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 Vision ◦ Build a strong education and research environment that responds swiftly to the challenges of the 21st century.  Mission ◦ Produce leading.

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2  Vision ◦ Build a strong education and research environment that responds swiftly to the challenges of the 21st century.  Mission ◦ Produce leading and visionary computer professionals for Information and Communications Technologies.  Goals ◦ Encourage young people to consider careers in engineering and computer science by introducing them to these fields, and produce graduates who will develop and advance the computing industry and computing technologies in Turkey.

3  Çukurova University Computer Engineering was established in  The education language is English, and undergraduate education, except the English preparatory class, is 4 years.  Undergraduate and graduate (MSc-PhD) level education is provided.

4 4 1st Year Academic Preparation and Introduction to Computer Science. 2nd Year Basic courses of Computer Engineering 3rd Year Advanced level courses in Computer Engineering and an internship. 4th Year The choice of expertise area, a final project and an internship. Business Life Graduate Education Preparation

5 Information processing methods Required Equipment Communication Techniques Computer system Result Information Computer  Computer engineering is a discipline that aims to solve problems which requires processing of information with computer- based hardware and software systems.

6 6 Software Engineering Computer Science Computer Hardware System Design CENG

7  Research & Development in their field  Software development  Software architecture development  Microprocessor- based hardware design  Computer network equipment design  Software sales and marketing  Hardware sales and marketing  Computers and related equipment design, manufacture, operation and maintenance

8  Powerful and international experienced academic staff  Education language is in English  Getting a job easly after graduation.  Strong communication bond between the student and the instructor (Open Door Policy, Office Days)  Current and world-class curriculum  Practice + theoretical education  The opportunity to study abroad with Erasmus program  Double degree opportunities  The advantages of a social life

9  Control and Automation Systems  Computer Science  Computer Hardware  Theoretical Foundations of Computer Engineering  Computer Software

10  Software Development Companies  Telecom Operators  Infrastructure Companies  Financial Institutions  Research and Development Institutions  Package Software distributors and practitioners  Technology Consulting and Implementation Companies  Production Companies- Information Technology Department  Utility Companies- Information Technology Department  Government Institutions-Information Technology Department

11 11  Since October 2010, we're at a new and modern building.

12 12

13 13  Computer Laboratory; There are 45 computers with LCD screens, advanced equipment and all software needed.  In the Electronics Laboratory; resistors, capacitors, LEDs, potentiometer, etc.. elements and integrated circuits are provided to the students for testing purposes.

14 14  Robotics Laboratory; was established to make practical and theoretical researchs/teaching in control systems and robotics issues.  Logic Laboratory; was established to give students practical experience in the field of microprocessors and apply theoretical knowledge.

15 15  Assoc. Prof. Zekeriya TÜFEKÇİ, Head of Department Clemson University, 2001 USA Tel: / Speech Recognition, Signal Processing  Assoc. Prof. Selma Ayşe ÖZEL Bilkent University, 2004 Turkey Tel: / Data Mining, Database Systems, Information Retrieval, Text Mining  Assoc. Prof. Ramazan ÇOBAN Gebze Institute of Technology, 2006 Turkey Tel: / Control and Robotic, Artificial Intelligence  Assoc. Prof. M. Fatih AKAY Drexel University, 2005 USA Tel: / Computer Networks, Internet applications PhdContact InfoResearch Interests

16 16  Asst. Prof. Mustafa ORAL Glamorgan University, 1998 England Tel: / Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning  Asst. Prof. Umut ORHAN Zonguldak Karaelmas University, 2011 Turkey Tel: / Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks, Database Systems  Asst. Prof. Çiğdem İnan ACI Çukurova University, 2013 Turkey Tel: / Parallel Processing, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Analysis of Algorithms PhdContact InfoResearch Interests

17 17  Res. Asst. Fırat KUMRU Tel: / Speech Recognition, Statistical Models, Data Acquisition Systems Contact InfoResearch Interests  Res. Asst. Ali ŞENTÜRK Tel: / Digital Design, Embedded Systems, Parallel and Distributed Systems  Res. Asst. Onur ÜLGEN Tel: / Operating Systems, Machine Learning, System Programming  Res. Asst. Esra SARAÇ Tel: / Artificial Intelligence, Information Retrieval, Web Mining  Res. Asst. Serkan KARTAL Tel: / Programming Languages, Web Technologies, Database Systems

18 18  Res. Asst. Adil Cem ALBAYRAK Tel: / Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Web Technologies Contact InfoResearch Interests  Res. Asst. Serhat HIZLISOY Tel: / Speech Recognition, Computer Networks, Statistical Models  Res. Asst. Barış ATA Tel: / Operating Systems, Software Engineering  Res. Asst. Ezgi ZORARPACI Tel: / Computer networks,, Artificial Intelligence, Text Mining  Res. Asst. Mehmet SARIGÜL Tel: / Machine Learning, Database Systems

19 19  7 Faculty Members  10 Research Assistants  1 Administrative Staff  1 Janitor

20  Our department has agreement with; ◦ Sweden ◦ Germany 20 ◦ Portugal ◦ Poland ◦ Spain ◦ Estonia for erasmus program.

21 Also through the Mevlana exchange programme, students can be sent to all higher education institutions throughout the world without discriminating between the geographical borders.

22 For more information

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