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An Introduction to Secure Access Phase 2 1. Background to Secure Access Secure Access (SA) was introduced on 10 December 2012 to provide Local Authorities.

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1 An Introduction to Secure Access Phase 2 1

2 Background to Secure Access Secure Access (SA) was introduced on 10 December 2012 to provide Local Authorities and Schools with a single, secure point of entry to Departmental IT systems (currently COLLECT, School 2 School (s2s) and Key to Success (KtS)) and to ensure that the data that they hold is much better protected; It replaced the previous “Authentix” system; All current schools and LA personnel who use S2S and/or COLLECT were migrated to SA; 2

3 Background to Secure Access An enhanced version of SA (Phase 2) will be launched on 9 th December; This will provide individual Secure Access accounts within schools and academies who currently have shared accounts (Local Authority users already have individual accounts) In support of that, the facility to create and administer SA accounts locally will be provided by introducing an ‘Approver’ role within each organisation (i.e. School, Academy or Local Authority). 3

4 The Approver Role An Approver will have the same access as an End User but with additional user management privileges; Approvers will have the ability to: - Search for users within their organisation - Add new user accounts - View user accounts - Edit and archive user accounts - Add and remove access to Departmental systems as required, and where access is granted to COLLECT, specify/select the data collection(s) that are able to be accessed by the requestor. 4

5 The Approver Role Within a Local Authority, the Contact Liaison Officer (CLO) will undertake the approver role; Within schools, a nominated member of staff (who could be the existing account holder for the shared account) will undertake the role; COLLECT Access will no longer be managed by the EDD Helpdesk and it will be the responsibility of the Contact Liaison Officer and individual schools to add and remove access to data collections within COLLECT Users will have their accounts upgraded on 9 th December to the Approver account type; 5

6 Account claiming process A flag will be set for all user accounts given ‘Approver’ role to activate a ‘claim’ process on subsequent login to SA following the launch on 9 th December; User logs in; User is shown a confirmation screen asking them to confirm they are authorised to claim this Approver account; If the user is the authorised individual for this account they click ‘Confirm’ and continue to the next page; 6

7 Account claiming process If the user is not the authorised individual for this account, they click ‘Cancel’ and are logged out and returned to the Login page; The Approver will be forced to select a new password and enter a new security question and answer, and will not be allowed to enter one that has been used previously for their account; 7

8 8

9 Confirmation of authorised user - School 9

10 Confirmation of authorised user – LA 10

11 Confirm user details Filled in automatically Validation in place to ensure a previously used question or answer cannot be entered. 11

12 Approver can now add additional accounts 12

13 Approver chooses whether to add accounts now or later Limited to 5 end user accounts – schools only 13

14 Approver chooses to add new accounts now 14

15 Approver chooses to add accounts later 15

16 Searching for users (and viewing user accounts) 16

17 Administration tab 17

18 Searching for users 18

19 Select 'Details' 19

20 View user’s account 20

21 Adding a new user 21

22 Click on Administration tab and Select add new 22

23 Enter user details Automatically filled in so cannot link to incorrect organisation. 23

24 SA calculates which Application groups should be visible to user based on the user details entered e.g. LA = All collections, Independent School = Independent School Census only. User selects groups 24

25 Click save to confirm 25

26 Editing user accounts 26

27 Search for user as shown in searching for users section, select account then Select 'Edit' button 27

28 Edit the fields required and save user’s details 28

29 COLLECT Access 29

30 Collect Access All existing COLLECT users will be migrated over to Secure Access and the relevant tick boxes completed If you grant access for 2013 it will automatically carry forward for any future years unless removed When any of these collections are selected and the account saved the user will have immediate access within COLLECT As CLOs grant access now we would expect a process to already be in place to authenticate a user prior to granting access to a collection at LA level Key to Success for LAs will still be managed by the RA Mailbox with tokens 30

31 COLLECT Access will now be managed via the user edit screen for the following COLLECT Groups LAs Alternative Provision CensusSchool Census Spring Appeals Against ExclusionsSchool Census Summer Appeals Against Admissions School Census Autumn Children In Need S251 Budget Consistent Financial ReportingS251 Outturn Early Years CensusSEN2 Early Years Foundation Stage ProfileSchool Workforce Census Keystage 1 Phonics Parental responsibility Private Fostering SCAP – Forecasts SCAP – Capacity 31

32 Schools Consistent Financial Reporting School Census Spring School Census Summer School Census Autumn Independent School Census School Workforce Census Schools will be advised in guides if they do not use COLLECT then they do not need to add it to their list of access permissions. Please note: Every 100 days Secure Access forces a password re-set 32

33 Archiving - For use when a staff member has left or an account is no longer used. Search for user as shown in searching for users section, click edit, select archive account and enter reason. Then save. This immediately deactivates the account. You can also use the same Section for re-activating an account. 33

34 Reset user’s password 34

35 Search for user as shown in searching for users section, click Reset password. An email is automatically sent to the registered email address. The user has 48hrs before the link expires. 35

36 Re-send account activation link If a user doesn’t click their account activation link in their activation email within 48 hours, the link will expire for security reasons; An Approver can click a button on the user’s form to re- send them their activation email with a new activation link; 36

37 Approver transfers their access rights 37

38 Click on ‘Your Account’, select 'Transfer your Approver rights' 38

39 A list of the accounts for your organisation will be shown, select account you wish to transfer access to, enter the answer to your security question and click apply. This will immediately transfer the Approver role. 39

40 Archiving approver accounts Approvers cannot archive their own account They must transfer their Approver rights to another account. The old Approver will then become an End user account At which point the new Approver may archive their account 40

41 Contacts and Guides Updated guidance documents will be available on the following Secure Access Web Page: /secureaccess /secureaccess Secure Access Login Page: For any enquiries please use the Secure Access Service Request Form: m/secureaccess/service-request-form m/secureaccess/service-request-form 41

42 Any Questions? 42

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