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Promoting careers in care How I Care…Ambassadors can help Tuesday 11 February 2014.

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1 Promoting careers in care How I Care…Ambassadors can help Tuesday 11 February 2014

2 Sharon Allen CEO Skills for Care

3 Glen Mason Director of People, Communities and Local Government, Department of Health

4 Recruitment and Retention in Adult Social Care - Launch of new Care Ambassador Service Dr Glen Mason: Director of Social Care Leadership and Performance February 11 th 2014 DH – Leading the nation’s health and care

5 5 DH – Leading the nation’s health and care 1. Overview of the social care workforce  1.5 million people in social care workforce doing 1.63 million jobs  Estimated 17k organisations provide adult social care through 39k establishments  Workforce is predominantly female, employing people of all ages  In 2012 vacancy rate was 3% with turnover rate of 19% (unchanged since 2009)  Structure of the workforce is changing - shift from Local Authorities, towards independent employers, with personalisation having impact with more jobs for direct payments recipients

6 6 DH – Leading the nation’s health and care 2. Role of Department: ASC workforce policy  DH has a ‘Stewardship’ role across health and adult social care sectors  DH leads adult social care workforce policy and acts as ‘steward of stewards’, to co-ordinate, align and hold to account.  This includes acting to;  enable, facilitate and coordinate stakeholders (including Government departments such as BIS, DWP, Cabinet Office and DfE) building partnerships and coalitions to support implementation sponsorship and; Sponsorship and accountability of Skills for Care and other delivery partners

7 7 DH – Leading the nation’s health and care 3. Increasing Workforce Capacity - a key strategic objective  Sufficiency of supply and increasing capacity of adult social care workforce is a key DH objective  This was set out in the Care and Support White Paper 2012 ‘We need to attract more people to work in care and support, to ensure there are enough skilled people to deliver high- quality care in the future’.

8 8 4. Recruitment into adult social care The need for care and support is increasing  demographic changes - people aged over 85 expected to double by 2030  advances in healthcare - younger people with disabilities and long- term health conditions are living longer  expectations and types of services are changing - more choice and control is exercised The adult social care workforce needs to grow to between 1.9 and 2.6 million by 2025 (1). Government is supporting growth in the sector to meet demand. ( 1) Size and structure of the adult social care sector and workforce in England, 2013 DH – Leading the nation’s health and care

9 9 5. Recruitment and Retention Strategy DH published a Recruitment and Retention Strategy in 2011, with Skills for Care. The Strategy addresses how to attract and retain more high quality staff. Strategy advises on:  raising the status of social care work /promoting career opportunities;  recruiting more apprentices;  how to attract a diverse and representative workforce;  recruitment and retention of Personal Assistants;  addressing structural barriers by developing new career progression and training/development. Skills for Care lead a Recruitment and Retention Working Group to guide implementation and evaluation of the recommendations. DH – Leading the nation’s health and care

10 10 6. Care Ambassadors and White Paper The Care Ambassadors initiative is central to the Strategy and addresses many recruitment issues. Care and Support White Paper set out the Government’s Commitment; ‘to expand the Care Ambassadors service to promote a positive image of the sector, making links with a range of audiences including schools, colleges, and careers and job services’ Many of you here today at the launch of the new service, will be from the careers/employment advice sector DH – Leading the nation’s health and care

11 11 7. Care Ambassadors New Service Launch Today’s launch represents culmination of a great deal of work by the Skills for Care team and their steering group in developing the ‘I…Care Ambassadors’ model. Progress by January 2014 has achieved sign up of 129 services (20 employer partnerships and 109 social care employers) and 440 ambassadors on the register. We are clearly on track for the target of 550 ambassadors by March 2014 DH – Leading the nation’s health and care

12 12 7. The role of Care Ambassadors Care ambassadors are uniquely positioned as qualified/experienced care workers to:  promote the social care sector and act as role models; and  inspire and encourage those making career decisions to consider careers in care sector With the support of social care employers and their staff, the new service will address misperceptions of care work and recruitment difficulties by;  raising the status and image of care and support  engaging directly with those making career decisions and those advising them; and  demonstrating career routes and opportunities the sector has to offer DH – Leading the nation’s health and care

