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McGregor's Theory X and Y

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1 McGregor's Theory X and Y

2 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – Starter: Fill in the levels of the hierarchy
Esteem Needs Safety Needs Self Actualisation Survival Needs Social Needs

3 McGregor’s Theory McGregor looked at the way in which employers and employees traditionally viewed work – The employer paid the money and gave instructions, and the worker did the job without asking questions (THEORY X)

4 McGregor’s Theory X and Y
Theory X workers: Don’t like working Do as little as they can get away with Don’t like things to change Need to be told what to do Cant be trusted to make a decision Are only interested in MONEY Must be closely watched Cant be trusted or relied upon

5 McGregor's Theory y Theory Y workers: Enjoy their work
Will work hard to get rewards Want to see new things happening Will work independently Can be trusted to make decisions Are motivated by things other than money Can work unsupervised

6 Your Task As a manager you need to get an important order out quickly, by the end of this week at the latest!!! 1) Outline how you would put this to the workers if you believed in Theory X (How are you going to convince workers to work quickly??) 2) Outline how you would put this to the workers if you believed in Theory Y 3)What are the three main differences in the two approaches 4)Which theory would you personally support? State your reason as fully a possible

7 Completing the Questionnaire
1st: Answer the bottom half of the sheet. Put the Number 5 -1 (Scale at top of page) next to each statement. Then add up your score!!! 2nd: Based on your observations on your work experience placement answer the top half of the sheet using the same scale.

8 Extension What motivational factors were used in your work experience placement? How successful were each of these?

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