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IM YOUR YEAR ABROAD IN 2012-2013 PRE-DEPARTURE MEETING MAY 2012 Original Thinking Applied.

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1 IM YOUR YEAR ABROAD IN 2012-2013 PRE-DEPARTURE MEETING MAY 2012 Original Thinking Applied


3 PRE-DEPARTURE Documentation Ongoing Application Process – Check emails daily – Visa/Study Permits, refer to the Embassy websites for guidance and information – Housing/Accommodation Passport – The recommendation of the IPS (Identity and Passport Service) is that your passport is still valid for a minimum of six months at return date and that it is in a good condition. – Leave a copy of your passport at home

4 PRE-DEPARTURE Getting Informed about your Destination Sources of Information – Undergraduate Intranet for information Check institution websites, fact sheets, feedback, Contact with current students on year abroad, returning students, exchange students Email contact with University of Manchester students going on exchange (see list provided) Check dates for induction programmes Ensure you are aware of term/semester dates DO NOT BOOK FLIGHTS UNTIL YOU KNOW YOUR START DATE!

5 PRE-DEPARTURE Registration with The University of Manchester You MUST register as a student with The University of Manchester for 2012-13 Register and pay academic fees (where appropriate) to The University of Manchester Do this by logging on to the University’s online registration system between 1 – 30 September Complete all steps to complete the registration process. Late penalty fee of £50

6 PRE-DEPARTURE Fees for 2012/13 You are not required to pay any academic fees to your host institution but you may have to pay some form of administrative charge for services such as transport, library, sports, facilities StudentDestinationFee Home/EUErasmusZero Home/EUNon-Erasmus50% of Home/EU Fee InternationalAny50% of International Fee

7 PRE-DEPARTURE Finance Consider Costs: Accommodation, extra health cover, travel, books, personal spending money, visa costs, sundry fees, student service or administration fee Organise Student Loan as appropriate through Student Finance Contact Student Services for help and advice The MBS International Office cannot help with student loan issues Investigate potential assistance from Student Finance Travel Grants, assistance with Medical Insurance etc Additional Funding Financial support, scholarships, bursaries, awards – Contact Student Services Centre for further information (0161 275 5000) –

8 PRE-DEPARTURE Insurance for Year Abroad Automatic University of Manchester Insurance Cover – Please refer to Study Abroad Travel Insurance document for further information Regarding UoM Insurance Cover, please note the following: – Self-inflicted injury may invalidate your insurance – Only allows for two weeks cover either side of term dates. You will need to get extra insurance if travelling for longer. – The travel cover includes hazardous activities (such a skiing, diving, mountaineering, etc.) but excludes acting as pilot or crew of an aircraft or other aerial device. You should not engage in any activities where your experience or skill levels fall below those reasonably required for participation in those activities. PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE WORDING ON THE INSURANCE LEAFLET ANY ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO THE INSURANCE OFFICE – DETAILS ON THE LEAFLET

9 PRE-DEPARTURE Insurance for Year Abroad: “It is crucial that we emphasise to ALL students, not just those with pre- existing conditions, the need to visit their GP prior to going abroad and to obtain confirmation of their fitness to travel, thus if they become ill abroad they will be able to provide the relevant evidence for insurance purposes.” Study Abroad, The University of Manchester Pre-Existing Conditions: All students should disclose pre-existing conditions and if you have a pre- existing condition, you should make an appointment with Occupational Health or your own GP to obtain formal confirmation in writing that you are ‘fit to travel’. You should be aware that if you do not declare a pre-existing condition and there is a subsequent problem when you are abroad that in the absence of evidence of ‘fitness to travel’ from the Occupational Health team or their own GP you are likely to be liable for any costs associated with the pre-existing condition.

10 PRE-DEPARTURE Health and Support For students going to Europe, get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) Additional Health cover may be compulsory at your host university – (Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore) – Medical Certificates as proof of vaccinations may be required You may need vaccinations for travel to other countries Travel Advice/Student Occupational Health – Travel Advice Leaflet Disability Support Office - Additional support while you are abroad: – You should declare any disability or medical condition and register with the DSO but you should bear in mind that attitudes to disabilities vary in different countries. – On arrival, you should also visit the host International Office to see what provision can be given.

