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Health Works In Scotland – a good practice event (October 2010) NHS Lothian HR Strategy – Employability Initiatives to support disadvantaged groups Jenni.

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1 Health Works In Scotland – a good practice event (October 2010) NHS Lothian HR Strategy – Employability Initiatives to support disadvantaged groups Jenni Duncan, Head of Resourcing Neil Murray, Recruitment Development Manager Adele Hill, Transition Manager, Access to Industry

2 Background NHS Lothian HR & OD Strategy 2008-11 Development of partnership with Access to Industry

3 The HR & OD Strategy 2008-11 Relevant extracts include: We will develop further our shared values to emphasise the contribution that all staff have to make in ensuring we provide quality services underpinned by the principles of social inclusion, reducing health inequalities and improving health. Employment opportunities for 1000 people over three years targeted to individuals socially excluded in the Lothian area. This will include the opportunity for employment of 50 people who have been stigmatised in the past through having had mental health problems. Job design will also accommodate the provision of employment of 50 people who have learning difficulties Recruitment strategies will be further redesigned to encourage the long term unemployed or people on income benefit into employment

4 Employability Routes Children (prepare for work) School Careers Events (NHS Scotland & Lothian) School Work Experience placements (e.g. JET Programme, Junior Healthcare Academy) More Choices, More Chances in NHS Lothian Adults (prepare and develop for work) Healthcare Academy Agency Partnerships – work placements/supported recruitment (e.g. Access to Industry, Action Group, Cyrenians) Transition from other sectors (e.g. armed forces, Veterans First Point) National Agreements (e.g. Local Employment Partnership – with JCP, Future Jobs Fund)

5 NHS Lothian and Access to Industry Agreement signed off in March 2009 – first placements commenced in September 2009 To date, there have been 25 A2I students supported with placements 3 programmes per annum Placement locations have included Labs, Hospital and Department Reception, Portering, Delayed Discharge Lounge, Health Records, Gardening, eHealth, Infection Control, Oncology, Recruitment/Work Placement Team

6 Access to Industry Transition Project

7 Access to Industry Aim: To move excluded people into education and employment across the South East of Scotland How? –Course development team who set up Access courses in colleges throughout SE Scotland –Management of Passport and Transition projects –Partnerships between specialist support services and education and employment providers on behalf of participants

8 What is Transition? City centre based - provides a daily programme of accredited learning on a rolling basis Operates as a 'mini college' for recovering substance users Offers SQA qualifications, delivered by J&E tutors, which includes specific job training and core skills to encourage access to further education and employment Timetabled attendance / student charter / rewards and incentives

9 Criteria Unemployed Recovering substance user Stable (prescription) / clean – drug/alcohol use 16 and above Motivated to move on to work and training Self and agency referrals are accepted Just call 0131 226 3006

10 What are the benefits? Positive, healthy structure and a confidence boost A routine which proves to employers a work readiness 1:1 individual support as well as classroom work Gain real world qualifications Access to work placements and in house employability training Positive outcomes Students can join Transition at any time and Transition costs nothing!

11 NHS LEAP Partnership Developed in September 2009 to become the Education Pillar of Recovery within the LEAP Programme A 12 week personal effectiveness course Rolling Programme Patients graduate from LEAP with a SQA Accreditation and enrol as students at Transition

12 Success of NHS LEAP Partnership Since September 2007 – 30 th September 2010: Total Referrals141 Total Assessments122 Starts (including Returners)115 Action Plans commenced115 Total Qualifications L1-H124 Clients gaining a job (total)10 Clients gaining FE (total)21 Clients gaining training place (total)21

13 NHS Lothian Placements Entered an agreement in March 2009, for NHS Lothian to provide work placement experiences for Access to Industry students, with an emphasis on LEAP graduates. Agreement for 1 year, to provide 3 rounds of placements for up to 10 students each round, with this to be reviewed before a 4 th round is offered – 4 th round was offered. Conditions of placement include NHS pre-employment screening procedures and occupational health checks, disclosures Travel and lunch covered by Access to industry

14 NHS Lothian Placements Success Since September 2009 the following has been achieved 23 students have successfully completed NHS Lothian work placements 5 LEAP graduates have successfully completed NHS Lothian work placements A range of placements have been offered including admin and clerical positions, catering roles, play specialist positions and portering roles

15 Evaluation Raymond completed a placement in the discharge lounge of the Western General Hospital and building on the success of his placement is now employed full time by the NHS. At first I was wary of returning to employment but the placement with the NHS gave me the confidence I needed to start applying for positions in the NHS again. The placement was very enjoyable and I am very happy to be back in the work place again.

16 Vicky LEAP Graduate Started at Transition gaining SQAs Completed an extended work placement with NHS Lothian Gained place at Edinburgh University on Access to Social Science Case Studies

17 Adele Hill – Email: Tel: 0131 226 3006 Website: Jenni Duncan – Email: Mob: 07500 765 907 Neil Murray – Email: Mob: 07767 331 234 Website: Contact details


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