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3 Technical Manager Equipment Officer Clerk of Course The make up of these roles will be different depending on the type of meeting you are involved with

4 Technical Manager Equipment Officer Clerk of Course Technical Manager Equipment Officer Clerk of Course Technical Manager Equipment Officer Clerk of Course Field Referee Technical Manager Equipment Officer Clerk of Course Major Championships (TV) Area/ Regional Championships Local Championships, bigger League Local meetings

5 Rule 123 of the IAAF Rules 2012-13 states:- The Technical Manager shall be responsible for (a)ensuring that the track, runways, circles, arcs, sectors, landing areas for Field Events and all equipment and implements are in accordance with the Rules (b)the placement and removal of equipment and implements according to the technical organisational plan for the competition as approved by the Technical Delegates (c)ensuring the technical presentation of the competition areas is in accordance with such plan (d)checking and marking any personal implements permitted for the competition according to rule 187.2 (e)ensuring he has received the necessary certification under rule 135 before the competition Technical Manager Appendix D(2)of the UKA Rules 2012 details the tasks to be covered by the: Technical Manager, the Equipment Officer and the Clerks of Course

6 Agree the location of all field events. This is particularly important at indoor meetings when there are HJ and Shot events along with 60m sprints and hurdles. Technical Manager


8 Liaise with the Equipment Officer before and during the event Arrange meeting time prior to the competition to discuss action plans, etc. Technical Manager Be the Sport’s link to technical services providers – TV, Event Presentation, Sports Timing, Results Company and Venue Staff What will be televised How many cameras Position Maintain a trackside presence throughout the meeting dealing with such issues as may arise from time to time. “””””””””””” Ensure event sites are correct Ensure the minimum of people are in the competition area Try to anticipate possible problems

9 Produce site plans for each event at each venue with positions for officials, equipment, etc. as required. Sign these off if they have been produced elsewhere. Liaise with Field Referee re number of officials and timetable. Technical Manager


11 Remember that you will have a report or reports to complete at the end of the meeting TM Meeting report Assessments Report to ITO Remember that you will need to complete assessments on the Equipment Officer and the Clerks of Course Technical Manager

12 Check who your colleagues are – ensure they will be able do the tasks Get hold of the timetable early Liaise with the NTD and the Chiefs including meeting manager Do you know the venue – have you been there recently? Visit as necessary Check on the venue’s equipment/implements – what do you need to be arranged to be brought in Liaise with the Equipment Officer Liaise with the venue staff – establish a contact – tell them your needs and establish what they will do prior to the event and during the event Technical Manager

13 Along with the Clerks of Course, ensure that all venue equipment necessary for the competitions is available, prepared and made available at the correct time. Along with the Clerks of Course, ensure that all event sites are fully prepared in accordance with the relevant Rules and ensure that they meet H & S requirements Equipment Officer Ensure that any venue and personal implements are checked, marked appropriately and presented for competition at the correct time for the relevant competition. Any implements that do not conform to the relevant Rules should again be marked appropriately and the reasons for rejection conveyed to the relevant athlete, preferably before the event start time.

14 Prepare “Implement to Site” forms to accompany implement trolleys onto field to assist official on “Implement Control” duty – ensure forms are returned to Tech Room on completion of the event. Ensure implements are returned to Tech Room for collection by athletes and are signed for when picked up. Equipment Officer

15 Do you know the venue – have you been there recently? Establish a plan of action with the Technical Manager – discuss/confirm who will be doing what Get in touch with the Clerks of Course Plan your own workload against the timetable Plan the Clerks of Course’s workload against the timetable – what time is equipment due on site, when should the site be cleared Check your own personal equipment – what do you need to take with you Prepare labels for stadium/personal throwing equipment Prepare “implement to site forms” for throwing events Prepare check lists for event site preparation Equipment Officer

16 1.The Clerks of Course (Field) with the Field Referee shall ensure that all markings are correct as required by the Rules for Competition, that the take-off boards are clean and firm and landing areas ready for use. 2.The Clerks shall ensure that all equipment necessary for maintaining runways, circles and landing areas is in a fit state for competition. CLERK OF THE COURSE (FIELD) WHAT DOES THE RULE BOOK SAY?

