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Brighton and Hove LINk Results of Young People’s Survey Jan 2012.

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1 Brighton and Hove LINk Results of Young People’s Survey Jan 2012

2 Why? With limited resources agreed to specific age range Need to find out views of young people Need to raise awareness of LINk among younger people

3 Survey 16-25 year olds 173 responded to the survey 61% White British 64% female


5 Worry/Stress/Anxiety45% Healthy eating41% Not sleeping34% Exercise34% Depression31% Exam stress28% Mental health23% Acne/spots23% Teeth20% They would like more information on:

6 How would you like to get information on health and wellbeing? Websites74% Leaflets39% Drop-ins for young people34% Face to face with GP or nurse 33% Talks at school/university/college 29%

7 Knowledge of Rights for Young People Children who are under 16 years old can consent to their own treatment if it is thought that they have enough intelligence, competence and understanding to fully appreciate what is involved in their treatment. 47% got it wrong or didn’t know If a child who is under 16, or a teenager who is 16 or 17 years old, refuses treatment and by doing so this may lead to their death or a severe permanent injury, their decision can be overruled by the courts. 36% got it wrong or didn’t know Teenagers who are 16 and 17 years old are entitled to consent to their own treatment, and this consent cannot be overruled by their parents. 61% got it wrong or didn’t know

8 If you had a problem with a health service or wanted to make a complaint who would you contact? 34% were not sure

9 If you could change one thing about the health service in Brighton and Hove, what would it be? 105 did not answer this question Top Issues 1.Problems with waiting for appointments 2.More information for young people on health issues 3.More flexible access to health services 4.Better awareness of staff on young people

10 How can your GP practice be better for young people? More choice of GP/nurse appointments 53% Reception staff to be welcoming and accessible 30% More information on services I can go to 42% More information for young people42% Young people's health sessions/clinics 35% Listen to me more27%

11 Some quotes from respondents: “My doctor in Brighton is a university based one and therefore is only open weekday mornings making it harder to make an appointment at a convenient time” “GPs that treat you like adults and listen, not just giving pills.” “Better care for young people with depression”

12 Have you heard of or used the following? WebsiteHeard ofUsedDon’t Know BH Youth Facebook31%5%57% School Drop-in37%8%51% Walk-In Centre46%18%40% C- card55%21%26%


14 What is the biggest health issue/concern you have about your own health and wellbeing? 54 people responded with “none” 17 people mentioned depression. 16 people were concerned over diet and wanted to eat more healthily. 12 people mentioned mental health, 2 of these specifically relating to self harm. 13 people were concerned with their weight. 3 of these specifically with being overweight. 9 people were concerned by stress and anxiety. 2 in relation to exam stress.

15 What things in your life cause you to worry and/or have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing? 43 responded “none” 44 worried by University issues or exam stress 22 worried about family, such as arguments with family members or family member’s health and wellbeing. 15 worried over money 14 people identified that stress in general 6 people were worried by job prospects

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