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Promoting Breast Feeding at Suffolk County Council Anita Farrant.

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1 Promoting Breast Feeding at Suffolk County Council Anita Farrant

2 Breastfeeding Rates in Suffolk Over Last 5 Years (Excluding Waveney) 08/0909/1010/1111/1212/13 Rates at birth 60%63%66% Rates at 10-14 days 50%51%54% Rates at 6 weeks 35%44%50%

3 How Have We Achieved This Improvement? Breast Feeding Policy in place 4 (+2) trainers trained in UNICEF Breast Feeding Management Training. All HV staff trained in Breastfeeding Management All Children’s Centre Staff in process of being trained in Breastfeeding management Children’s Centres have commissioned BfN Breastfeeding Helper Training A Breastfeeding Support Group in each cluster Each HV team has a designated Breastfeeding Champion Each HV team has an individual target to increase their BF rates Each HV team, in conjunction with CCs, has their own action plan Quarterly breastfeeding meetings with Breastfeeding Co-ordinators Tightened up data collection process.

4 Collecting Breastfeeding Data

5 Changes in How We Collect Data Data is collected monthly not quarterly. Data that is collected at birth is for the same cohort as at 6 weeks. All unknowns are now investigated and followed up. Drop off rates from Birth to 10 days and from 10 days to 6 weeks are monitored and followed up if unusually high. Templates on SystmOne (S1) are being updated to provide more robust electronic data. S1 data is audited to ensure that it is robust. East and West CCGs have separate BF targets for 6 weeks. (E-53%, W-49%)

6 Future Plans To collect data exclusively via S1 SCC has submitted intention to work towards UNICEF Breast Feeding Friendly Status o HV Lead o CC Lead o Joint Action Plan  Audit of staff in progress

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