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IM YOUR YEAR ABROAD IN 2014-2015 OCTOBER MEETING Original Thinking Applied.

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1 IM YOUR YEAR ABROAD IN 2014-2015 OCTOBER MEETING Original Thinking Applied

2 YOUR YEAR ABROAD IN 2014-2015 Meetings Destinations Things to consider Making a decision Application process

3 MEETINGS Two further meetings:- Wednesday 5 March 2014 13.00 onwards – B10 MBS East run by final year and exchange students PRE-DEPARTURE Wednesday 7 May 2014 15.30 – 17.00 B10 MBS East

4 DESTINATIONS EUROPE Aalto University School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland Stockholm University School of Business, Stockholm, Sweden Uppsala University, Sweden Lund University, Sweden NHH, Bergen, Norway Copenhagen Business School, Denmark RSM, Erasmus, Rotterdam, Netherlands Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands Universitat St Gallen, Switzerland University of Mannheim, Germany University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic WU Wien, Vienna, Austria IESEG Lille, France EM, Strasbourg, France Bocconi University, Milan, Italy ESADE, Barcelona, Spain Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain – to be confirmed


6 DESTINATIONS OUTSIDE EUROPE University of Auckland, New Zealand University of Otago, New Zealand University of Melbourne, Australia University of Queensland, Australia University of Sydney, Australia UNSW, Sydney, Australia University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia Chinese University of Hong Kong The University of Hong Kong HKUST Business School, Hong Kong National University of Singapore Singapore Management University, Singapore


8 Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki, Finland Formerly Helsinki School of Economics One of the top business schools in Europe School professionally run, and enthusiastic in welcoming and looking after exchange students Unique cultural experience, well placed for Russia/Baltic States etc. Amazing trips organised to Russia, Sweden, Estonia and skiing in Lapland “A sentence does not do such a wonderful experience justice”

9 Stockholm University Business School, Sweden Beautiful city with rich cultural heritage and nightlife Fairly cheap flights from the UK, but cost of living can be high Innovative courses available, often working with major companies e.g. Volvo Amazing social life in Stockholm “Stockholm is a blast, an incredible experience and an amazing city, Stockholm has been a wonderful place to spend a year abroad but it’s the people you meet on exchange who make it so unforgettable”

10 Lund University, Lund, Sweden Founded in 1666. An international centre for research and education Huge student population – approximately 46,000 A real student town in the Oxbridge style – you will have a bike! 40 minutes from Copenhagen and still nearer to Malmo Excellent ‘Nation/Buddy’ system in place where students have access to cheap food/drinks Teaching modular, two courses per term over 4 terms “Intense, over the top, crazy experience that is not to be missed - a great year with great people in a great country which I wouldn’t have discovered if MBS hadn’t sent me here!”

11 Uppsala University, Sweden Uppsala University is known as the Swedish Oxford/Cambridge Uppsala has a large student community (approx 25,000) in a beautiful student town in the Oxbridge style Similar to Lund Excellent ‘Nation/Buddy’ system in place where students have access to cheap food/drinks You will almost certainly own a bike here! Close to Stockholm where Nobel prizes are awarded “10 countries, 10 months, 1 amazing experience - I have met friends for life after the craziest, busiest and most amazing year”

12 NHH, Bergen, Norway NHH was formed in 1936 and is the largest and most prestigious centre for research and education within the fields of economics and business administration in Norway Large student community Opportunity to take subjects from the University of Bergen World heritage site, spectacular setting Winter sports Cost of living can be high but our students say a student loan and the Erasmus grant is enough to get by “A great experience that I enjoyed from start to finish! I don't want to leave!”

