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Deutsch lernen; Deutsch sprechen?

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1 Deutsch lernen; Deutsch sprechen?
Wie super!

2 Was braucht man , um erfolgreich zu sein?
Du interessierst dich für Sprachen Du sollst es geniessen, Deutsch zu sprechen. Sei bereit, Deutsch im Klassenzimmer zu sprechen Du möchtest Meinungen äußern Du möchtest im Internet recherchieren Du möchtest deine Kenntnisse der Grammatik verbessern Du interessierst dich für neue Wörter.

3 IB No real formal exams until Yr13
No formal listening exam – listening is considered to take place through your participation in group and individual oral exams. You will take part in 3 group oral exams that ‘count’ (We do practice ones beforehand)! Only your best mark is put forward. You do one individual oral with your teacher – based initially on a photo stimulus.

4 Paper 1 is a reading paper. 1hr30 You will be given 4 texts
Paper 1 is a reading paper. 1hr30 You will be given 4 texts. There will be various types of question on each text. There are NO questions to be answered in English. (This is an international exam, so there is NO English whatsoever on the paper as the common language for all candidates is German)! Difference between Higher & Standard? The texts on the higher level paper should be a little more challenging to comprehend.

5 Paper 2 – essentially a writing paper
Paper 2 – essentially a writing paper. 1hr30 Standard write 1 essay: words Higher write 2 essays: 1 x words; 1 x words

6 Written assignment Standard: words based on information from 3 sources supplied by teacher from core topics. Students must also produce a 100-word rationale Higher: words creative writing task with 150-word rationale. Based on a work of literature BUT your interpretation e.g. letter to main character or or diary entry.

7 It will be fun! The topics we will cover will be really interesting and you should enjoy developing your knowledge of the German language and culture. We hope you will enjoy developing your ability to express yourself, your ideas and your opinions in German. Bring with you some good humour and a willingness to experiment. Having a language post 16 is really valued and held in high regard – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

8 Topics to be covered: (Amongst others…) Communication & Media (core) Health Social relationships (core) Cultural diversity Global issues (core)

9 Weightings Paper 1 25% Paper 2 25% Written assignment 20%
Individual oral 20% Interactive oral 10%

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