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0845 257 6860 Open Access (OA) Repositories Laurian Williamson, Open Access Adviser, Centre for Research Communications,

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1 0845 257 6860 Open Access (OA) Repositories Laurian Williamson, Open Access Adviser, Centre for Research Communications, University of Nottingham NECOBELAC Training Event, Dublin, Ireland, 09 th May 2012

2 0845 257 6860 Outline OA Repositories Green and Gold Content types Repository drivers and barriers Copyright and licensing Sherpa services: RoMEO, JULIET, OpenDOAR The Repositories Support Project (RSP)

3 0845 257 6860 What is Open Access Literature? “Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. What makes it possible is the internet and the consent of the author or copyright- holder. “ Peter Suber

4 0845 257 6860 What is a repository? A mechanism for managing and storing digital content Subject or institutional in their focus Wide range of content deposited for a variety of purposes and users Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting and/or RSS) the metadata can then be harvested by external services and exposed to the wider world

5 0845 257 6860 OA Repositories…the ‘Green’ Route Authors deposit pre-print, post-print, or publisher’s pdf As well as, not instead of, traditional journal publishing Institutional, subject-based, or national repositories – TARA (Trinity College, University of Dublin) – UK PubMed Central – HAL (Hyper Article on Line)

6 0845 257 6860 The Gold Route Publish articles in an open-access journal or Publish in a “hybrid” journal that offers an open-access publishing option alongside traditional methods /

7 0845 257 6860 Types of materials stored in repositories Journal articles Bibliographic references (metadata only) Books, sections and chapters Conference and workshop papers Theses and Dissertations Unpublished reports & working papers Datasets Educational resources and learning objects Multimedia and audio-visual materials Software Patents

8 0845 257 6860 Drivers Scholarly communication Improves research management Increases visibility and impact of research outputs Global ‘Open Education’ Movement Developing a digital preservation policy Ready for REF 2014 - CERIF4REF plug-ins for repositories which allow institutions to efficiently submit REF compliant publications data

9 0845 257 6860 Barriers Copyright confusion Complicated workflows Lack of ‘buy-in’ Staffing and technology issues Lack of advocacy Apathy Publishers policies

10 0845 257 6860 Creative Commons

11 0845 257 6860 Copyright and self-archiving RoMEO Contains publishers' general policies on self- archiving of journal articles and certain conference series Each entry provides a summary of the publisher's policy, including what version of an article can be deposited, where it can be deposited, and any conditions that are attached to that deposit

12 0845 257 6860

13 0845 257 6860 RoMEO functions Interpretation and clarification of publisher policies Dialogue with stakeholders, particularly publishers and funders ‘Honest broker’ role Human and machine-readable interfaces

14 0845 257 6860 Growth of RoMEO

15 0845 257 6860 RoMEO colours

16 0845 257 6860 JULIET List of funder OA requirements Links to policies Sorting by funding agency or country Guidance on: OA Archiving, OA Publishing, Data Archiving, and general information on compliance and link to the funders position statement/policy on OA

17 0845 257 6860

18 0845 257 6860 OpenDOAR Authoritative directory of OA repositories 2000 listings Search for repositories Search repository contents A wide range of statistical charts, for example: - repositories by country; repositories by contintent; repositories by subject

19 0845 257 6860

20 0845 257 6860 Repositories Support Project  - Initially a 2.5 year JISC funded project  September 2006 – March 2009  Lead Institution – University of Nottingham  Partner Institutions – University of Southampton, Aberystwyth University, Digital Curation Centre (University of Edinburgh), UKOLN (University of Bath).  - Second phase April 2009 – July 2012 University of Nottingham

21 0845 257 6860 The RSP… Support growth and development of open access repositories Provides advice and guidance on OA CPD events for the repository community Build repository capacity Enhance skills Improve take-up and development of institutional repositories in the UK

22 0845 257 6860 The RSP Offers…

23 0845 257 6860 RSP Events Conferences Residential Schools Webinars Technical Workshops Skills Training

24 0845 257 6860 State of the Nation Survey 74 responses 58% use Eprints and 27% use Dspace Mediated deposit – Fully 21%, Partially = 51% Full-text only = 24% Policy mandates = 41% yes and 59% no Preservation policy – 55% yes and 45% no Lead responsibility for the repository – 86% library Survey data available from RSP Wiki

25 0845 257 6860 Repositories of interest SciELO Public Health rian – pathways to Irish Research The World Bank Open Knowledge Repository HSAP Resources Repository

26 0845 257 6860 Finally….  Thanks and Questions  

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