13 Copenhagen Business School, Denmark One of largest and highest ranked business schools in Europe Very convenient for travel from UK CBS has exchange agreements with 360+ universities and business schools around the world, half of which are European and offers more than 200 courses taught in English Cost of living can be high Cycling is a must No language issues whatsoever – English widely spoken and understood “It has been the most wonderful and mind blowing year in my life”

14 Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands A top-ranked European business school Excellent links to industry, possibility of organising internships through school Very large exchange programme, which gives opportunities to meet students from all over the world Rotterdam offers an excellent social scene and is located only 40 minutes from Amsterdam Very convenient for the UK “Even though Dr. Seuss said ‘Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened!’ – I will disagree and definitely shed a tear or two at the end of this amazing year!!”

15 Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands Beautiful city with famous nightlife Cultural, historical and social aspects to Amsterdam Convenient and cheap for travel from UK Very strong Business Administration and Economics Faculty University housing is offered if you apply on time - private accommodation very limited and pricey A bicycle is a must “A great life experience and so much fun – I even learnt something!”

16 University of St Gallen, Switzerland One of the best business schools in Europe One hour from Zurich, close to Germany, well placed for European travel Exchange programme with over 100 partner universities Very pretty town, with lots of snow sporting opportunities German not essential but is helpful - classes offered before and throughout semester St Gallen is part of the Erasmus scheme “An amazing year in a top rated university during which I was able to meet great people, do a lot of outdoor activities and travel all around Europe - once you visit you will not want to leave, truly amazing experience, truly amazing place”

17 University of Mannheim, Germany Outstanding business school, a real pioneer in the German system University located within Mannheim Castle, very well organised and active In almost every set of ratings in Germany, Mannheim Business School is ranked national number one Great position for travel around central Europe, located between Frankfurt and Stuttgart Opportunity to learn or improve German skills “I’ve met the people of the world whilst staying in one place and having the most interesting and exciting year of my life”

18 University of Economics, Czech Republic VŠE is the leading university in the field of management and economics in the Czech Republic Prague has been the political, cultural, and economic centre of the Czech state for over 1000 years and the city is home to nearly 1.2 million people Flying time from the UK just under 2 hours with many budget airlines Borders with Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland “A year where I learnt a lot, partied a lot, met friends from around the world and most importantly, a year that I will never forget and will never be able to beat - would not have changed one minute of it!”

19 Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria Beautiful historic and cultural city, well placed to explore central/Eastern Europe Brand new University campus opened in 2013 Teaching very hands on, intensive short courses run by external consultants Huge exchange programme, and a great buddy network German not required but opportunities to study the language “A wonderful and challenging journey of discovering new cultures and places, new interests and goals, new people, new friends and a new me”

20 iéseg School of Management, Lille, France Historic city with beautiful buildings, shopping and restaurants Easy access from the UK on Eurostar – Paris one hour away and Brussels 20 minutes One of the top business schools in France Good induction programme Small classes, little essay work, lots of presentations This exchange is with the Lille campus only “It was a truly unforgettable year full of new experiences and memories and I have made some very close friends from all over the world – I can’t wait until I can visit them in their respective countries!”

21 EM Strasbourg Business School, Université de Strasbourg, France Beautiful city with cultural heritage of Alsace Near German border so a mix of both French and German influences Home of the European Parliament and European Court of Human Rights Very well run School with good range of courses Excellent Erasmus society for social events TGV - only two hours to Paris Offers the opportunity to take the Diploma in European Management “Unbelievable, met some very special people and had an amazing experience!”

22 Bocconi University, Milan, Italy Milan is the fashion capital of the world and the economic capital for Italians Second largest city in Italy Bocconi very highly placed in international rankings of universities Students must take the ‘attending’ option 4 week Italian course pre-registration available (Erasmus funding may be available) “Truly amazing, inspiring and life changing; I have learnt so much, gained so much confidence and enjoyed every single second… É la dolce vita!”

