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How the UN helps to meet the needs of African countries.

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2 How the UN helps to meet the needs of African countries

3 World Health Organisation (WHO) Meets medical needs by promoting good health and medical facilities. Helps governments set up health services. Trains health professionals such as doctors and nurses. Develops primary care at local village level where carers are unavailable. Researches on major issues. Eg. AIDS Mass immunisation campaigns.

4 United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) To assist children and mothers in need. Organise emergency relief for children following disasters. Works with WHO to set up medical facilities such as immunisation, birth control advice or health centres. Projects such as breast feeding campaigns and mother education campaigns. School projects to tackle illiteracy.

5 Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) Raise nutrition levels, improve farming methods and increase food supply. Train people in improving crop yields, choice and quality. Develop better farming methods. New irrigation schemes, high yield crops, using fertilisers, develop fisheries and forestry New knowledge, equipment and modern methods. Supply experts and educators.

6 International Labour Organisation (ILO) Improve working conditions. Improving health and safety. Help young children who may be working very long hours. Research and offer better methods of good practice to business owners/managers.

7 United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Improving education is the key area. Encourage governments to implement compulsory education for all. Sends advisers/teachers to improve quality. Work to save cultural items/areas. Encourage cooperation in the arts between Africa and the rest of the world.

8 World Food Programme (WFP) The world’s largest international food aid organisation. Save those most at risk of of floods, harvest failures, climactic disaster, etc. Support the most vulnerable groups. Improve self reliance. Works with the other agencies to fight starvation and malnutrition

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