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First-Year Induction Meeting for BSc Economics L100 Degree.

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1 First-Year Induction Meeting for BSc Economics L100 Degree

2 A very warm Welcome to you all from Robin Naylor Director of Undergraduate Studies 2

3 Key People 3 Jonathan CaveSenior Tutor Economics Natalie ChenDeputy Director of UG Studies Elizabeth Jones Year 1 Tutor Economics

4 Key People Undergraduate Office 4 Ann SimperUndergraduate Co-ordinator Leanne BirdEmily Nunan

5 Key People: Student Reps 5 Angus Taylor, Afo Olowolafe and Luke Macklin Economics Society Mentoring Scheme Nick SwainPresident of Student Union

6 Who Are You? Numbers of First Year students by degree: Mainly Europe, Africa, and Asia. Approx 50% EU, 50% non-EU 6 Economics311 Industrial Organization and Economics 18 Economics, Politics, & International St (EPAIS) 52 Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE)93 Total based in Economics Department in Yr 1474 Mathematics and Economics 16

7 Getting Started…1 By now, you should have: Completed the University online enrolment Registered your IT Services (ITS) account Browsed the Department’s Induction Page Familiarised yourself with the online UG Handbook Logged on to my.economics Logged on to my.warwick Registered in the Department of Economics (10-12pm) Made a note of your Induction Week Timetable... 7

8 Getting Started…1 (cont.) Today (Monday) Group B2.15-4.30pm Cinema: ‘Inside Job’ Group A3-4.00pmInformation Meeting L5 Group C4-5.00pmInformation Meeting L5 Tomorrow (Tuesday) Group A&C2.15-4.30pmCinema: ‘Inside Job’ Group B3-4.00pmInformation Meeting L3 Wednesday Game-play10.15-11.15(B)/1-2pm(A) Chancellor’s, Rootes Welcome reception 11.30-1pmRootes Restaurant Beyond that Effective Application W’shop + Economics Society Social Event (9 th Oct, 3-5pm) 8

9 Getting Started…2 You should now: 1. Go to the Cinema (Group B) or afternoon Information talk (Groups A and C) 2. Check your lecture timetable (seminar timetable will be posted during the week – for core modules) 3. Decide which modules you will take (more on this later) 4. Register for your modules (deadline = Friday week 3) Follow the link from my.economics to the eVision Module Registration system (eMR) 5. Meet your Personal Tutor in week 2 (Group Meetings) You can see your Year 1 Tutor for help, guidance or support prior to that 9

10 First Year Modules See UG Handbook (module pages) 4 Core (compulsory) modules: EC108 Macroeconomics 1 EC109 Microeconomics 1 EC120 Quantitative Techniques EC104 The World Economy: History and Theory +1 Option: = 1 x 30 (or 24) CATS or 2 x 15 (or 12) CATS 10

11 Quantitative Techniques Module EC120 Quantitative Techniques comprises three sub-modules. All are required 1. EC123 Mathematical Techniques B (Term 1) 2. EC124 Statistical Techniques B (Term 2) 3. EC125 Computing & Data Analysis (all year) 11

12 Choosing your Option …1 Option modules are: Either Economics options such as EC112/EC132 The Industrial Economy: Global Shift/Strategy EC119/EC133 Mathematical Analysis/Linear Algebra Or ‘outside’ options taught by other departments Typically, you sign up for seminar groups on your optional modules 12

13 Choosing your Option …2 Module code indicates the host department: EC Economics PO Politics and International Studies (eg PO107 Introduction to Politics) LA Law IBWarwick Business School LL Language Centre MA Mathematics PH Philosophy ST Statistics HI History AM Comparative American Studies PS Psychology BS Biological Science etc 13

14 Choosing your Option …3 Some possible ‘outside’ options include: IB133 Foundations for Accounting PO131 World Politics HI107 History of Russia PH102 Introduction to Ancient Philosophy AM101 Latin America: Themes and Problems PO107 Introduction to Politics PS111 Brain and Behaviour There are many others +LL language options 14

15 Choosing your Option …4 If you are interested in an EC-coded module… Check the online Undergraduate Handbook, module website and the timetable Attend the first lecture (or, if in doubt, more) If/when you are sure of your choice, register on line via eMR (deadline: October 19th) 15

16 Choosing your Option …5 If you are interested in an ‘outside’ option, find out from the host Department: The syllabus and timetable (attend lectures) Whether you possess any subject prerequisites, e.g. a particular GCSE or A-level? Is there a limit on numbers? How you register with the host Department, if necessary (eg PAIS and Psychology it’s their UG offices). Does the timetable clash with your core lectures? If so, consult with the Economics UG Office. If you opt for the module, Register your choice on eMR 16

17 Teaching and Learning Usual pattern for a large module is… Lectures: – Attended by all students taking the module – Usually 2 or 3 hourly meetings per week (consult timetables on my.warwick and 1 st year noticeboard) Plus Classes/seminars/tutorials: Small Groups – Discuss work set by lecturer with a tutor – Allocated by UG Office for core modules – Meet weekly (core modules) typically from Week 3 (scheduling on my economics during week 1) 17

18 Teaching and Learning Classes or Tutorials: Small Groups Attendance compulsory... Attendance Registered Participation policy[with no Switching]; Contact and Feedback Classes, Office Hours, emails, appointments, assessments, presentations 18

19 Assessment and Feedback Coursework assessments (less weight in Year 1) Summer examinations (typically 80% after Year 1) Feedback is via: Coursework feedback Seminar classes Staff Office hours 19

20 Absences You are expected be on campus for the entire term Family holidays etc, are not regarded as mitigating circumstances Medical evidence relating to extensions for assessments or missed tests MUST be submitted within one week; you are responsible for doing so You must keep the Department informed of mitigating illnesses or other issues (Year 1 Tutor) 20

21 English not Your First Language? Free tuition on courses given by the University’s Centre for English Language Teacher Education (CELTE) More information: follow the link from 21

22 Who We Are? We are academic economists About half of our time is devoted to academic research (writing scholarly articles) Varying interests, different styles, different views about teaching methods Reputation (Research, Teaching, NSS) 22

23 Studying at University We try our best to provide a stimulating and enabling T&L environment You are responsible for your learning UG student as trainee researcher UG student as team-player Skills, careers, opportunities (see KIS)KIS 23

24 Communication From Us to You: Email: You should use your name@warwick email address. No hotmail, yahoo etc My.economics : Assessment marks/absences/PT log/etc: - you should be checking accuracy of our records Module and UG web-sites The first-year Notice Board The Urgent noticeboard - outside room S2.132 24

25 Communication From You to Us: Email: via my.economics To the UG Office or to DUGSE or other as appropriate Queries: Undergraduate Office is Room S2.132 Your Personal Tutor/Year Tutor Through SSLCs and Module/Course Evaluation 25

26 Getting Started…Reminder You should now: 1. Go to the Cinema (Gp B, 2.15-4.30pm) or Information talks (Gps A&C) 2. Check your lecture timetable (seminar timetable will be posted during the week – for core modules) 3. Decide which modules you will take 4. Meet your Personal Tutor in week 2 (in Groups) 5. Register for your modules Follow the link from my.economics to the eVision Module Registration system (eMR) 26

27 We wish you all the best WORK HARD AND ENJOY YOUR DEGREE STUDIES 27

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