23 ESADE Business School ESADE business school is one of the top three business schools in Spain, and is among the top 10 business schools in Europe The business school became one of only four European Schools to have EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB triple accreditation Second largest city in Spain where both Catalan and Spanish is spoken The undergraduate programmes are taught on the Sant Cugat campus, 15km (25 minutes) from the centre of Barcelona “My time is Barcelona was filled with sun, colour, laughter, art and love for the city and the people I met”

24 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid A new exchange for 2014/15 – to be confirmed Based just 20 minutes by train from the centre of the capital city Madrid Madrid is a major centre for international business and commerce and is one of the largest centres for finance in Europe The university is ranked first in Spain for research competitiveness Small lecture and seminar class sizes Specialises in finance, accounting, economics and business administration Madrid enjoys more cloudless days than almost any other city in Europe

25 University of Auckland, New Zealand Pre-eminent university in NZ Campus located in the centre, allowing participation in cosmopolitan Auckland city life Founded in 1883, Auckland is now the country’s largest university with 38,500 students Affordable cost of living/accommodation similar to Manchester Consider costs of flights Academic year reversed - early start July and long vacation Nov/Dec-Feb Students must have a first year average of 55% or above to be eligible “An absolutely awesome experience and a brilliant opportunity to really experience New Zealand - seriously thinking about deferring a year to stay longer”

26 University of Otago Oldest university in New Zealand with 20,000+ students Highly ranked and the most internationally-oriented of NZ universities Located on stunning South Island Queenstown (bungy jumping, sky diving, clubs, skiing) is only 3 hours away Dunedin renowned for student social life The most distant of our exchange partners Academic year reversed - early start July and long vacation Nov/Dec- Feb Students must have a first year average of 55% or above to be eligible “I’m 99.9% sure I would not have enjoyed any other exchange university as much as I enjoyed Otago ”

27 University of Melbourne, Australia One of the Group of Eight top Australian universities with an excellent business school A great cultural city, with a strong European feel Great opportunities to travel within Australia/NZ and further afield Accommodation expensive – cheaper to find your own Part time work pays well Academic year reversed – early start (July) but summer holidays free (Nov/Dec-Feb) Students must have a first year average of 55% or above to be eligible “You always think people are exaggerating when they talk about the “best year of their lives”, this really was!!”

28 University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia One of the Group of Eight top Australian universities Picturesque campus by river Tropical climate, and access to Gold and Sunshine Coasts Great opportunities to travel within Australia/NZ and further afield Students have recommended finding their own private accommodation Academic year reversed – early start (July) but summer holidays free (Nov/Dec-Feb) Students must have a first year average of 55% or above to be eligible “I expected the year of my life and I got that and more - legitimately the best thing I’ve ever done, Brisbane is the place to be”

29 University of Sydney, Australia One of the Group of Eight top Australian universities The oldest Australian university, with many historic buildings on campus Students usually find their own accommodation Part time work pays well Academic year reversed– early start (July) but summer holidays free (Nov/Dec-Feb) Students must have a first year average of 55% or above to be eligible “An unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone; Sydney is an incredible city and I was lucky enough to spend a year there, mostly at the beach!”

30 UNSW, Sydney, Australia One of the Group of Eight top Australian universities A modern campus not far from Bondi and Coogee Beaches Great opportunities to travel within Australia/NZ and further afield Students recommend finding private housing Students usually find their own accommodation Part time work pays well Academic year reversed– early start (July) but summer holidays free (Nov/Dec-Feb) Students must have a first year average of 55% or above to be eligible “A million percent the best place to study abroad, if I didn’t have to come back to Manchester, I wouldn’t”!

