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Adolf Hitler Rise to Power.

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1 Adolf Hitler Rise to Power

2 Adolf Hitler & Nazi Party
Born in Austria in 1889, unhappy childhood, frustrated artist, etc. Joined the German army during WWI – never above rank of corporal Upset when Germany surrendered because Germany had been beaten Swore revenge on the socialists and Jews – called them traitors, said they stabbed Germany in the back

3 Joined the Nazi party (National Socialist German Workers’ Party)
Aim was to rebuild Germany and defeat it’s enemies Hitler – passionate speeches, organizational skills soon made him leader of the party Organized the Party like a military Special salute, uniform, songs, symbol – swastika Made stirring speeches, marched members through streets of German towns Brown-shirted “storm-troopers” broke up Communist Party meetings, attacked the homes and businesses of Jews, terrorized anyone who did not hold the same views they did – called them ‘traitors’

4 As leader of the Party – watched Mussolini’s rise to power with admiration
By 1933 they were the largest party in the German parliament but had never won a majority in an election As leader of the Party, Hitler was asked to become Chancellor of Germany Agreed as long as was given dictatorial powers

5 Reasons for Supporting Hitler
Strong leader who they thought would solve the country’s problems Inspiring leader – brilliant, hypnotizing speaker Rallies were colourful parades, rousing marching songs – people who watched felt they were a part of a great movement Depression hit Germany hard High unemployment, new democratic government blamed – Nazi’s to fix

6 Fear of his Stormtroopers
Marched around, broke up meetings, harassed anyone who didn’t support A target to blame – scapegoats for German problems Communists and Jews – preached racial purity, Germans as the master race Jews, Slavs and other minorities as “impure aliens” Treaty of Versailles – pay for WWI with money and goods during the 1920s, “war guilt” clause

7 When in power Hitler: Put Germans back to work – built roads, bridges
Built guns, tanks, warships, planes – forbidden by Treaty of Versailles Increased the army – again, forbidden 1936 rode tanks down the highways into the Rhineland – demilitarized in Treaty of Versailles Allies protested mildly, but not much

8 In power, Hitler also: Destroyed all traces of democracy
Put socialists, democrats, communists, religious leaders, teachers, scientists and anyone who spoke out against the Nazis in concentration camps Gestapo (secret police) were everywhere Persecuted Jews – lost their jobs, businesses, homes, etc. Nazi propaganda everywhere Controlled unions, schools, churches and the army

9 The Gathering Storm & Appeasement
League of Nations League of Nations – after WWI to prevent future wars International arguments settled through diplomacy USA never joined – weakness in League as a result Japan invaded Chinese province and League didn’t do much Mussolini (Italy) invaded and beat Ethiopia Ethiopia protested to the League, League cut off oil to Italy – Mussolini said that would mean war so the League backed off

10 League didn’t react when Hitler marched into Rhineland
France, at the urging of Britain, didn’t argue it League didn’t stop Mussolini or Hitler realized it, joined with the military rulers of Japan to form the Rome-Tokyo-Berlin Axis against Communist Russia Hitler now had allies – ready to gamble that Europe would agree to anything he wanted in order to prevent war

11 Appeasement Hitler’s vision of the “master race” meant that all Germans had to be part of Germany 1938 – invaded Austria b/c German speaking for most part no way to defend itself, France & Britain did nothing

12 Czechoslovakia was German speaking and wealthy
Czechoslovakia was German speaking and wealthy. Hitler claimed they were oppressed and threatened to occupy the area France, Britain and Russia promised to stand by the Czechs and met with Germany & Italy Gave in to Germany in order to avoid another war Germany took over the entire area Germany next demanded Poland, Britain and France said they would protect Poland USSR made a deal with Germany to not fight against each other and split Poland between them With Russia out of the way, Hitler was ready to go Q. Why would Hitler want Russia out of the way first?

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