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Uganda Crane Creameries Co-op Union Godfrey Koramuzi Board Secretary.

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1 Uganda Crane Creameries Co-op Union Godfrey Koramuzi Board Secretary

2 Background UCCU was registered on 11 th January 2005 Registration No 7231 It was born out of Uganda National Farmers Association (UNDAFA)

3 Mission and Vision To develop a vibrant Dairy sector that will enhance improved livelihoods of dairy farmers through increased incomes, modern farming and technology development Vision – a leading farmer owned provider of high quality dairy products in the East African region

4 Objective Mobilise farmers in co-operative Train farmers to run the dairy farms commercially Carry out research and market development Mobilise and train farmers on value addition in dairy supply Encourage savings culture among members

5 Transport UCCU is not involved in transport today although it plans to have it when it goes into production However members who form UCCU are involved in transporting milk from primary societies to the bulk centres centres in the eight unions which form UCCU


7 Challenges These unions face a lot of problems in transporting milk from the primaries to the bulk centres most especially the big unions. Since milk is perishable good, it has to be collected on time Fuel increase has also caused a lot of problems Maintenance of the vehicles and generators is also a problem

8 There is a need to get insulated milk tankers to avoid losses Buy milk coolers to avoid transporting warm milk Most of the milk coolers belong to SALL and members are not allowed to sell milk to other processors and even to repair a generator

9 In conclusion Farmers have put up a milk processing plant in MBARA and it is estimated to cost around 13.2 billion UGX excluding construction of the factory where farmers have invested about 2 bn UGX Thank you

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