13 13 8. Care Ambassadors and a refreshed strategy Skills for Care are working now to refresh R&R strategy taking account of key policy developments since 2011. Care Ambassadors Initiative has direct links to these drivers of policy including; Francis report – developing a culture of high quality care services to ensure service users are treated with respect, dignity and compassion. Cavendish review - recruiting people with the right values and supporting employers in testing values, attitudes and aptitude for care. Care Bill – which will include laws to ensure compassion in care and enshrining personal care plans and personal budgets in law. DH – Leading the nation’s health and care

14 14 9. Care Ambassadors and other DH recruitment initiatives Care Ambassador’s also play an important part in facilitating other DH recruitment and retention initiatives including; Expanding apprenticeships - improving perceptions of care and support by developing the skills of workers and encouraging retention Value Based Recruitment - help employers put social care values at the heart of their recruitment practice Social Care Commitment - employers, individual employers, care workers and carers promise through a commitment to values and behaviours to provide safe, high-quality services. Online resource to support recruitment - improved status and reputation of sector as a career choice, through the development of a new online resource. Workforce development funding for Individual employers - support and training to improve recruitment, retention and quality of care and support by PAs DH – Leading the nation’s health and care

15 15 10. Care Ambassadors - In conclusion The new Care Ambassadors Service is an important initiative, helping to realise DH recruitment objectives. Today’s launch of the new Care Ambassadors Service represents a significant milestone in achieving the White Paper commitment. DH is committed to the success of the service offered by Skills for Care which:  will address many of the issues associated with the increased demand for care and support over the coming years; and  links closely with other recruitment initiatives and policy developments With the highly valued contribution of employers and individual Care Ambassadors, it will support our aim to ensure;  delivery of high quality care and support through having the right people in place, doing the right thing, in the right way. Thank you and please enjoy the rest of the event DH – Leading the nation’s health and care

16 Louise Proctor Head of Careers Service Development The National Careers Service

17 The National Careers Service and its Future Direction Louise Proctor Head of Careers Service Development

18 Overview of the National Careers Service Online through the website and webchat - A telephone helpline for everyone aged 13 and over – 0800 100 900 Face-to-face careers advice for adults aged 19 and over (or 18 year old Jobcentre Plus customers) Available on the high street in nearly 3000 locations, JCP offices, Colleges, community venues and in prisons A walk in service, directing people to the best source of advice whatever their needs. Over 2700 careers advisers deliver the service.

19 National Careers Service - Monthly statistics (December 2013) (Rolling 12 month average)(Rolling 6 month average) 100,0001,250,0001,450,000 Face-to-face careers sessionsWeb visitsJob profile views 12,0006,200,000130,000 Face-to-face customers going into work or learning Page viewsCourse searches 31,00037,50021,500 Occurrences of Helpline activityLifelong Learning Accounts createdCVs completed 68,500 (latest month activity) New Customers(face-to-face and helpline) 12,500 32,500 twitter followers facebook viewers of our content

20 National Careers Service ensuring Quality All organisations that deliver the National Careers Service have to be accredited to the matrix quality Standard. National Careers Service prime contractors are subject to Ofsted inspection. All National Careers Service primes contractors have achieved a Grade 2 (good) following inspection in the last 6 months All National Careers Service advisers are required to hold appropriate professional qualifications and commit to continuous professional development. The Careers Development Institute leads the work to raise professional standards within the careers sector

21 National Careers Service Customer Satisfaction and Progression 94% of face to face and telephone customers agreed that the overall quality of the service was good. 76% of website visitors were satisfied overall and 83% of web users recommend it to friends. 46% had progressed in employment; 29% through changing or getting a job. 63% had progressed in formal or informal learning. 54% attributed their progression to the careers advice they received.

