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The RSL-Hooke: A New Science Library for Oxford Judy Palmer

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1 The RSL-Hooke: A New Science Library for Oxford Judy Palmer





6 The stages 1.Geography reclassification (beyond scope of project) 2.OSNEY MEAD DEPOSITORY (beyond scope of project)) 3.2km of RSL stack moved to deep store (independently funded) 4.Scratch space (design, procure, install) 5.Re-arrangement of stock and completion of re- classification into LC 6.RSL construction works surveys / design / procurement 7.Rewiring of Worthington Wing (beyond scope of project) 8.RSL construction works excluding basement reference stack (separate construction)

7 The stages 9.Hooke library integration 10.Moving low use stock from RSL to Osney Mead depository to make space for incoming collections 11.Geography - integrated into RSL 12.Hand back 3 Mansfield Road library for new use 13.Reserve stack books to depository so that basement works to RSL can be completed 14.Conversion of basement reserve stack and server room into open shelves and enlarge training room 15.Earliest date former Hooke space could be released for SALC project


9 Additional issues Communication RSL/Hooke Consultative Group Exhibition in EH Rearrangement of stock summer 06 Rewiring of the Worthington Wing September 06 Construction starts October 06 Staff roles

10 Consultative Group Kay McLeary Anthropology ( Mark Robinson University Museum ( Stuart Ferguson Biochemistry ( Linda McDowello Geography ( George Ratcliffe Plant Sciences ( Peter Holland Zoology ( Lindsay Battle Chemistry ( Brian Morgan Computing Laboratory ( Hugh Jenkyns Earth Sciences ( Basil Kouvaritakis Engineering ( Alan Cowey Experimental Psychology ( David Coleman ( George Smith Materials ( Alex Wilkie Maths ( John Chalker Physics ( Gisele Reinert Statistics ( David Vaux Pathology ( Richard Boyd Anatomy ( Oliver Russell Student ( Ian Caddy Student (ian.caddy@st-

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