and power for application Room properties Choosing appropriate equipment Speakers

6 Genelec 1036A Active studio monitors

7 Choosing appropriate equipment for the application: Amplifiers Integrated amplifier Professional power amplifier Professional DSP and Network linked amplifier AV amplifier

8 Hi-Fi Integrated Amplifier: Low cost Rack mountable units available Multi source inputs with IR remote Remote volume control 2 x speaker outputs

9 Professional power amplifier Balanced connections Bridged mono option Lo Z or 100V

10 Combined mixer/amplifier 100 volt or low impedance

11 Pro amplifier networkable with DSP

12 DSP software for amp monitoring and control

13 Advantages of Balanced Audio Noise cancellation +4dB operating level Impedance balancing High signal-to-noise ratio Cable runs up to 100m 5 metre limit -10dB operating level


15 100v line amplifiers & speakers Daisy chain by parallel wiring Individual speaker tapping Number of speakers limited only by amplifier headroom and the tappings Transformer version ceiling speaker

16 Low impedance amplifiers Amp = 4 ohm 2 x 4 ohm speakers Or 4 x 8 ohm speakers Or 8 x 16 ohm speakers Better quality, stereo option or bridge mono

17 Presentation Speech Microphone choice Speaker Choice Signal Processing

18 Microphone & Speaker positioning 3.5 watts7.5 watts15 watts Speech Presentation

19 Feedback Loops Mic Choice Pickup patterns Graphic Equalisers Feedback Eliminators

20 Speech Reinforcement Boundary table top mics Mic & Speaker placement

21 Automatic Microphone Mixers Noise Gates Compressors/Limiters Microphone Choice

22 Wireless microphone & Speaker for speech reinforcement

23 Multiple Zones

24 BSS Soundweb DSP unit



27 Denon DNA 7100 Genelec active surround 5.1 system

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