31 UWA Business School, Perth, Australia One of the Group of Eight top Australian universities Highest entry requirements nationally EQUIS, AACSB accreditation From Perth to Margaret River, 26 kms of white sandy beaches with dolphins, penguins, whales & scuba diving Bali – 3 hours, Singapore – 5 hours – cheap fares Academic year reversed– early start (July) but summer holidays free (Nov/Dec-Feb) Students must have a first year average of 55% or above to be eligible This was new for 2013/14 so our first student is now there on exchange “A full year of just beautiful beaches, snorkelling, roadtrips, and dolphins. I’d say if you haven’t been to Australia, you’ve been nowhere”

32 Chinese University of Hong Kong Start date late August Located in New Territories (30 mins from HK city centre by direct train) Bicultural but with strong Chinese influence Large and rapidly expanding international programme Take advantage of the MBS Hong Kong Office – Alumni events organised very frequently Shared accommodation “An unbelievable life-changing experience that went so fast it’s scary!”

33 HKUST, Hong Kong Highly ranked university and school with an August start date Strong US links in teaching and staffing – where East meets West Accommodation (if offered) small and shared but economical Stunning location on the harbour (30 mins by metro/bus from HK Island) “Hong Kong is honestly one of the best, most vibrant cities in the world, it’s been my home for a year, enabled me to travel and make some of the best friends someone could want - it’s given me the best year of my life. Hands down!”

34 The University of Hong Kong The oldest university in Hong Kong Classical colonial campus architecture Very highly ranked Located centrally (on HK island) Strong Western/Anglophone tradition Arrival late August - shared rooms if offered – housing is not guaranteed “1 year, miles away from home, only need to pass, in one of the most exciting places on earth - I'll let you figure this one out...!”

35 National University of Singapore Most established and recognised university in Singapore - early start (Aug) Teaching very interactive, varied, and case-based, drawing on real life Friendly and safe, with great opportunities for cheap travel across Asia Apply on time to be given university accommodation Students have often stayed for summer internships “Studying in Singapore was the best year of my life; I made friends from all across the world, travelled to more places than I would have imagined, experienced things from swimming with Whale Sharks to eating fried Crickets, all whilst finding enough time to study and pass in one of the top educational institutions in the world”

36 Singapore Management University Brand new state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Singapore, but early start (Aug) Flexible, US-influenced teaching style, featuring innovation and creativity Friendly and safe, with great opportunities for cheap travel across Asia Students on exchange at SMU generally have to find private accommodation - can be similar to Manchester but good facilities and you may need to be prepared to have to have a guarantor over 21 Cost of living affordable Be prepared for the ‘bidding system’ to register for courses Students have often stayed for summer internships “Pool parties, roof-top bars, wall to wall sunshine, 5 day weekends, chopstick pro, weekend trips to Bali/Full Moon Parties = The Singaporean Bachelor Lifestyle – to have the whole of South East Asia on your doorstep while still studying in a country that is so fun and easy to live in was the perfect year abroad experience”


38 WORLD’S TOP TEN MOST LIVABLE CITIES – 6 ON IM 1. Melbourne, Australia 2. Vienna, Austria 3. Vancouver, Canada 4. Toronto, Canada 5. Calgary, Canada 6. Sydney, Australia 7. Helsinki, Finland 8. Perth, Australia 9. Adelaide, Australia 10. Auckland, New Zealand

39 IN YOUR PACK Information for Third Year Abroad Student Details Form Institution Choices Form Costs for 2014/15 Workload Requirements Powerpoint slides Butex Scholarship Information

40 THINGS TO CONSIDER FEES, FUNDING, COSTS Registration – you will still need to complete registration at U of M Fees for Third Year – see separate sheet Student Loans/travel awards via Student Finance – look up ‘Student Finance Fact Sheet FS10’ online Contact Student Services for further advice on other funding such as Access Funds Proof of evidence of financial support may be required for some visa processes Accommodation, health/insurance cover, visas, books, travel, food etc. Erasmus Funding - You must attend an additional meeting (probably in May) to receive documentation for applying for funding. This is organised by IPO (International Programmes Office) and not the MBS International Team. Failure to submit the appropriate paperwork will affect your application for funds. Further details to follow

