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Converting from T12 to T8 or T5 Efficiency Upgrades Presented by: Your Name HERE

2 T12 to T8 Efficiency Upgrades
Explore the Difference between T12 & T8 Common Misconceptions about Upgrading Estimated Energy Savings Retrofit Examples Upgrade Incentives Universal Product Offerings

3 T12 vs. T8 Ballasts T12 Ballasts: Before: T12’s installed
Older technology. Majority of T12 lamp production was phased out in July 2012. Primarily magnetic ballasts. Magnetic T12 ballast production was phased out in July 2010. Heavy and large. Widely used in warehouse, retail, and office applications. Before: T12’s installed

4 T12 vs. T8 Ballasts T8 Ballasts: After: Upgraded to T8’s
Higher efficiency than T12 ballasts. Electronic design makes them lighter and more compact. Quieter operation. Instant on with no warm-up time. Can lower energy costs. Wide variety of applications. After: Upgraded to T8’s

5 T12 vs. T8 Ballasts Why Upgrade from T12’s to T8’s?
T12 Ballasts are Inefficient. Retrofitting to T8’s can save up to 40% off your current energy costs. The energy savings often quickly pay for the cost of the upgrade. T12 Magnetic ballasts generate significant amounts of heat. Magnetic ballasts lose energy in the form of heat, which adds to air conditioning costs. Upgrades improve lighting quality. Improves light output and color quality. Eliminates flickering and buzz that T12’s can cause. Makes your building look better/feel newer. Leads to increased productivity. Legislation mandated the phase out of the majority of T12 lamp production effective July 2012. Lamps will be less available and more costly.

6 Misconceptions about Upgrading
“Energy upgrades are not in the budget.” The answer is in the utility bill! This is operating budget money, not capital improvement money – you can afford to do this! “Plenty of incentive dollars are available. I’ll wait until next year.” Delaying energy-efficient upgrades will cost you another year of energy savings. Incentive dollars are first-come, first-served. They may not be available when you make your decision, but they are available now. (check with local utilities) “I don’t know where to start...” Universal can help! Universal is part of the Panasonic group of companies with global presence and experience. Let our experience work for you!

7 Energy Efficiency Makes Sense
Did you know… National Lighting Bureau estimates there are as many as 500 million T12s still in place. Upgrading to T8 ballasts can lower energy consumption by up to 40%! Think of how much energy would be saved if everyone upgraded their lights to T8’s. As a result of DOE regulations, almost all T12 fluorescent lamps will be phased out in July of 2012. Upgrade to T8’s now and get ahead of the curve. “Is my building a candidate for lighting upgrades?” Look up! If you see incandescent lights (standard, flood, or halogen) or T12’s, your building is due for a lighting retrofit.

8 Estimated Energy Savings
T8 ballasts can provide significant watt reduction compared to T12 systems. The Chart Below identifies some of the savings potential with T12 to T8 retrofit, keeping the number of lamps the same: Existing System High Efficiency Electronic System F34T12 Lamps F32T8 Lamps F28T8 Lamps Lamp Quantity Power (Watts) Energy Savings 1 44 25 19 21 23 2 74 48 26 43 31 3 118 73 45 65 53 4 148 96 52 84 64

9 Annual Utility Savings:
T12 to T8 Retrofit Retrofit Energy Saving Equations: Energy Savings = Existing Wattage – New Wattage kW Savings = Total Energy Savings ÷ 1,000 kWH Savings = (kW Savings) x (Annual Operating Hours) Annual Utility Savings: Energy Savings (Watts) x Annual Operating Hours x Utility rate ($/kWH) 1000 (for conversion of units) = Annual Utility Savings ( $’s) per Fixture

10 Retrofit Savings Calculation
Maximize energy savings by not over-lighting an area! © 2013 Universal Lighting Technologies |

11 Universal’s website features an “Energy Incentive Programs” Link:
Upgrade Incentives Because of the current legislation impacting T12 lamps and ballasts, many State and Local incentives are available to help you with the cost of retrofitting. Universal’s website features an “Energy Incentive Programs” Link: A few of the examples of new Incentives for T8 Upgrades ... California: Burbank Water & Power – up to $2,000 grant towards recommended retrofits. Massachusetts: MassSAVE Commercial Retrofit Program – Rebates of $10-35 per reduced-wattage fixture. MassSAVE Commercial Retrofit Program – Rebates for Daylighting and Occupancy Sensors up to $30-$85 per control.

