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1 The page Site optimization  A page is only optimized for:  One expression – How the wiring regulations will affect you  One keyword – wiring  One.

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1 1 The page Site optimization  A page is only optimized for:  One expression – How the wiring regulations will affect you  One keyword – wiring  One topic – « wiring regulations »  One language – English  One domain – when linking to a page always link to the one consistent link eg. Day---How-long-to-install-cable-ladder-systems-.html Day---How-long-to-install-cable-ladder-systems-.html  Avoid:  Mixing different languages on the same domain  Having the same content different domains  Fundamental  Use a domain name which is adapted to local search ( suffix, domain name wording…) 1

2 2 The page Site optimization Optimize links reminding the article’s title: Drives-and-Controls-2008.html 2 News title is highlighted (H1 tags or bold) Short description summarizing the content of the article Page title recalls the title of the article and the site name Show links with same topic

3 3 The page - Crawlers Site optimization 3 What are crawlers (or spiders or bots) ?  They are the tools used by search engine to visit, scan and select pages to be indexed  The indexed pages are then stored on servers  The indexed pages are the pages which are scanned when the user enters a key word or expression in the Search engine  These pages will be displayed in their most recent version (the one which was stored when the crawler last visited it)

4 4 The page - metatags Site optimization 4 What are metatags?  This is the information which is only seen by the crawler  Describing the page topic content  To be carefully selected and filled in the pages

5 5 The page / article title Site optimization How to chose a good page / article title?  Attract the user interest  Write a sentence  Ask a question  Be concise  Chose the best keywords  Select the words used by professionals  Use only the most searched ones  Make sure the keywords are adapted to the target group(s) 5

6 6 The content in the article Site optimization The short description must contain:  A reminder of the title or of the keywords in the title  Synonyms  And be displayed in bold The text must contain:  The title’s keywords in bold  Links to other pages with same or approaching topic  Images description (alt tag)  And be divided in more than one page 6

7 7 Links and the description within a link Site optimization How to do a good link ?  Have a link which is optimized for the page Ex:  The link’s text must contain:  A reminder of the topic  The page’s keywords. 7 The link is not optimized. It should be: testingproducts.hmtl

8 88 Links and their description Site optimization  Links through images:  Always enter a title within ALT & TITLE tags  This title must refer to the topic and the keywords Clickable image but no image description

9 9 Don’t !!! Site optimization Never do !!!  Images with empty alt or alt with « image »  Links such as:  Click here  Know more…  etc…  Avoid Javascript links or use noscript tags 9 Wrong text. Link should be on the image The image is not clickable and does not contain description

10 10 Multimedia and text files Site optimization Multimedia files:  Define keywords (alt & title tag) for:  Films  Images  Flash animations  Name multimedia files appropriately Text and pdf files:  Check that pdf files are titled with the content of file.  Give the file a name that refers to their topic 10

11 11 External links to your site Ideas to increase the number of links to your site:  Publish news on on-line newspages  Create cross links within or between the brand’s or the group’s sites  Offer RSS feeds to users  Increase number of optimized links from Voltimum Site optimization 11

12 12 Links between sites and internal pages Site optimization 12

13 13 Working Group Discussion  Getting into the habit  What tags can you add?  What quick links could you build?  What keywords are important in your sector?  What topic areas could you focus on?

14 14 Reminder!  Use of logo within email signature

15 Frankie’s Building Volunteer Project

16 16 The Project  I want to use 15 days of my annual holiday allowance to travel to Central America to volunteer on a building site to help build a community for the Lenca people in La Esperanza, Honduras.

17 17 The Travel Organization  i-to-i is a travel company that works with charitable organizations to arrange volunteer holidays for those interested in making positive changes during their holidays. Volunteer options include everything from teaching children to conservation to building homes. With my ties to the building industry, I feel as though an opportunity to volunteer as a builder would be the most fulfilling experience for me.  Link to i-to-i building volunteer webpage: http://www.i-to- in-honduras.htmlhttp://www.i-to- in-honduras.html

18 18 The Community Aid Organisation  i-to-i Honduras works alongside IHNFA which is a community aid organisation that aims to help improve the situation of impoverished children.  Charity website:

19 19 The Volunteer Experience  I would be placed in a homestay in La Esperanza, Honduras with the Lenca people. I would travel each morning by bus to the nearby community of Chiligatoro. Here I would assist in the building of a simple home.  This project would have me work as a building volunteer for 10 days.

20 20 Spreading the word… and photos… and film  I would like to treat this as more than just a volunteer project, but as a journalism one as well. Set up on Blogger (, you will be able to access my latest daily blogs, profile, photos, video and pledge  i-to-i have agreed to post my work on their website, which will mention Voltimum and the project’s supporters.  I would also like Voltimum to use some of this material – Voltimum “Out and About” volunteer work.  Donated items will be photographed with the community – available for free to donors for their own PR purposes

21 21 Frankie’s Building Volunteer Adventure - The blog spot so far…  Blogger area will be fully up and running very shortly  Right now you can read an intro about the project as well as my personal profile  Along the right hand side 3 more areas will be created – video area (YouTube), photo gallery (Flicker) and the official ‘Pledge Page’ where you can link to PayPal  http://frankiethebuilder.blogsp http://frankiethebuilder.blogsp

22 22 The Pledge Page  The pledge area will allow givers to donate items (selected from the list) and/or money  The 2 checked pieces of luggage allowed to be transported will be donated items only (with my carry-on acting as my personal luggage…yes, I can travel lightly!)  Money transactions can be either through PayPal (set up and linked to through my blog area) or cheque.  Receipts will be issued, but due to the fact that I am not a registered charity (although I will be working alongside one), donors will not be given a “Charitable Tax Break”  All funds spent will be well documented and available to view online  Photographs will be taken of your donated items along with items purchased in Honduras with your money 

23 23 Fundraising  The building project will require fundraising and donations from Voltimum partners along with personal friends and family. Funds Needed:  Return flight: approx £800 (London – Honduras, Costa Rica – London)  i-to-i Volunteer Experience: £480  Food and extras: £10/day x 12 days (10 days work and 2 days travel) = £120  Travel Insurance  Backpack  Building Gear (work boots, gloves, etc)  Vaccinations  Handy cam (which will then handed over to Voltimum for future projects)  ***extra funds will be brought over and used to buy much needed items for the community from their Sunday market (and therefore putting money back into the community). Anything left over from that will be put into a community fund for future community needs and donated to the i-to-i Foundation  ***all funds raised will be documented along with where and how the money is spent

24 24 Donations Needed:  First aid kits, energy savings light bulbs, LED dot-its, gloves, levellers/measuring devices, hammers and tools  Branded items of clothing (hats and t-shirts) and other small merchandise (pens, etc…)  Can request items via pledge page or by emailing me  First come first serve basis

25 25 End

26 Contact Christian Szczensny Managing Director Fon: +49 6221 58987-10 Mobil: +49 177 4143385 Fax: +49 6221 58987-13 Voltimum GmbH Kurfürstenanlage 3 69115 Heidelberg

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