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T: 028 258 20968 W: i bub Communications  Presentation I Bub  Presentation IP Genie organization & structure  IPGenie product portfolio.

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1 T: W:

2 i bub Communications  Presentation I Bub  Presentation IP Genie organization & structure  IPGenie product portfolio & solutions  IPGenie roadmap for 3-5 years  Market approach NI - marketing to penetrate in heavy competing market?  Co-operation proposal T: W:

3 IPGENIE  IPGENIE was established in March 2010 as a trading name of McWilliams Communications Ltd, The product was trade marked in May 2010 –  With over 75 years of collective Telecoms experience the company recognised IPGENIE was to be marketed to a select number of traditional dealers with an established background  All of the team are from a telecoms background – although we do have IT experts to help on the networking and bespoke application CRM Microsoft dynamics etc.  We are Microsoft Partners along with Cisco accreditation T: W:

4 Background & Structure  The two founder members of IPGENIE started this project in October 2003 – when we recognised the market place was going to change to a new technology VoIP over the next 5 years the IPGENIE Project was implemented working with major SIP and network partners – We also recognised the structure would be lean in order to move things into the market faster than the competitors  There were two issues in entering into the market – Product placement and Quality of call  We also recognised we have a small window of opportunity and how to differentiate ourselves from the competition – the business model was simple and easy to understand. Going back to the traditional, and mixing it up with TDM and VoIP. we had a product we could take into the market place in the UK and beyond. T: W:

5 It’s all in the box  No need for costly licences (Totally Unlicensed)  Unlimited layer Auto Attendant – Included!  Departmental Music on hold – Included!  Voic to – Included!  Call Queuing – Included!  Call recording and logging – Included!  Multiple conference rooms – Included!  Use of non proprietary handsets – Included! T: W:

6 Flexibility  Mobility  Call centre  Hospitality  Smart phones  Home workers  Soft phones T: W:

7 Built and designed in the UK IPGENIE UCP Chassis unlimited user extensions Built & designed in the UK T: W:

8 Security  Active threat patrol  Self diagnostic & healing  Real time alerts  Regular health check alerts T: W:

9 Mobility On the road at home or abroad IPGENIE will connect you & your business whenever forever Lets Talk T: W:

10 Connectivity  Unlimited SIP Trunks  ISDN 2  ISDN 30  SDSL  Broadband  Dedicated lease line  EFM  Analogue lines  SAT Broadband T: W:

11 Product Specification Open source software Intel core Dual Processor 1U Rack Mountable / Standalone UCP Unlimited extensions from 5 users up to Unlimited extension users Trunk line connectivity for emergency services Disaster recovery (Divert to Mobile) Competitive costing Quality of service Call quality based on Codec, G729 15K per voice channel T: W:

12 System Connectivity Will connect to any type of SIP / IP handset i.e. IPGENIE, CISCO, Polycom, Yealink, Snom & WIFI Single, Dual mode handsets and Soft phone Broadband: Business Broadband / SDSL Just need one analogue line with a broadband saving you up to 60% on line rentals T: W:

13 Standard Features Auto attendant Black list Privacy manager DDI Unified messaging (voic to ) Voic Internal Directory Fax to T: W:

14 Standard Features Call waiting Multiple Conference rooms Individual - Operator Console LAN/WAN Unlimited users * Call pick up Call Recording on demand or continuous 1 terabyte (separate server recommended) Intercom LAN / WAN T: W:

15 Product USP’s No need for ISDN 2/30 Connectivity (Saving on line charges) Free calls between sites and to wireless phone workers Soft phone for the laptop / Desk top for Home workers System is fully integrated with all features Mobile Client Integrated Hospitality package Full Call Centre functionality Own Handset range T: W:

16 Product USP’s Full in house ongoing development Integrate with legacy telephone systems Integrate with legacy Handsets (See separate slide) Unlicensed Product Manufactured In United Kingdom UK Support office Direct Intel Technical Support T: W:

17 Admin Panel T: W:

18 Mobile App User interface T: W:

19 WAN ops panel T: W:

20 CTI Computer Telephony Integration T: W:

21 Outgoing call T: W:

22 Remote CTI IPGenie can support remote CTi Interoperates with Outlook, ACT!, Lotus Notes, Access databases etc. Create Notes, appointments, s, SMS & fax's direct from the interface. Works on Terminal Server Connects to SKYPE T: W:

23 Competitive Advantage All companies use ISDN / Analogue connectivity to route calls over IP IPGenie is a pure voice over IP switch Competition still use ISDN Cisco, Siemens, Nortel, Avaya, Shoretel, Zultys Mitel, Alcatel, Panasonic, LG All of these manufacturers license their products and add on’s T: W:

24 Legacy Handsets  BT Meridian  Ericsson  Toshiba  Siemens Optipoint  Panasonic  Alcatel  Meridian Centrex T: W:

25 Typical Install T: W:

26 Wireless IP Desktop Range IPGWS320 wireless Desktop 12 key display IPGWS210 standard display T: W:

27 Fixed IP Handset range IPG 310 small screen Display 12 Programmable keys Large Screen display With 32 key DSS/BLF Operator console Up to 96 extensions Small screen Standard display IP Handset T: W:

28 Marketing  Full Literature and access to images and material for website and company brochures.  Company advertising in local and leading industry magazines – papers.  New market initiatives working with our partners. T: W:

29 IPGENIE Training  Our Training is in house and has different levels;  Basic (No IP – IT Experience) Min 5 Days  Light Min 5 Days (Min IP – IT Experience)  Advanced Min 3 days (IP – IT Experience)  Pricing is dependant on what level of dealer – distributor. T: W:

30 Company Road Map  IPGENIE wants to bring a new concept into the marketplace and by working closely with our dealers, resellers and distributors, IPGENIE bring ideas and concepts to the market faster than anyone else.  This has been proven time and time again with our dealers base as we have implemented bespoke apps within weeks rather than months or years.  Our Road map is you T: W:

31 Some of our customers  T: W:

32 Our Partners T: W:

33 Agreements  Agency (15% of Sale any company introduced, ongoing 10% for that year IPGENIE does install liaison with networks )  Dealer ( Stock required of 1 x demo 30 user unit with a bundle of handsets) along with two other units, Targets TBA, we will supply and deliver,Dealer has own tech support and install team IPGENIE 2 nd line support when required.  Reseller / Distributor minimum stock level of 25 units supply direct and to sub dealers and 500 handsets bundled all of above as dealer. T: W:

34 Company Details  McWilliams Communications Ltd T/A IPGENIE  Registered office Red lion Street, London, WC1R 4GB.  Company Registration  VAT  Head Office; Unit 2 Bushmills Road Business Park,Coleriane BT52 2BY  Sales Distribution ; No 1 Cross Street Business centre,Cross Street,Burton On Trent Staffordshire, DE14 1EG.  Telephone,  Web, T: W:

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