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Data – your friend or foe? Presented by: Jonathan Hulford-Funnell Date: 1 st May 2007.

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1 Data – your friend or foe? Presented by: Jonathan Hulford-Funnell Date: 1 st May 2007

2 Data collection Letters/coupons Document scanning In store Call Centre Web Email

3 Data challenges 88% know they have a data challenge Dynamic Markets Research, November 2006

4 Your data strategy

5 Data capture 67% of organisations capture data across 3 or more channels BUT Only 38% in a standard way across all touchpoints

6 Data cleaning 27% of companies clean on a weekly basis BUT 27% of companies clean their data annually or less 7% don’t bother

7 Data suppression 58% of companies claim to suppress their data BUT Only 20% do it more than once a year 31% annually 34% never

8 Doing nothing is not an option

9 Your data strategy

10 “We have calculated that QuickAddress Pro Web presents us with the opportunity to generate £2 million a year of new business income” Paul Cassidy, Head of Information Systems Development Swinton Insurance

11 Current benefits for Swinton

12 Your data strategy

13 Database degradation 13%* 600,000* 1.3 million* total 14.5 million 320,000* total 3.3 million 14% per year *Source: ONS

14 What is Suppression Data? Goneaway (Royal Mail, Experian) Change of Address (Royal Mail) Deceased (Experian) Do Not Contact/Preference (DMA) “Suppression should be viewed as an essential part of data quality assurance” Sarah Burnett Senior Researcher Nov 2006

15 Portfield Financial Services Data problems Existing database – goneaways & duplicates External data – formatting & goneaways Budget wasted on mailings Budget wasted on poor lists from external sources

16 Portfield Financial Services "By removing gone-aways and deduplicating our records, we are able to stop wasting money on contacting individuals who won't respond and can have confidence in our data…QuickAddress Batch also helps us to set up SLAs around the data accuracy from our providers." Paula Davidson Management Information Manager Portfield Financial Services

17 Obvious costs Customer satisfaction Fines for non-compliance Undelivered and returned mail Campaign ROI

18 Hidden costs Loss of customer loyalty Data rework Mail not returned - environmental impacts Competitor market share

19 QAS and Comic Relief "We need accurate data to fulfil our operational objectives of maximising donor revenue. QuickAddress Batch from QAS helps us do this. It is easy to use, throughput is quick and it ultimately improves our data quality.” Liz Curry CRM Manager Comic Relief

20 Problems before QAS Returned mail Wasted budget Poor brand perception Gift Aid Strain on internal resource Legal requirement Valuable funds to organisation

21 Solution Verify 3 million record database Use regularly to maintain data Profiling and segmentation Launch of Campaign Post Campaign

22 QuickAddress Batch

23 Calculating the costs: an example BaselineDecrease returned mail by 1% And increase response rate by 1% Number of items mailing 3,000,000 Cost per item (design, print, mail) £ 0.15 Total cost per mailing £ 450,000 Average number of returns 3% 90,000 60,000 Multiply by 10 for those not returned 900,000 600,000 Total cost of return £ 135,000 £ 90,000 Typical response rate 3% 90,000 120,000 Percentage who buy 20% 18,000 24,000 Average revenue per order £ 175.00 Total revenue £ 3,150,000 £ 4,200,000 Revenue less waste £ 2,565,000 £ 2,610,000 £ 3,660,000 Incremental revenue £ 45,000 £ 1,095,000 Return on investment %570%580%813%

24 Change your recipe for data quality Visit stand E730 Visit Call 0800 197 7920

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