12 Universal Product Offerings
ULTim8 High Efficiency T8 Ballasts ULTim5 High Efficiency T5 Ballasts AccuStart5 T5 Ballasts BallaSTAR Light Level Switching Dimming for T8 and T5 LevelPRO Light level Switching Dimming w/Parallel Lamp Operation for T8 and T5 SuperDim 0-10V Analog Control Dimming for T8 and T5 VariPRO Ballasts 0-10V Analog Control Dimming with Parallel Lamp Operation for T8 and T5 DaliPRO Individually Addressable Dimming Ballasts for T8 and t5 DEMANDflex Dimmable Ballasts for T8 Lampholders Lamps

13 Backed by 5 year warranty when operated at 75° C max case temperature.
Linear Fluorescent: T8 Instant Start Universal offers some of the most efficient linear fluorescent ballasts in the industry for maximum energy savings. Available in high efficiency HE normal (.88), EL low (.77), and HEH high (1.18) ballast factor versions. Instant Start technology for continuous operation: maximizes energy savings for long cycle operations. “True” Parallel Lamp operation: Independent lamp operation simplifies troubleshooting. Lamps stay lit if one lamp fails, preventing fixtures from going dark and replacing lamps unnecessarily. THD < 10%. Lamp will auto-restrike as a standard feature allowing replacement of lamps without recycling power. Anti-striation control for better light quality when using energy saving lamps. Universal input voltage, installer friendly. Because these ballasts are CEE and NEMA Premium compliant they may qualify for utility incentives. Backed by 5 year warranty when operated at 75° C max case temperature.

14 Linear Fluorescent: T8 Programmed Start
Same benefits as Instant Start plus ... Smart Start! Available in high efficiency HE normal (.88) and EL low (.71) ballast factor versions. Coming soon is HEH high (1.18) ballast factor. Programmed start models feature a “soft start” technology making them the perfect choice for high-cycling applications including those involving occupancy sensors. Programmed Start ballasts are designed to quickly pre-heat lamp cathodes up to their optimum starting temperature and ignite the lamps quickly (within 700 milliseconds). Filament cut out on HE and HEH models for instant start level efficiency. The quick ignition results in long lamp life without the typical long delay during turn-on. Smaller “B” can size (1.0” x 1.5” x 9.5”) for the two lamp version. RoHS compliant. Same 5 year warranty as instant start plus 3-year warranty for HEH modules when operated at 90° C case temperature.

15 Linear Fluorescent: T5/T5HO
Industry standard fluorescent ballasts with programmed start for fast starting and extended lamp life. Multiple lamp options and ballast factors: 2 & 4 lamp ballasts with various ballast factors. 4-lamp features standard inboard / outboard switching. 2-lamp available in high range voltage (347 – 480V). Small, low-profile form factors. Connector available with leads. High Bay (HB) models operate to 90°C case temp. Meets all applicable regulatory and safety standards: ANSI C82.11 Ballast Specifications, UL 935, FCC Part 18, and ROHS. PART NUMBER EXAMPLE: For B228PUNV-N B = Ballast Linear = Primary Number of Lamps = Primary Lamp Nominal Wattage P = Programmed Starting method UNV = Universal Voltage (120V – 277V) N = Case Form Factor |

16 Dimming: Step/Switch Energy efficient step-dimming technology
Light level switch dimming from 100% power to 50%. Provides even illumination in the fixture while dimming. Eliminates dark spots and shadows. Uses standard wall switches or relays to command the ballast. No additional low voltage control wiring is needed. It wires similar to inboard / outboard fixtures. Easy to install. User friendly. Energy code compliant. Meets switching requirements (ASHRAE 90.1, Title 24). © 2013 Universal Lighting Technologies |

17 Dimming: Step/Switch Same features as BallaSTAR along with ...
High efficiency, light level step/switch dimming for both T8 and T5 lamps. Designed for use with 30, 28 and 25 Watt energy saving lamps. “True” Parallel Lamp Operation ensures that when one lamp fails, the other lamps continue to operate normally. Line voltage step dimming control uses standard wall switches and provides even fixture illumination. Quick programmed start technology starts the lamp in less than 700 milliseconds. Maintains long lamp life in frequently switched applications. Ideal for daylight harvesting. Complies with CEE and NEMA Premium. Universal Input Voltage & 347 Models. Incorporates Anti-Striation circuitry.

18 Dimming: 0-10V Analog Control
0-10V Analog Control ballast. Full range analog dimming control from 10V: Full bright (100%) to 0V: Full dim (1% - 5%) Compatible with industry standard controls and photocells. Ideal for daylight harvesting applications or where pre-set lighting is desired. Universal input voltage (108 – 305 volts) with Programmed Rapid Start technology. High performance and maximum energy savings. Cost effective. THD < 10%. Comprehensive ballast family includes: 1 & 2 Lamp T8, T5 & T5HO, and CFL: 13W, 18W, 26W, 32W, & 42W. © 2013 Universal Lighting Technologies |

19 Dimming: 0-10V Analog Control
Same features as SuperDim along with ... Compatible with industry standard 0- 10V controls and photocells. Dims down to 5%. Incorporates “true” parallel lamp operation keeps lamps lit when one lamp fails. Programmed start technology ensures quick lamp start under 700 milliseconds. Universal Input Voltage & 347 models. Compatible with reduced-wattage lamps. Fully compliant with CEE and NEMA Premium combined with UNV and 347 voltage options. Multiple control options including: Slide dimmers for manual control. Photo sensors for daylight harvesting. Energy management controls for retail daylight harvesting.