17 3.The Clerks shall ensure that brooms, rakes, rollers, etc. are available as required and that judges are provided with marking spikes and tapes as necessary. 4.They are responsible for the provision of implements for practice and competition and must see that all implements are removed from the site of the event as soon as the competition is completed. CLERK OF THE COURSE (FIELD) WHAT DOES THE RULE BOOK SAY?

18 Clerk of Course - Definition Appendix D – Clerk of course Track The Clerk of Course with the Referee shall ensure that the course is correctly set out and kept perfectly clear. When hurdles and steeplechase races are included in the programme, the Clerk must ensure that all hurdles and barriers are correctly set and placed and that they are removed from the track when no longer required. In addition, the Clerk shall ensure that all equipment such as judges’ stand, bell, batons etc is ready for use.

19 CLERKS BEFORE THE MEETING Obtain a timetable Obtain a Track plan of the Stadium Contact your chief to ascertain when you should report to the stadium Plan your day What equipment is required? When is it required? What equipment can I set up before the meeting starts?

20 CLERKS On the day of the meeting Arrive early Report to administration Report to your Chief Locate equipment store Be alert, keep safe

21 Ground Staff What are they going to do? Are they experienced? Do they have a ladder or a cherry picker? Who will use the ladder or cherry picker? Where can they be found during the meeting?

22 CLERKS INITIAL CHECKS Are Stadium Markings correct according to the rules? Are throwing cages SAFE to use? Are take off boards and throwing areas CLEAN AND SAFE? Are landing areas SAFE AND READY TO USE? Is ancillary equipment AVAILABLE? (i.e. Rakes, Brooms, etc.) Is measuring EQUIPMENT (Tapes etc.) AVAILABLE

23 CLERK TRACK Initial Preparation Check water jump Set up wind gauge Walk track Check hurdles Set up stand in conjunction with referee Walk track with referee Walk track with ground staff Give ground staff copy of your work sheet Find out Chief Time Keeper’s requirements Put out Lap board and bell. Tape off. Is water required for athletes

24 Initial Preparation - Continued Set up table for results etc Set up bin/bag Seats for umpires Find batons Water for umpires Find out time of briefing Be prepared to make a briefing to umpires Speak to Marksman

25 Hurdles S/C barriers Automatic weighted hurdles Preparation Check with referee which lanes free Spare hurdles Vets races C of C Positioning

26 Break Lines Indoors – Know your break lines Shall be marked with a flag at each end at least 1.5m high Prisms or cones 5cm X 5cm X 15cm Different colour from breakline placed immediately BEFORE intersection

27 Indoor Issues Stands Cones at least 20cm high Flags 25cm X 20cm at 60 degrees Not exceeding 1.5m on bends and 10m on the straights Interaction with other events

28 Miscellaneous Issues Starters/blocks Outdoor cones/flags no more than 4 metres apart Use cones/flags where kerbing removed Watch wiring across track Water station

29 CLERKS IMPLEMENTS Have all implements to be used in the competition been CHECKED AND ARE THEY COMPETITION LEGAL (Technical Manager’s Duty if appointed) in conjunction with the Field Referee? Ensure that ALL IMPLEMENTS ARE TAKEN OUT before the competition AND REMOVED as soon as it is completed.

