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Club Treasurer Training Ewan Paterson AU President.

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1 Club Treasurer Training Ewan Paterson AU President

2 Overview Union Finances Allocation Process Union Accounts How to Claim Money Private Money Support and Advice

3 Union Finances Brief Overview 2 sources of income: Profit made from shops/bars/commercial services etc. Annual grant from the University

4 AU Finances Sources of income: A portion of the Union grant Club subscription fees Sponsorship Hey Ewe

5 Club Budget Subscription Fees & AU Grant Home Matches – Refs/Opposition Meals Transport – Minibus hire/petrol costs Fixed Costs – Affiliations/Entry fees Equipment Coaching Sundry

6 Subs & AU Grant AU Grant is allocated according to: - Historical spending - Grant Allocation Form AU Grant is added to the subs to give a total budget figure. Subs should be paid by the end of October. The general rule is no refunds after 31 st October.

7 Home Match Costs Opposition Meals (£1.80 per head in 10/11) –Meal tickets –External venue –Supermarket Referee Costs –Payment by cash through pre-arrangement with AU –Return form as soon as possible after match

8 Transport Coach/Minibus Travel –Book through Becky –Minibus = £80/day. Coach = £300 upwards –Minibus Drivers: 21+, Union test, 2 required for journeys of 150 miles+ Car Travel –Fill in car registration form at beginning of the year. Need to bring in driving licence, insurance certificate and MOT Petrol Claims –20p/mile for car travel & 26p/mile for minibus travel Other Forms of Transport –Train fares refunded at the Young Person’s Railcard rate –Other forms of transport must be booked through the AU Office

9 Fixed Costs Affiliation to National Governing Bodies Sports specific insurance Competition entries (via entry forms) Regular external facility hire Storage hire

10 Equipment Check your budget Shop around for the best supplier/price Come in to the AU Office with the details A Purchase Order will be raised The equipment will be ordered Equipment and invoices will be delivered to the AU Invoices are paid by the AU Add the items to your club’s equipment list

11 Coaching Coaches Paid by LSU –Must complete a Coaching Contract every year –Paid monthly around the 18 th –Coaches can not claim for mileage Coaches Paid by Invoice –Invoice must be issued by their own coaching company or from a company they work for – e.g. National Governing Body AU Student Development Fund –Needs to be agreed by AU President

12 Sundry Costs All photocopying should be done through the Union Reception – automatically paid from your budget Where necessary, stationery should be bought from the Union Shops and claimed back with receipts Envelopes, stamps, headed paper, compliments slips and phone are available in the AU Office

13 Making Claims Club claim form (Green) BUCS claim form (Red) BUCS representative form (Blue) Supplementary Award for special circumstances

14 Invoices Ask the company to invoice your club at the Athletic Union’s address: Loughborough Students XXXX Club Athletic Union Office Union Building Ashby Road Loughborough LE11 3TT Invoices can not be paid if addressed to individuals or Loughborough University LSU is no longer able to make payment by cheque. Bank details are required to make payments by BACS.

15 Union Account - Golden Rules Fill in claim form FULLY and CLEARLY No receipt/invoice = No money! No treasurer’s signature = No money! Place forms in the ‘Finance In’ tray Allow 5 days processing Need to enter bank details on profile on to receive payment

16 Private Money Non-budget money is collected: - Through the E-Shop system - Via cash or cheques payable to LSU Products set up by AU Finance Administrator £1 charge per transaction Private money is held in individual accounts for each club Claims are made in the same way as from budgets

17 Support and Advice Account statements available from AU/Finance Office AU Finance Administrator E-mail: Call: 01509 635055 AU President E-mail: Call: 01509 635052 Or just come in and have a chat!

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