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International Mindedness and IB MYP Geography Ms. Oyndrilla Mukherjee.

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1 International Mindedness and IB MYP Geography Ms. Oyndrilla Mukherjee

2 My Professional Context I am …. The program I am pursuing ….. The context of the paper …..

3 The structure of the presentation International mindedness (IM) according to academic literature My criteria to promote IM About IB MYP and MYP Geography Teaching and learning in MYP Year 3 Geography Assessing the curriculum Challenges

4 International Mindedness (IM) ?? Based on academic literature: Hill (2000, 2012) Campbell and Stover (1933) Hayden and Thompson (2000) Gellar (2002) Haywood (2007)

5 My Criteria to promote IM : The Geography curriculum should provide opportunities to: Appreciate global issues and present insights Engage in critical thinking, problem solving Collaborate Accept other cultures and multiple perspectives Reflect on universal values Value the natural environment Understand the interconnectedness and interdependence of the world at large.

6 IB MYP and MYP Geography Fundamental concepts of MYP Objective driven curriculum Inquiry based Focus on reflection Aims of MYP Geography

7 Teaching and learning opportunities in MYP Year 3/ Grade 8 Geography Population and Migration Volcanoes and Earthquakes Globalisation-the role of multinationals

8 Assessing the curriculum: Strengths Weaknesses Suggestions for improvement

9 Challenges (according to my context) Transient population of teachers. Lack of common understanding

10 References Campbell, W and Stover, G, 1933. Teaching International-Mindedness in the Social Studies, Journal of Educational Sociology, Vol. 7, No. 4, The Penn State Experiments in Character Education, pp. 244-248 Gellar, C, 2002.International education: a commitment to universal values. In M C Hayden, J J Thompson and G.Walker (eds), International education in practice, London: Kogan Page, pp. 30-35. Hayden, M C, 2006. Introduction to International Education. London: Sage. Hayden, M C, Rancic, B and Thompson, J J, 2000. Being international: student and teacher perceptions from international schools. Oxford Review of Education, 26 (1), pp.107-123. Haywood,T, 2007. A simple typology of international-mindedness and its implications for education. In:M C Hayden, J Levy, J J Thompson (eds), The Sage handbook of research in international education. London: Sage, pp. 79 -89 Hill, I, 2000. Internationally minded schools. International schools journal, 20 (1), pp.24- 37 Hill, I, 2012. Evolution of education for international mindedness. Journal of Research in International Education, 11(3), pp. 245-261 Kelly, A V, 2004. The Curriculum: Theory and Practice. 5th ed. London: Sage MYP Humanities subject guide, 2012, Cardiff, UK: International Baccalaureate Skelton, M, 2002. Defining “international” in an international curriculum In: M C Hayden, J J Thompson and G.Walker (eds). International education in practice. London: Kogan Page, pp. 39 -43

11 Your thoughts…… Thank you !

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