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2009 ACTIVITY & REGULATORY UPDATE Simon Toole Energy Development Unit Department of Energy and Climate Change 9 Dec 2009.

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1 2009 ACTIVITY & REGULATORY UPDATE Simon Toole Energy Development Unit Department of Energy and Climate Change 9 Dec 2009

2 Outline of presentation Recent Activity and Discoveries 26 th Licence Round Interactions with Offshore Wind Power 2 nd Round Licence Extension Policy Carbon Capture and Storage EOR Infrastructure & Commercial Codes of Practice Data Management Promote CD Opportunities

3 Around 40 billion barrels of oil equivalent produced so far Anticipate around 20 billion remain Some 300 offshore fields in production Supplies around 70% of UK energy needs Supports around 450,000 jobs across the sector Attracts around £12bn annual expenditure by industry Provides around £10bn annually to the Treasury in taxation UK Continental Shelf


5 < 200 200 - 300 >400 2002 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 Mmboe/yr Recent Oil and Gas Discoveries

6 Initiative Success Promote Licences 41 E&A wells 18 published successes Fallow 107 E&A wells on Fallow acreage since 2002 Promote UK Uptake of 163 out of 188 undeveloped discoveries and leads promoted on DECC CD /Website

7 WEST OF SHETLAND Government/Industry taskforce collaborative outcome third party investment process basic engineering nears completion investment decision for pipeline next year ?

8 Licensees & New Entrants 2001-2009

9 Licensing 26 th Round – Early 2010 Cumulative Acreage Incl. SEA 8 Focussed Terms Traditional, Promote, Frontier New ‘West of Scotland Frontier’ licence Residual 25 th Round awards decision - next few weeks 7 8 6 5 4 3 2 2 1

10 LARRY – Licensing Applications Repository Plan to introduce for 26 th Round Will automatically guide applicants on how to submit an application electronically Appendix A & C ‘Fill the box’ - Copy and Paste or upload file technique Appendix B (technical section) upload as a complete pdf (or similar) file

11 Wind Farm Licences

12 2 nd Round Licence ‘Prospective Area’ Extension Policy Licences due to expire November 2011 Recent clarification on licence trading of Prospective Areas (see website) DECC believes extensions only are appropriate where current licensee is already engaged on a programme of work leading to development Do not support the case for late asset sales and possible development by third parties In such cases we would rather see fair and open competition via Licence Rounds, even if this means more time will be needed.

13 Carbon Capture and Storage Act sets out general legal framework for storage. Exclusive rights will be conferred by Crown Estates lease. Interaction between overlapping Petroleum and Storage licenses – Producing fields will be able to obtain exclusive rights for a subsequent storage project. – Other situations will be generally open to competition. Draft regulations (under consultation until end of year) transpose EU directive and provide detailed rules for issued licences. Envisage ‘exploration’ and ‘storage’ phases. Target for regulations – April 2010

14 EOR Size of the Prize

15 Offshore EOR Challenges Expensive facilities upgrades needed on ageing platforms Limited “window-of-opportunity” for mature fields / high well spacing EOR increment often “long & lazy” Need source of cheap EOR injectant

16 Fair access to Infrastructure Clarification of how DECC would set a tariff if asked – cost/risk/return balance: target as if competition exists Re-launched ‘Code of Practice’ – Sept 2004 Greater Transparency on tariffs & terms Upfront agreement that BERR will facilitate and may set tariff & terms if no agreement after 6 months Status Several ‘6 month Automatic Referral Notices’ active Revised Guidance issued 2008/09


18 Progress with Commercial Code Annual survey originally showed improvement but recent levelling off Minister’s letter (Jan09) set challenges – Confirm support for Codes of Practice – MDs to set direction & identify issues – Use of available standard agreements – Following up with companies

19 Good Seismic Data Management Seismic Release Guidelines – DECC and OGUK web site Distributed Data Repository model Obligation to manage and keep data in good condition – 9 track in a cave is not good! Relief of ‘inperpetuity’ obligation if put data in NHDA CDA now have their Seismic Data Store available Planning to recruit an ‘Enforcer’ – keeping better track of seismic ownership will be key objective We will be working with DEAL to ensure data due for release at end of this year is properly flagged ahead of the 26 th Round


21 Opportunities and Relinquishment Reports 45 Leads & 6 Discoveries (CD) 146 Relinquishment Reports (DECC web site)

22 Positive Outlook Continued investment and activity Substantial Discoveries Wide range of North Sea players Maximising full exploration potential New approaches / Innovative thinking UKCS remains strongly competitive Production through to 2030 and beyond

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