20 Dimming: Individually Addressable Ballasts
With DaliPRO ballasts as part of a networked lighting system, maximum lighting control is available. Designed for use with Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) compatible controls. DALI is the industry standard protocol for digital dimming. Each ballast has its own digital address. Architectural dimming levels: 100% - 3%: Compact fluorescent lamps; 100% - 1%: T8, T5 and T5HO linear lamps. Universal voltage. Manage multiple fixture groups from a single control station. Turn selected groups on or off. Tune light levels based on current needs. Open protocol with multiple control options to control fixture level through two-way communication for power monitoring or system maintenance. Establish and recall scenes for specific activities such as, presentation, lecture, social event, cleaning, and more. Re-define groups & scenes as usage patterns and lighting requirements evolve. Full line of CFL, T5, T5HO, & T8 ballasts available.

21 Energy Management Install DEMANDflex ballasts with DCL Controls for maximum system energy savings. DEMANDflex™ ballasts can be “tuned” so that their operating power level is anywhere in the range of 50% to 100% of its full rating. The tuning process uses temporary controls connected between the circuit breaker and ballasts on a lighting circuit. This tuning process can be done during installation or any time afterwards. The tuning process can be repeated if power and light level adjustments are necessary. Tuning down the lighting power 10% to 15% saves a significant amount of energy and may not even be noticed by the occupants. Install the same as standard program rapid start ballasts. No control wires necessary. Standard mounting footprint. Same wiring. High efficiency programmed rapid start operation exceeds CEE and NEMA Premium T8 requirements. Compatible with occupancy sensors. Power level tuning programs the ballast factor for reduced power use. Programmed at circuit level. Universal input.

22 MULT-E Kit for CFL Replacement A 10-pack of CFL Lampholders
Universal’s lampholders are designed for use in commercial, residential and industrial applications. T12 sockets are typically the same size as T8 sockets. These sockets can deteriorate over time. It is a good idea to upgrade lampholders with your retrofit. Vossloh-Schwabe has over 80+ years of experience in the production of lighting components. ULT offers a variety of lampholders including: Compact Fluorescent, Linear Fluorescent, HID, Incandescent and Halogen. Consistent high quality components. Different shapes, mounting styles and choices give great flexibility to fixture designers. Completely automated production system ensures consistent quality and high value. Contacts are expertly designed to ensure proper electrical and mechanical connection with the lamp pins. High-temperature resistant material. CFL lampholders feature stainless steel fatigue-free springs for secure lamp retention. Designed to meet UL & international safety and performance standards. UL/ENEC compliant ANSI compliant – complete range lampholders for ANSI standard lamp bases. Internally-shunt lampholders are Circle I Rated MULT-E Kit for CFL Replacement + A 10-pack of CFL Lampholders = The Complete Solution |

23 Northeastern University Campus- Case Study
Portrait Case Study: Project: Northeastern University Campus Retrofit Location: Boston, Massachusetts Products Used: ULTim8™ high-efficiency ballasts Number Installed: 33,598 Energy Savings: 25% Reduction in Lighting Energy Costs in 51 buildings that were overhauled Annual savings to the university are projected at $270,000 a year!

24 Westward Ho - Case Study
Portrait Case Study: Project: Westward Ho Assisted Living Facility Location: Phoenix, AZ Products Used: DEMANDflex™ T8 Ballasts, tuned to 64% of full power Number Installed: 700+ Ballasts Energy Savings: 56% Reduction in Lighting Energy Costs The actual reduction in energy consumption racked up $240 per day. This savings translates into more than $87,000 each year!

25 Convert from T12 to T8 or T5 Now
Now is the time to Upgrade to T8 Lighting! Save Money Cut lighting energy costs drastically. Enjoy Higher Quality Lighting Improve building appearance. Improve safety and productivity. Easy to Upgrade T8 lamps and ballasts fit into the same fixtures as T12’s. Federal and State incentives available to help with costs. Universal’s product line has a ballast to fit your every need! When you say quality, commitment and innovation, you’re speaking the Universal language. © 2013 Universal Lighting Technologies |

26 For Additional Information, please visit our website or
use your QR Reader for Smart Phone instant access. Thank you Website: Nashville Customer Service: (800) Universal Technical Engineering Services: BALLAST ( ) |

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