22 The role of schools and local authorities All schools have a legal duty to secure access to independent, impartial careers guidance for their pupils on the full range of education and training options including Apprenticeships The duty applies to pupils in years 8-13 The Department for Education have published statutory guidance for schools on this duty Local authorities have a legal duty to support all young people up to the age of 19 to participate in education or training

23 National Careers Service from 2014 Local leadership Facilitating relationships between schools and colleges Customer and adviser led service Locally informed advice and guidance Digital by default Citizen ownership Outcome based funding Personalised online experience

24 Inspiring young people - The Minister’s Vision We will extend and improve the National Careers Service’s resources to help schools make links into employment for their students…… The National Careers Service should also play an important role in linking employers, schools, colleges, social enterprises…… We can, and should, all do more to inspire young people and support them in making some of the most important decisions in their education and careers

25 Developing our Digital services – more use of social media and mobile technology Aligning our services with other websites Providing inspiring advice and guidance to young people by telephone and via web chat Making National Careers Service resources such as local LMI and job profiles available to schools and colleges National Careers Service helping to improve the progression and participation of young people

26 National Careers Service helping to improve the progression and participation of young people (cont) Brokering relationships between Schools and Employers, so that young people can make informed choices and realise their aspirations Providing inspiring opportunities for young people to get first hand experience of the world of work for example through the Skills Show Experience, work shadowing and hands on experience Working in partnership with a Employers and other intermediaries to provide young people with role models and information about the range of opportunities available locally

27 Current Inspiration Activity The Skills Show and Skills Show Experience Improving Young People content and services Make it in Great Britain Pilot Partnering with Key Organisations –Plotr –Mykindacrowd –Inspiring the Future A new approach to LMI

28 Meet the I Care…Ambassadors - Introductions and Q&A panel Chaired by Sharon Allen, CEO Skills for Care Sharon Pym - Operations Manager, Cathedral Gate Homecare Ltd Mark Hawkswood - Support Worker in mental health, ACT Millie Davey - Support Worker, Curado Keri Gregory - Apprentice carer, Barchester Ben Rosamond - People directorate, Sunderland City Council

29 Refreshments

30 Anna McLaren Project Manager, Employability and Skills for Life

31 Work-based training programmes designed around the needs of employers, which lead to nationally recognised qualifications Majority of the training ‘on the job’ – rest supplied by a local training provider or college Have you thought about a career in social care? Launch event 11/2/2014

32 Finding an I Care…Ambassador  Objectives – what are you aiming to do in running the activity?  What do you need the audience e.g. students, job seekers, groups of advisors, to know or do after the event?

33 Finding an I Care…Ambassador  Who – audience and ambassador type, numbers and key information  When – Date, time, duration  Where – location & room information  What – e.g. informal talk or presentation

34 Finding an I Care…Ambassador In commissioning an I Care…Ambassador activity you agree to:  Provide a safe, appropriate environment for the ambassador  Ensure groups are supervised at all times  Communicate and provide feedback

35 Finding an I Care…Ambassador Registration System Hosted by Skills for Care Launch Feb 10 – 14 2014  Colleges  Schools  Training providers  Organisations supporting unemployed  Community Groups  Job Centre Plus  Universities  Set up and running of I Care…Ambassador Services  Delivery of Services  I Care…Ambassador development/CPD (can be accessed by individual I Care… Ambassadors) Resources bank to support Employers & Employer Partnerships including  SMEs  Large Employers  Local Authorities  Individual Employers

36 A Question of Care  A Question of Care is a video based challenge. It focuses on three roles (early years, residential settings with older adults, supported living with people who have learning disabilities  2 of the above 3 setting are chosen  Free resource in e-formats (website and app)  A window into the day to day encounters of this work  Skills for Care and Development – UK wide  Funded by UKCES – Employer Investment Fund

37 2nd Floor Westgate, 6 Grace Street Leeds, LS1 2RP Tel: 0113 241 1240

38 Finding an I Care…Ambassador Anna McLaren Project Manager – Employability and Skills for Life 07977 503339

39 The next steps Sharon Allen CEO Skills for Care

40 Lunch and networking

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