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An Introduction Changes to Access Grid at Daresbury Labs.

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1 An Introduction Changes to Access Grid at Daresbury Labs

2 The Goal Make your life easier –Many new features are based on feedback –Requirements, ideas, suggestions are still welcome Reduce wasted time –Auto-AG refinements –Less reliance on working with the Venue Client –Power control for Cameras/Screens/Speakers

3 Big Changes No need to switch on Cameras etc. –These are now powered on by Auto-AG They’ll turn themselves on when you click Guided Mode / Start Venue Client –They power off automatically too When the Projectors normally switch off Auto-AG –Integrates Virtual Venue list

4 Auto-AG’s New Look Here to make your life easier DON’T PANIC

5 Auto-AG You don’t have to use the features –But: Quicker Easier Safer! Ongoing development –Got a feature request? Send me an email

6 Booking a Meeting Check the AG Outlook Calendar –Is the room free? Be detailed –Virtual Venue Can always use CLRC DL if using A1 If it’s a shared venue, specify which –Shared Presentation, Browser? Let us know if you cancel the meeting

7 Venue Client A quick note –Main app for AG Conference Cumbersome Obtuse –Essential for Auto-AG Basic Operation Tutorial –You shouldn’t need it –But you need to know about it

8 Basic Node Operation

9 Setting up a Meeting: Preparing the Room Call the Operator if PC is logged out Choose Guided Mode –Launches Venue Client –Turns on Cameras and Projectors

10 Setting up a Meeting: Choosing a Virtual Venue Pick a Virtual Venue from list –Auto-AG has the same list as Venue Client –Can’t find your Virtual Venue? (Attend Advanced Node Operation) Call Operator for assistance –If it sounds like a pub name: This is a shared venue managed by the AGSC If you notify an Operator before the meeting, we will add the venue to the list

11 Setting up a Meeting: Choosing Your Path Basic Operation:

12 Setting up a Meeting: Auto Positioning Click Auto Setup to arrange windows –Each additional click will close and re-open feeds –Be patient and don’t move the mouse!!

13 Setting up a Meeting: Adjusting Camera Positions Default positions are zoomed out –Click ‘Adjust Cameras’ on Wizard The 3 front cameras are controlled by Auto-AG Hold down the buttons to move/zoom the camera –Try to fit 1 or 2 people to a camera Camera should not be looking lower than the table Try to use all of your cameras effectively

14 Setting up a Meeting: Don’t Forget the Audio! Auto Setup will un-mute microphones –Click ‘talk’ button to toggle if unchecked If one site is too loud or quiet –Use RAT to change levels Use RAT sparingly –It likes to crash!

15 Setting up a Meeting: Shutdown That’s pretty much it –Keep an eye on the first ~10mins In case more sites join, or problems manifest When the meeting is over: –Press ‘Shutdown’ on Wizard This will close Venue Client Turn off Projectors Turn off Cameras Turn off Speakers/Screens

16 Summary There are a lot of things to do –That need doing quickly Don’t expect to get things right away –Improve over time –Learn the quirks of AG –Sometimes problems are out of our hands

17 Questions?

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