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18 February 20091 Anaerobic Digestion On-farm AD Planning Permission and Environmental Permitting.

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1 18 February 20091 Anaerobic Digestion On-farm AD Planning Permission and Environmental Permitting

2 18 February 20092 What is a planning permission? Authorisation to carry out development Planning conditions Role of the planning application Enforcement

3 18 February 20093 What is ‘permitted development’? GPDO 1995 Part 6 - Agricultural Buildings and Operations Waste industry PD

4 18 February 20094 Why does AD need planning permission? The deposit of waste material on land involves a material change of use and is therefore development Engineering works and buildings are also development Changes that may need either a new permission or variation of an existing permission Increase in volume - extra traffic movements; additional environmental impacts Increase in area Additional facilities - weighbridge, buildings including portable units

5 18 February 20095 Is your site physically suitable? Distance from sensitive receptors - how close are your neighbours?; Surface and groundwater sensitivity - are you near a river/stream; are you above an aquifer?; Flood risk - is the site at risk of flooding?. Landscape - are you in an area designated for its landscape value e.g National Park, AONB? Visual - will the development be seen by many people? Traffic - can the local road network accommodate heavy goods vehicles Access - is the access in to the site adequate or could it be improved without requiring land from third parties?

6 18 February 20096 Is your site physically suitable? Ecology - are you near a NR, SSSI, SAC, Ramsar site; do you have protected species onsite or nearby; is the land affected likely to contain a habitat of local significance? Noise, dust, odours, bioaerosols - can you contain these impacts; are you far enough from sensitive receptors not to cause a nuisance? Archaeology - is the site likely to have evidence of previous settlement? Ancient Monuments, listed buildings- are you close to historic features that might be adversely affected by the development? Conservation Area - are you in or close to a designated area?

7 18 February 20097 National Waste Strategy 2007 and Energy White Paper 2007 Are you in the Green Belt? What does the latest local plan/development document say about AD and Renewable Energy? Is there a need for a facility in your location? Is there a large enough source of suitable waste within a catchment area of 20-30 miles? What will you do with the digestate? Does your site comply with planning policies?

8 18 February 20098 Will you need to do an Environmental Impact Assessment? Schedule 1 development - mandatory Schedule 2 development - discretionary Paragraph 3 (a) - Energy projects: area exceeds 0.5 hectare Paragraph 11(b) - Other installations: area exceeds 0.5 hectare; is within 100m of a controlled water; Circular 2/99 Guidance Power stations - EIA is unlikely for low output units Waste operations - EIA is more likely where inputs are more than 50,000 tonnes per annum or the site is more than 10 hectares.

9 18 February 20099 Improving your chances of getting Planning Permission Demonstrate compliance with planning policies Demonstrate that the operations are unlikely to cause nuisance to the neighbours or to environmental factors of significance Before submitting your planning application, involve the neighbours, Parish Council, Local Councillors, Environment Agency Officers, Environmental Health Officer, District and County Planning Officers Run an open day at the site Offer to take interested persons to see an existing operation Talk to the local press

10 18 February 200910 Environmental Permitting EP can only be issued if planning permission has been granted Bespoke Permit requirements EPOPRA speadsheet - fees Detailed Site Management Plan, including Accident Management Plan Detailed technology description, explaining how emissions are controlled at each stage Fit and Proper Person test Technical competence Environmental prosecutions and Environmental Management System Financial probity

11 18 February 200911 Contact details for advice or further information: Mill House, Long Lane, East Haddon, Northamptonshire NN6 8DU Tel: 01604 771123 Fax: 01604 771086 Email: Website:

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