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Bridal make-up.  Please feedback on your mood boards.

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1 Bridal make-up

2  Please feedback on your mood boards.

3  A wide range of looks including traditional, cultural and themed looks.

4  Trial run should be carried out.  During this gain as much information as possible.  Make a note on a face chart of all of the chosen products and techniques.  If you are not doing the hair make sure you liaise with the hair stylist, consider how the hair will be worn, straight, curly up, down, tiara, headdress or veil?

5  Try to create a natural look that emphasizes the brides natural features.  Some brides may not be used to applying make up and want to make a special effort for their special day.  Try not to be too dramatic as the bride may not feel comfortable with the new look (and you don’t want to give the groom a shock)  Bridal Makeup-Simple - YouTube Bridal Makeup-Simple - YouTube

6  Not all brides where white or ivory.  In some cultures extremes of pink, red and purple are worn by the bride.  Would you match the dress to the make up?  Asian bridal makeup - YouTube Asian bridal makeup - YouTube

7  Themes can be eccentric such as:  Medieval  Period  Cultural  Oriental  Seasonal

8  Waterproof mascara  Encourage the bride to buy the lipstick or gloss.  Some will incorporate the cost of the lipstick/gloss within the price.


10  Colour analysis and the client!

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