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Life cycle assessment and idea generation Mats Zackrisson Christina Jönsson

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1 Life cycle assessment and idea generation Mats Zackrisson Christina Jönsson

2 Life cycle assessment and idea generation Life cycle assessment, LCA, is a great tool for facilitating eco-design It makes you see all the life cycle environmental impacts At Swerea IVF we apply LCA all the time: in national or international technology development projects; when internally evaluating project proposals and; for clients who want to improve their product´s environmental performance

3 Energy and Environment at Swerea IVF Hans Lennart Norrblom Mats Zackrisson Stefan Posner Sandra Roos Elisabeth Ohlsson Jan Bäck Karin Wilson Christina Jönsson Anna Karin Jönbrink Anna Rúna Kristinsdóttir We are

4 But

5 It is a challenge to communicate LCA results The LCA report is often shelfed and forgotten because: Only one person as a counterpart who understands the results All the others in the project or in the company do not understand the results

6 We want the LCA results to be used, therefore…

7 Idea generation workshop At Swerea IVF we always offer an ”idea generation workshop” in addition to the normal reporting and presenting of an LCA The idea generation is basically a one-day workshop, thus inexpensive It is no rocket science…. ….. but a very cost-effective way of increasing the value of a life cycle assessment, LCA

8 How we do idea generation 1.Present LCA results and conclusions to multifunctional group Purchasing Design Production Management 2.Brainstorm ideas 3.Evaluate ideas 4.Report ideas

9 1.Eco-design initiation 2. Life cycle assessments 2009 Knowledge and competence about sustainable development 20102011201320122014 3. Idea generation 4. Implementation in product development procedure 2015 Time frame The eco-design journey When is idea generation done on a company´s eco-design journey?

10 The idea generation workshop Before meeting Agree on main LCA conclusions with client Formulate brainstorming objective and preliminary evaluation criteria During meeting Explain and discuss LCA results and conclusions Agree on brainstorming objective Explain brainstorming rules Brainstorming improvement ideas Take a break and categorize Evaluate results After meeting Write and distribute report

11 Brainstorming Objective: For example: ”Generate ideas that could decrease product environmental impact” Write down your improvement idea on large post-its with quite thick pen Get up and read your idea out loud so that all participants can hear it Post your idea on the wall Keep on going for at least one hour No criticism allowed – ideas are fragile!

12 Take a break and categorize

13 Smaller group Decide on categories Write them on the wall Rearrange post-its Continue the brainstorming again

14 Evaluation Discuss, critize and evaluate each idea 5-10 minutes Each participant picks agreed number of favourite ideas to defend Other people´s ideas or your own ideas Explain evaluation criterium, for example: Improvement of environmental performance Small (0-5 %*) Medium (5-30 %*) Large (>30%*) Ease of implementation Time to technical feasability (long, short, today) Market potential (small, medium, large) Each participant defends his/hers chosen ideas Chosing or picking ideas is a first selection of the best ideas * % refer to decrease in global warming, smog, eutrophication or acidification, without significant increase in any of the other

15 The evaluation 32 3 Lighter material and/or lighter design of the hammer, e.g titanium. Reduce transport weight and working environment problems. Minskad färgmängd per enhet genom förbättrad färgöverföring, minskat översprut, optimerad applicering Ease of implementation 1 2 Hat”, “top” or pack bag to reduce the air resistance at transport Pumpar med högre verknings- grad Lysdiod istället för lampor Återanvänd- ning av rinse/thinner till SB genom ex destillation Utnyttja lägesenergin i vattnet Eco-inspections, service á la “Sten-Åke”. Could help the users to take care of the products. Minskad thinnerförbru kning/återanv ändning /återvinning Ej använda UF och ändå få samma funktion Mer värmeväxling Minska antalet kulörer Minska rengöringen i systemet – ökad batchtid 1 Improvement of environmental performance Minska VOC- halten i färg t. ex high solid SB färg med 60-70% torrhalt och 30- 40% VOC

16 Results of idea generation - examples Stepwise EPD project 1 Three SMEs achieved 7, 12 and 23 improvement ideas respectively 12 ideas implemented within 3-year project time frame Mercatus Engineering implemented 8 of 12 ideas in new orders within one year 1 Zackrisson et al. (2008). "Stepwise environmental product declarations…. Journal of Cleaner Production….

17 Hultafors Group More than 200 improvement ideas generated in two workshops 4 16 and 13 respectively selected for evaluation, about 1/3 with significant environmental improvement potential Introduced products with improved environmental performance based on these ideas one year later 4 Zackrisson et al……Application of eco-design …at Hultafors Group. SETAC 18th LCA Case Study Symposium.. 2012.

18 Hultafors Group Gloves wear out differently Different tasks require different gloves Hands do different things Why treat your hands the same Forget the pair of gloves Left and right gloves sold one by one Example of product with improved environmental performance

19 Observations All ideas are not new; old ideas can find a new context in which to flourish The whole exercise makes the participants learn and embrace the LCA results Implementation in: new products eco-design checklists in product development procedures

20 Energy and Environment at Swerea IVF - some tools that we use Life cycle assessment with or without idea generation Measuring your companies environmental impact (book) Practical substitution of chemicals Eco-design, practical guidance (book) Sustainability support to research projects

21 Energy and Environment at Swerea IVF Hans Lennart Norrblom Mats Zackrisson Stefan Posner Sandra Roos Elisabeth Ohlsson Jan Bäck Karin Wilson Christina Jönsson Anna Karin Jönbrink Anna Rúna Kristinsdóttir at your service!

22 We work on a scientific foundation to create industrial benefit.

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