11 PRE-DEPARTURE Exam Results and Resits Exam results will be published by the week commencing 9 July 2012 You must pass your second year in order to progress to the third year abroad Resits may affect your ability to go on exchange See UG Student Intranet for Progression Rules:- Resit Exam Period: 20 August to 31 August 2012 Flat fee of £75 for resits, payable to Student Service Centre

12 PRE-DEPARTURE Erasmus Refer to Erasmus Grant section 6.6 in Study and Work Abroad Handbook and to The Erasmus Grant leaflet There has been a change to the payment of the grant. This will be made to you via a prepaid Mastercard Currency Card. Cards to be issued at the end of May/early June. You should have attended the meeting on Thursday 3 May to receive and complete the appropriate paperwork. If you did not attend, then you must contact Melanie O’Brien who is the Erasmus Coordinator for the University of Manchester. Please contact Melanie O’Brien regarding any Erasmus issues only: Email: All other queries relating to your exchange refer to MBS

13 ON ARRIVAL Keeping Safe Attend induction/orientation programme Get to know your surroundings Do not become isolated Coping with homesickness Try not to go out alone initially Ensure someone knows where you are and when you are due back Watch your belongings Alcohol in moderation Keep 24 hour emergency contact number to hand

14 ON ARRIVAL You MUST return the following forms:- 1.ADDRESS AND VERIFICATION OF EXCHANGE STUDENT ENROLMENT FORM 2.LEARNING AGREEMENT – this details your chosen courses Complete the learning agreement for the full year if possible - if not, submit additional form for semester two. – Any changes must be made on the Learning Agreement Change Form. – Keep a copy for your own record. IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT THESE FORMS TO UG SERVICES – INTERNATIONAL ON TIME, IT IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU ARE NOT TAKING APPROVED COURSES

15 ON ARRIVAL Items of most concern to outgoing students taken from Feedback:- -Accommodation, Housing Not having enough information on housing Not all accommodation is guaranteed. If you have not applied on time, you may not receive university housing and you will have to find your own If you have to look for private accommodation, please look at the feedback from previous students on the UG Intranet and refer to the host institution for further help and guidance -Method of Teaching, Workload Intense schedules, workload, expectations relating to input and attendance, difference in the method of teaching -Costs, additional costs for extras, sundries etc.

16 ON ARRIVAL Studying You must choose courses in line with your workload requirements – Make sure you consult the Workload Requirements document Students must take; – At least 75% of total workload in Business/Management Students may not take level one (first year) business/management options – No more than 25% of workload in Non-Business (e.g. culture/language) All courses to be signed off by MBS Programme Director – not the MBS UG Services – International staff In the first instance, discuss academic problems or concerns with the host institution International Office and the local Course Co-ordinators

17 DURING THE YEAR Studying and Attendance -You are expected to attend all classes, fully participate in group/team projects and take all assessments for your chosen courses -Be prepared for a difference in study style -If you have any extended periods of illness preventing you from attending, you must inform your host and home institutions -Failing courses during the exchange year could have serious implications for progression to your final year -It is in your interest to achieve the best grades possible -Please respect the host institution system and abide by their rules and regulations -This is not a gap year!

18 DURING THE YEAR Emergencies Check Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice at: Check Foreign & Commonwealth Office before making travel plans away from your host country Sign up for FCO Locate for free and register for the email alerts for the region in which you are studying/travelling at: Report any incidents relating to personal security/safety to both host and home institutions

19 DURING THE YEAR Other Issues Please promote MBS at International Fairs or similar events You are expected to be available during termtime - you may receive a visit from MBS staff Please refer to your Programme Handbook before contacting the International office with queries – see MBS UG Intranet at Consider the MBS International Society – Committee for 2013/14 Read the MBS e-bulletins for up to date information on things happening at MBS CHECK YOUR EMAILS REGULARLY!!! University of Manchester email - not hotmails, gmails etc!!

