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Professor Stephen Gomez Advanced Professional Development (APD1)

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1 Professor Stephen Gomez Advanced Professional Development (APD1)

2 Learning institutions  ‘To demonstrate a deep and systematic understanding of work as a valid activity for learning’.  Starting point – university education  Origins of universities was for vocational studies  Degree – allowed people to practice in their profession  Doctorate – allowed people to teach others  Characteristics of universities:  Teaching students – core business  Discipline-based research – informs teaching, applied to industry through knowledge transfer  Assess, accredit & award qualifications

3 The workplace as a learning space  Schön (1983) & Brennan (2005) – learning is an integral and ongoing feature of work;  Human capital theory (Schultz, 1961; Becker, 1964)  ‘people are an organisation’s greatest resource’;  Increase in ‘physical capital’ explains only part of the growth of the economy;  Another part is education, skills & training of the workforce;  Cost-benefit analysis of training & education

4 Intellectual capital  Brennan – develops human capital to intellectual capital  Vital to economic success  Encourages knowledge creation  Application of new knowledge to the workplace  Garnett et al (2009) – intellectual capital as a true measure of the wealth of an organisation  Organisation is not measured as a place of production but as a place of thinking

5 Characteristics of new workplace knowledge  There are a number of ways that new knowledge from the workplace differs from that generated by univeristies  Alignment – interdisciplinary vs subject disciplines  Usage – immediate vs longer term  Codification – hard to codify vs highly codified  Networks & collaboration – communities of practice

6 Workplace vs university settings Workplace settingUniversity setting PracticalTheoretical InterdisciplinaryDisciplinary InformalFormal AppliedFoundational ContextualGeneralisable

7 Further reading & citations  Australian national Training Authority (2003) review of Training Packages in Austrlia  Gary S. Becker (1964, 1993, 3rd ed.). Human Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, with Special Reference to Education.. Chicago, University of Chicago Press. ISBN 978-0-226-04120-9  Brennan, L. (2005) Integrating work based learning into higher education. Report, Bolton: University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC).  Garnett, Costley and Workman (2009)  Schultz, T (1961) "Education and Economic Growth," in Social Forces Influencing American Education, N.B. Henry, ed., Chicago: University of Chicago Press.  Waterhouse, R. (2002) Widening participation and the distributed university. In: Roodhouse, S. & Hemsworth, D. (Eds) Widening participation in the workplace, a new agenda for further and higher education, Bolton: Proceedings of the University Vocational Awards Council.

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