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Lolland Community Testing Facilities Baltic Sea NGO Forum 26.02. – 01.03.2009 Christian Theel, Baltic Sea Solutions.

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1 Lolland Community Testing Facilities Baltic Sea NGO Forum 26.02. – 01.03.2009 Christian Theel, Baltic Sea Solutions

2 Lolland CTF Lolland Community Testing Facilities (Lolland CTF) is one of Denmark’s first innovative partnerships within renewable energy that through constructive collaboration between research and business combine the targets of Danish industry with the municipality’s visions for sustainable growth and development. 5 pillars: Windenergy Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Biotechnology Biomass Water and Waste Water

3 Total Annual Power Generation = 1,150,000 MWh Total Annual Power Consumption = 750,000 MWh Biomass (4%) Biogas (>1%) Wind (92%) Waste (4%) Status Lolland-Falster

4 Lolland CTF map

5 Nakskov Industrial and Environmental Park

6 Wind Power Test Field Kappel Test field Construct world's largest onshore test field for offshore windmills 9 mills, Max height 720 feet (Golden Gate Bridge 748 feet)

7 Vindeby Off-Shore Test Field Vindeby Test Field (2007) Convert world's first offshore windmill field to test field Integrated wind and tide/wave power plant prototype 30,000 KW Scale 1:6 (

8 Concept to be tested in the demonstration μCHP fueled by a hydrogen grid. Hydrogen from renewable energy will be used. 4 private houses in 2008, 35 in 2009 Hydrogen Community

9 The traditional flow… Development of concept Engeneering + finance Site planning/test Permit/ certification BuildingProduction UniversityUniversity + Industry Industry Industry + Public Industry Idea Basic research Time saved CTF flow… Idea Basic research Development of concept Engeneering + Finance BuildingProductionSite planning Permit Lolland CTF – how it works

10 –Position Lolland CTF as the leading Danish testing and demonstration platform for CO 2 neutral technologies –Develop eco-industry zones and visionary business development policies –Offer financial incentives to private industries working with CO 2 neutral technology –Develop new integrated solutions through Public- Private Partnerships –Offer educational and research programs related to Carbon Neutral Technologies –Develop spin-offs to strengthen the overall regional development Lolland CTF Objectives

11 Lolland CTF - Competencies Lolland Municipality Political Support Planning Expertise Utility Services Technical Assistance Permits EIA Loke Joint Venture Capital Loans Energy efficiency incentives & subsidies Bass Concept Development Project Management International Networks Technical Expertise Marketing

12 Lolland Improve Utility Services Growth Competitiveness Retain Population Jobs Education Branding Sustainability Industry Branding Low Cost Testing & Demonstration Faster Product Commercialization Synergies through research involvement Community testing Real Environment Real Systems Real People Research Research with full-scale applications Technical Sciences Socio-economic Impact Analysis Well defined geography, demographics, economy, energy grid/systems Implementation of scientific knowledge Government (EU/Nordic) Bottom-up tool for achieving macro- political goals for sustainability and competitiveness Best practice model Growth Beyond Metropolises CTF Benefits

13 Private Industry ResearchOther DONG Danfoss Alfa Laval Danisco Vestas DLG IRD Fuel Cells A/S Dantherm Prima-Lyx Haldor Topsøe COWI DGC SEAS-NVE Norsk Hydro Energi Syd Dansk Solenergi Bincore BSG – Biooil Rapsol Wise Solutions Solar Quest Copenhagen University University of Southern Denmark Technical University of Denmark Roskilde University Risø National Laboratorie Institut for Regional Udvikling og Strukturel Planlægning, Germany CURS, Finland Nordregio, Sweden Nordisk Energi Forskning NICe-Nordic Innovation Center Kaunas Technical University, Lithuania TU Tech Hamburg, Germany University of Applied Science Lübeck, Germany Berkeley University, USA Stanford University, USA UC Santa Cruz, USA UC Davis, USA UC Merced, USA Millenium Institute, USA LOKE (Denmark) REFA I/S (Denmark) Råhavegård International Wind Akademy Sønderborg Municipality Kommunernes Landsforening Transport- og Energiministeriet Miljøministeriet Videnskabsministeriet Bass Netværk Østersøen Invest in Denmark Innovation Center Denmark, USA Baltic Development Forum Danish Energy Authority Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway EU Hydrogen Regions ISLENET Santa Cruz, USA Salinas Valley, USA Galapagos Islands Pier 39, San Francisco, USA CTF Networks

14 Other CTF Projects - spinoffs RE Summer School Google Maps based CTF investor tool Renewable Islands Bass Silicon Valley Office Santa Cruz – Lolland Climate Partnership Lolland Energy Education Green Energy Tourism Several EU projects

15 Folkeskoler Ungdomsuddannelser Professionelt niveau HTX / HHX Gymnasier AMU / EUD DanskeUdenlandske Universiteter IMMA  Drawing Competition on Lolland 2006 – 2007 (as part of EU-competition)  Potential activities linked to ECO-School network (>20.000 schools worldwide)  Potential participation in First Lego League  Practical science experiences in Camp ClimaX  c-LIFE project under IEE (Intelligent Energy Europe): 1-2 trainers in each country in a system of cascading flow of knowledge  Use of T21- dynamic simulation model  IMMA = Interactive Media & Marketing Academy  Education of Multimedia Designers – KVU (Kort Videregående Uddannelse)  Educational projects within marketing of Green Energy Tourism  Further education of practical staff working in energy and environment sector  Maintanance tasks related to Offshore windpower  Further education about security standards for example related to hydrogen technology  Field trips related to CTF  Danish universities (KU, RUC, DTU) and Californian universities (UC Santa Cruz, Davis and Merced in California) were involved in the first Lolland – Californian Summer School Programme on Renewable Energy  to be continued 2009 in California  CTF related research with students from Denmark and all over the world  Students to be included in Camp ClimaX  Use of T21  CEUS Handelshøjskole – involve in development of Green Energy Tourism Primary Schools Secondary Schools HTX / HHX High Schools AMU / EUD IMMA Universities DanishForeign Professional level Lolland Energy Education

16 Think globally …

17 Thank You

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