20 Rewarding Connections Original Thinking Applied MBS Alumni Relations Office 27,000 alumni across 140 countries Access to alumni via the Alumni Relations Office Worldwide networking events Local alumni chapters across; Barbados Canada Jamaica Mexico India New York Australia Beijing Guangzhou Macau Hong Kong Shanghai Shenzhen Indonesia Japan Korea Singapore Italy Thailand Cyprus France Germany Greece Portugal Scandinavia Spain Manchester London Scotland Israel Kenya Dubai South Africa Ghana Taiwan Nigeria Join us on LinkedIn (Manchester Business School) Check the events calendar for local events worldwide: Email us: Call us: (0161) 275 6333 DURING THE YEAR

21 Course Choices for Final Year Try to think about: -International Credits for the final year – 60 credits -What subjects interest you/you are good at -What subjects best fit your career aspirations -Which modes of assessment best suit your abilities -Have you passed the pre-requisite – courses taken on the year abroad will not count as pre-requisites for MBS courses Ensure you have an even split with your 120 credits Consider a Dissertation (30 credits) if you have taken Research Methodology – Full dissertation information available on MBS UG Intranet – Note - you will need to locate a willing supervisor Check the e-bulletin and your university emails for updates on course information System will go live for choosing courses in August and will close early October Access course unit database for information at Bear in mind that courses and timetables can be subject to change

22 DURING THE YEAR Feedback You must complete the Feedback Form which will be sent to you during your exchange year. This is a compulsory part of the year abroad Your feedback – Helps to improve the year abroad experience for the future – Provides vital advice for future students

23 DURING THE YEAR It is essential that you do not leave any debts at the host institution Doing this will result in the non-release of the transcript and may affect your graduation at the University of Manchester

24 DURING THE YEAR Remember you are representing MBS on your year abroad Respect the different culture and watch the traffic! Take advantage of travel opportunities Keep in touch with other students who are on their year abroad and try to arrange to visit each other PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO PHONE HOME – Especially on arrival...! KEEP IN TOUCH WITH US – good news as well as bad – don’t forget to send us a postcard!!!

25 CHECKLIST THINGS TO DO: Learning Agreement Verification of Enrolment Form Feedback Form Ensure you complete University of Manchester Registration by 30 September at the latest _________________________________________ REMEMBER TO TAKE DOCUMENTATION WITH YOU: Study Abroad Handbook Workload Requirements Insurance documentation Powerpoint Presentation All forms that require completion

26 ON YOUR RETURN There will be a Reintegration Meeting for returning students Make contact with your Personal Tutor/Academic Advisor See your Dissertation Supervisor if you have decided to undertake one Enter our photo competition Be a Good Host to incoming exchange students! – Please be active in the MBS International Society – Volunteer as a mentor for Incoming Exchange Students – Integrate with Exchange Students Please attend the meetings with second year students – The first held in October (International Fair) – The second in March – Your input and advice at these meetings is invaluable

27 MBS INTERNATIONAL TEAM Susan Fidalgo - International Programmes Coordinator - Email: - Skype: suefidalgo (only during office hours) - Room D18, MBS East - Tel: +44 (0) 161 306 3515 Andrew Walker – International Programmes Administrator -Email: -Room D20, MBS East -Tel: +44 (0) 161 306 3503

28 MBS CONTACT DETAILS Undergraduate Services – International Room D20 Manchester Business School East Manchester Business School The University of Manchester Booth Street West Manchester M15 6PB Tel:+44 (0) 161 306 3503 +44 (0) 161 306 3515 Fax: +44 (0) 161 306 4494

29 EMERGENCY CONTACT University of Manchester – 24 hour Emergency Helpline +44 (0)161 275 2728 Sue Fidalgo – Emergency number: 0161 306 5868

30 PROGRAMME DIRECTOR Dr Antony Potter Tel: 0161 275 6466 Location: Room 3.54, MBS West Email:

31 Any questions?


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