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An Introduction to Reflective Practice Peter Treadwell.

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1 An Introduction to Reflective Practice Peter Treadwell

2 Some initial reflections “The life without examination is no life” Plato trans. [2000] “Reflective practice allows you an opportunity to inhabit the Unknown.” Gillie Bolton [2006]

3 More reflections ‘ Rabbit’s clever,’ said Pooh thoughtfully. ‘Yes’, said Piglet, ‘Rabbit’s clever.’ ‘And he has brain.’ ‘Yes’, said Piglet, ‘Rabbit has brain.’ There was a long silence. ‘I suppose’, said Pooh, ‘that’s why he never understands anything.’ AA Milne [1928]

4 So, what do we think Reflective Practice involves?

5 Reflective Practice involves… Immersion in the process ‘minding the gap’….’mining the gaps’ Self –questioning and ‘Ah Ha’ moments! Utilizing our feelings, instincts…building autonomy Searching for a values based working Enjoyment!

6 Reflective Practice and narrative RP as analytical ‘story-telling’…Not about storing data RP is ethnography..telling; getting inside; ‘going native’ RP – key procedures – observing; participation; interviewing; Questionnaires; document searches; media analysis RP – demands - immersion; empathy; trust; parking ‘personal baggage’

7 Writing tasks

8 What RP does RP questions ‘certainty’ by demanding enquiry RP seeks to understand personal and organizational power…and illuminates relational management RP makes you reflect on the important things by examining non-critical incidents RP makes you consider your planning, actionsand interactions

9 Reflectivity and Reflection Reflexivity implies ‘alteration, change and modification’ To ‘flex’ – to curve, bend, re-shape Reflection implies chewing over, rumination, pondering

10 Reflexivity – some practical tips Ask questions like - “what have I missed?” Focus on you and your ‘impact’ – ‘helicopter self’ Consider – always – your core values Analyze the words, behaviour and feelings of others

11 Why reflect – initial conclusions Personal empowerment Critical of self and organization Builds “thick description” Geertz, [1973] Develops observational, writing and analytical skills RP makes you a better communicator + teamplayer

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