41 THINGS TO CONSIDER SCHOLARSHIPS, GRANTS – decided on an annual basis HONG KONG - The Scholarships for Excellence Study Exchange Opportunities in Hong Kong for UK Students Confirmed on an annual basis. The scheme is open to UK passport holders and enables UG students from higher education institutions in England to spend a semester or full year at a higher education institution in Hong Kong. A minimum of ten scholarships will be awarded each year, with each scholarship worth up to £4,000. SINGAPORE - The Duo-Singapore Fellowship is awarded by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote student exchanges between European and Asian (Asia-Europe Meeting ASEM) member countries. The Award, based on merit, is for a pair of exchanges between a university in Singapore and its respective partner university in Europe in any academic field. Each successful student will be awarded a maximum of 4,000 Euros BUTEX Scholarship – A limited number of £500 travel scholarships are awarded for UK students studying abroad in a non-European destination - apply January to May You need to be prepared to complete lengthy applications and ensure that applications are submitted on time

42 THINGS TO CONSIDER INSURANCE – HEALTH CARE The University of Manchester provides Travel Insurance cover for University of Manchester students undertaking study placements. The Travel Insurance will cover you for emergency medical treatment. The policy will cover students for up to two weeks either side of the official start and end dates of the exchange You may also have to purchase compulsory health insurance at the host institution especially out of the EU. Costs vary so check websites for further information. Non EU students may be required to purchase compulsory health insurance at EU institutions Information on health costs on UG Intranet under Exchanges for IM and IMABS:- Occasionally the host institution may accept the University of Manchester Insurance in place of health cover but this is rare. It is your responsibility to see whether this waiver is possible

43 THINGS TO CONSIDER ACCOMMODATION Accommodation varies across destinations University Halls of Residence or Private Not always guaranteed If you have to find your own accommodation – you should be given some guidance/assistance with this by the host institution Accommodation often offered in shared rooms, particularly out of Europe If you can apply for University Halls, do it as soon as you are sent the information. Often allocated on a first come, first served basis. Accommodation can often be taken up within a couple of hours of it being offered online

44 THINGS TO CONSIDER SUPPORT Additional support while you are abroad – You should declare any disability or medical condition (including mental ill-health conditions) and register with the DSO at: DSO, 2nd Floor of University Place, Block 2. – 0161 275 7512 With your permission, we can advise the partner University of support that is in place for you at Manchester and request that you receive support from the DSO at the host institution Attitudes to disabilities vary in different countries and MBS is not able to guarantee that all recommendations can be put in place for you

45 THINGS TO CONSIDER VISA/IMMIGRATION REQUIREMENTS Visa processes vary so check the appropriate websites for further information Visas will incur extra costs You may be asked to produce medical certificates and/or attend for a medical check-up NON-EU STUDENTS – May need to apply for residence permits/visas before arrival for European destinations Your passport -The recommendation of the IPS (Identity and Passport Service) is that your passport is still valid for a minimum of six months at return date -It must be in a good condition and should have some blank pages

46 THINGS TO CONSIDER WORKLOAD REQUIREMENTS Course choices – what kind of courses are offered How many to take Courses taken on the year abroad will not count as pre- requisites for MBS final year courses You need to pass your second year in order to proceed to the year abroad Refer to your IM Workload Requirements document for further information on what is required during the year abroad You will probably have to choose your courses as part of your application process

47 THINGS TO CONSIDER TRAVEL PLANS Do not make any travel plans until you have had an acceptance from the University and you have obtained your visa Check your visa date to know when you are able to arrive in the country PROOF OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY TEST IF ENGLISH IS NOT FIRST LANGUAGE It may be necessary to provide proof of English Language qualifications as part of the application ie IELTS, TOEFL etc.

