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HOUSE ASSEMBLY What is a hero?.

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1 HOUSE ASSEMBLY What is a hero?

2 WHAT MAKES A HERO? What exactly makes a person a hero?
Is it bravery, being fearless when others run away? Is it putting the needs of others before your own? Is it being prepared to risk your own safety for others?

3 THINK ABOUT….. James Bond, created by Ian Fleming. Bond was based on real people that Fleming had worked with in World War 2. This is a picture of the real James Bond.

4 IMAGINARY HEROES Doctor Who, he first appeared about 45 years ago.
Since then he has helped many people across time and space. He tries to avoid violence and show respect for life.

5 THINK ABOUT……. Famous footballers, are they heroes when they score vital goals? That can depend on which team you support!!!!

6 CAN WE ALL BE HEROES? Perhaps we can all be heroes if we choose not to be selfish and live in a way that helps others.

7 TRAINED FOR BATTLE???? Heroes don’t have to be trained to fight battles. Heroes can be people who have stood up for a cause. Heroes can be people who have tried to make the world a better place.

8 FAMOUS????? Heroes don’t have to be well known.
Heroes can be found in the streets we live on. Heroes make sure that their families and communities have the care they need. Heroes make sure that people feel secure.

9 ANY HEROES HERE???? Who knows????? You may be sitting next to a hero.
People in this room could be quiet heroes who get on with their lives. They may help others. They may have problems that make them a hero every time they get through another day.

10 NOT ALL HEROES….. Not all heroes wear their undies over their trousers!!!!!! Not all heroes can kill foreign agents!!!!! Not all heroes can save the planet!!!!! Not all heroes earn over £100,000 a week!!!!

11 TRUE HEROES Help others. Don’t look for a reward for their actions.
Don’t tell everyone what they have done. Are quite often anonymous. Are embarrassed when brought to the attention of the public.

12 CAN WE ALL BE HEROES? We need to learn how to help others by understanding them and their needs. We must focus less on our own needs. We must realise what our own strengths and weaknesses are. We must be prepared to see a thing through and give up our time for others.

13 SUMMARY Heroes are ordinary people.
Ordinary people do extraordinary things to become heroes. An extraordinary thing does not have to be life changing. It can be anything that takes courage and determination. It can be something that only you know about.

14 REFLECTION Do you know any heroes? Are you a hero?
Have you done anything that you feel proud of? A small action can make you a hero. Think about things you have already done that you now feel make you a hero.


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