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T206 Energy for a sustainable future

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1 T206 Energy for a sustainable future

2 Schedule for the day  Introduction to T206  Using Numbers and Calculations  Break  Essay Questions  Exercise  Finish

3 Aim of the course  Key Question  How can we provide access to clean, safe sustainable energy supplies for the world during the 21 st century, despite rising population and increasing levels of economic development?

4 Course themes  Current patterns of energy use and energy sources including;  Fossil fuels,  Nuclear energy  The use of renewable energy sources and their potential for providing sustainable energy supplies  Energy management and conservation as ways of providing for more sustainable use  Evaluating ways in which individual countries and the world as a whole can move towards more sustainable energy use

5 Course structure  60 Point course  6 TMA’s plus end exam  TMA’s 2 – 5 substitutable  TMA’s and exam each worth 50% of final mark.  To pass the course you must pass both the coursework and the exam.

6 Course resources  4 text books  Book 1 covers basic principles, current energy use and non-renewable resources  Book 2 covers renewable energy  Books 3 and 4 deal with managing the demand for and supply of energy.  Computer based exercises and computer based resources via OU website  Videos  First class conferences  Study guides

7 TMA Format  TMAs 1 – 5 have the format  6 or 8 Short answer questions all of which should be attempted.  Worth 48 Marks in total  2 Essay questions to answer one.  Worth 52 Marks  TMA 6 is a project  TMAs 1 – 5 are each worth 15% of the in course assessment and TMA 6 is worth 25%

8 Short answer questions  Short answer questions are roughly evenly divided between calculations and descriptive questions  They are not looking for answers in great depth  The question is a guide to what is needed  There is a guideline word limit of words  This is not a rigid limit but exceeding it by more than ~ 50% may incur a penalty.  Calculations should not be reported to too great a precision: 2 – 4 sig figs is usually sufficient.  Unnecessary precision will be penalised.

9 Essay Questions  Essay questions are looking for an answer in greater depth on a topic.  The material for the answers to the question can all be found in the course texts.  You can supplement this with material from outside sources, but will not necessarily gain extra marks.  It depends on the relevance and use you make of material

10 Word limits  Word limits for TMAs 1 – 5 are typically 1000 – 1200 words  You are allowed 10% leeway either side, say 900 – 1300 words  Answers outside this length will be penalised  Though very short answers often penalise themselves  Include a word count in your answer

11 Exam  The end exam is a similar format to the TMAs with  8 Short Questions to answer all, worth 6 marks each (= 48 marks)‏  6 Essay questions to answer Two. Each question is worth 26 Marks.

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