48 MAKING A DECISION You are expected to attend the International Fair after this meeting to meet exchange and final year students Think carefully about all your choices - fifth and sixth choices are as important as your first and second Consider what you hope to gain from your host institution – large/small campus, travel opportunities, sporting activities, societies Think about costs and distance from home Think about the language of the country For further information visit the Undergraduate Intranet: Fact sheets, institution websites, feedback, insurance and information on extra health costs, forms and helpful information D18 has library of information on destinations although most up to date information can now be found online at each University website

49 MAKING A DECISION “Uppsala by far was the best choice ever to study abroad. Despite initial hesitation of going to a place that wasn’t in my top three, I can safely say it was the best decision. Amazing people, amazing social life, amazing city.” Amardeep Bahia – IM

50 MAKING A DECISION The allocation of places is a difficult decision and it will be based on the following factors:- Ensuring that students take up places across all our partner institutions Aiming to allocate students to as high a preference as possible based on the ranking Taking into consideration first year average mark (before resits) Taking into account your personal statement


52 MAKING A DECISION Completed MBS Outgoing Undergraduate Exchange Student Details Form Completed Institution Choice Form One passport size photograph with your name on the back A ‘Statement’, 250-500 words maximum, outlining what you hope to gain from the year abroad both personally and academically but not naming institutions

53 MAKING A DECISION IMPORTANT Deadline for forms 12.00 pm Tuesday 5 November 2013 D18 – MBS East Any delays may affect your destination PLEASE READ ALL DOCUMENTATION THOROUGHLY AND CHECK YOUR UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER EMAILS

54 YOUR HOST INSTITUTION APPLICATION PROCESS You will be informed of your destination by the end of November at the latest The International Team will then nominate you to the host institution The application process will then commence. This varies according to institution but you will receive an email with instructions on how to apply from either MBS or from the host institution. Some applications can be long and will require you to dedicate time to this Your application will need to be approved and accepted by the host partner Remember where English is not your first language, you may be asked for proof of language ability ie IELTS or TOEFEL so check as soon as possible so you have enough time to take the appropriate test if you need to You must be pro-active in responding to all emails and filling in forms as missing deadlines may jeopardise your place at the host institution. Responding late could also affect your allocation to courses, housing and visas For applications to institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, you need to start immediately you receive the application information. It can be a lengthy process and you have very early starts – July/August

55 YOUR HOST INSTITUTION APPLICATION PROCESS Documentation that may be required as part of your application: -MBS First Year Transcript -MBS Reference Letter The MBS International Team will provide you with first year transcripts and a reference letter from your Programme Director, if required The International Team is here to guide and support you through the process but is not responsible for completing the application for you Please check your University of Manchester emails on a regular basis

56 ITEMS OF CONCERN TAKEN FROM FEEDBACK Accommodation, Housing - Not having enough information on housing - Not all accommodation is guaranteed. If you are offered housing and you have not applied on time, you may not receive university housing and you will have to find your own If you have to look for private accommodation, please look at the feedback from previous students on the UG Intranet and refer to the host institution for further help and guidance Method of Teaching, Workload - Intense schedules, workload, expectations relating to input and attendance, difference in the method of teaching, bell curve marking Costs - Additional costs for extras, sundries etc. This could cover local transport, sports facilities, library, printing etc. Remember you do not pay academic fees but ancillary costs are often compulsory. The cost of living - consider the exchange rate Visas – not having enough information. We are not allowed to give out visa information in case this changes so you should refer to the country websites for visa information or be guided by the host partner

57 MBS ALUMNI Manchester Business School's Alumni Network is truly global With 27,000 alumni in over 140 different countries, our global footprint reaches many corners of the world Original Thinking Applied

58 CONTACT INFORMATION MBS UG INTERNATIONAL TEAM Sue Fidalgo – International Coordinator Room D18 – MBS East Telephone – 0161 306 3515 Andrew Walker – International Programmes Administrator Room D20 – MBS East 10.00 – 12.00 & 14.00 – 16.00 Telephone – 0161 306 3503 Dr Antony Potter – Programme Director Room 3.54 - MBS West Telephone – 0161 275 6466 k



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