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EMPReSS and eLGIN Chris Gower Curved Earth / Jacobs.

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1 EMPReSS and eLGIN Chris Gower Curved Earth / Jacobs

2 EMPReSS – the specification East Midlands Partnership Regional electronic Spatial System

3 Elgin – the service Electronic Local Government Information Network

4 Background ODPM Regional e-Government Project Inter-operable seamless services Pilot Service – Streetworks CSS Conference IM Award Winner 2004 Surveyor/HAUC Best Product 2005 National e-Government Finalist 2006 Priority Outcome G14 solution

5 East Midlands Installation Operational since April 2004 11 LHA plus HA streetworks data 5 types of streetworks system (EXOR, SBS, Mayrise, Symology, Northants) Asset data – example bus stops

6 SDEP Agreed January 2006 Street events Data Exchange Protocol NeSDS Programme EMPReSS, ETON Developers, HA, TfL XML data schema and Web service WSDL Dynamic exchange of streetworks data HA and TfL data available via Elgin LHA data available to HA via Elgin for TMA







13 eLGIN server Local Authorities’ streetworks systems eLGIN User Interface Streetworks import module Streetworks export module Streetworks export module Streetworks export module Manual map data import Map dataStreetworks data Flat data filesMap data files MayriseExorOther streetworks systems FTP (nightly) Proof of concept XML export Current structure

14 New structure eLGIN server eLGIN User Interface ASP.NET eLGIN data broker.NET web service Streetworks & map data Oracle 10g ELGIN data import.NET Web Service Local Authorities’ streetworks systems Streetworks export web service MayriseExorOther streetworks systems Streetworks export web service Streetworks export web service 3 rd party server (e.g. TfL) User Interface Streetworks web service XML / SOAP XML / SOAP XML / SOAP

15 The Future National User Group to set priorities User alerts Traffic Management Act support:- – Co-ordination – Locate works / events – Media access – Diversionary routes – Abnormal loads – Buried services New modules – Single Property Account

16 Curved Earth / Jacobs Babtie Service East Midlands – 10 HAs Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Hampshire, Kent, IoW, East Sussex, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Cornwall, Berkshire 6 UAs, Warwickshire Terms, prices, SLA

17 Prices Initial fee £3,000 3 year contract – annual fees – Small (<250,000 pop.) £9,000 pa – Medium (<500,000 pop.) £10,800 pa – Large £13,500 pa 1 year contract x 1.5 5 year contract x 0.75 Regional pricing available

18 Key features Seamless cross boundary access Street and Road works access Asset/feature data access Distributed data access – SDEP Accessibility compliant Modular Future proof:- – Uses OS MasterMap product – Open modular UML specification – SVG web map server – GIS independent

19 WWW.ELGIN.GOV.UK 07774161000

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