30 CLERKS During the meeting Ensure all equipment is in the correct place Ensure event leaders have all they need to run the event Monitor equipment remains safe to use Be aware of any health and safety issues Check event sites are clear of all debris

31 Useful Personal Equipment HammerSmall spirit level ScrewdriversRubbish sacks Allen keysTape measure WD40 Weight crib sheet Adjustable spannerWedges PlasticineInsulating Tape Staple GunStanley Knife PliersCable Ties StringChalk Sticks

32 SEAA U15 & U17 Champi onships Call roomSiteImplements Site InOutPreparedoutbackTidiedCleared F110.30HammerU17W4 Kg1157m9.5010.009.309.5011.3011.25 F210.30ShotU15G3.25Kg742m10.0010.109.309.5511.15 F310.30Long JumpU15G 1981m9.5010.009.30 11.30 F412.00High JumpU15G1.40 m10100m11.1511.2511.00 12.55 F512.00HammerU15B4 Kg636m11.2011.3011.25 12.30EDM Change F612.00Pole VaultU15B2.30 m684m10.5011.0010.30 13.30 F712.15Long JumpU17M 1054m11.3511.4511.30 13.10 F813.15DiscusU15G1 Kg1466m12.3512.4512.30 14.20 F913.30ShotU17M5 Kg848m13.0013.1012.55 14.15 F1015.00DiscusU17M1.50 Kg1260m14.2014.3014.20 16.00EDM Change16.00 F1115.00High JumpU17M1.65 m442m14.1514.2514.15 15.45 F1215.00Pole VaultU17W2.20 m798m13.5014.0013.30 16.40 F1316.30JavelinU15B600 g1260m15.5016.0015.0015.5017.15 F1416.30Triple Jump U17W/U1 5B9 m / 11 m7/360m15.5016.0015.00 17.30 F1517.45JavelinU17W600 g530m17.0517.15 18.15

33 SEAA U15 & U17 Championships Clerk One SiteImplements Site Preparedon sitebackTidiedCleared F110.304.00 KgHammer9.309.5011.3011.25 F412.001.40mHigh Jump11.00 12.55 F512.004.00 KgHammer11.25 12.30EDM Change F813.151.00 KgDiscus12.30 14.20 F1015.001.50 KgDiscus14.20 16.00EDM Change16.00 F1115.001.65mHigh Jump12.55 15.45 F1316.30600gJavelin15.0015.5017.15 F1517.45600gJavelin17.1517.0518.15 Priority Must DoChecking

34 SEAA U15 & U17 Championships Clerk Two SiteImplements Site PreparedoutbackTidiedCleared F210.303.25 KgShot9.309.5511.15 F310.30 Long Jump9.30 11.30 F612.002.30mPole Vault10.30 13.30 F712.15 Long Jump11.30 13.10 F913.305.00 KgShot11.1512.5514.15 F1215.002.20mPole Vault13.30 16.40 F1416.309m / 11mTriple Jump15.00 17.30 Priority Must DoChecking


36 C.o.C. Start time Event Welsh International Activ ity CoC To action Call up timeStart timeM / W Event name Named person responsible for event, but please call upon others to help where needed. Jane John Dave Paul 8.00Landi ng sector s Landing sectorActual Shot @ 20mSteve and Jane Hammer @ 60mSteve and Jane Discus @ 60mSteve and Jane Javelin @ 60mSteve and Jane Evening before During day Imple ments/ equip ment Prep LJ/TJ Boards (3 comp, 2 warmup, ) plasticine boards (6) Implements according to list later Book in and check private implements as and when Steve and Jane EDMSet both up and calibrate, check marks on sector lines/ pit edge, record checks and leave at machines throws and long jump John Dave Paul At some pointPole Vault Set bed, vertical plane line and bar @ 5.00m & 4.00m. Sponge to cover base of stands. Competition bars, bungee, warm up bar, lifters, winders, clock, upright indicator flags 2xred/1xwhite/1xyellow, vernier, cone, scoreboard, runway markers, competitor labels, duct tape, 50m tapedown runway, tidy site Paul Welsh International, Cardiff, 31 July 2013 Clerk of Course Duty Sheet – Below is intended as a guide. Event times and competition sites may change throughout the day, please check with Me EDM is in operation Please use any free time to check sites are ongoing and to remove old run up markings and any other debris

37 Long JumpLevel / water sand. Sweep last 10m of runway. Prep. & set take off & no jump boards also wind gauge, site boards, Scoreboard, Runway markers, clock, rakes, 2 cones, flags 2xred/1xwhite/1xyellow, 20m tape, 50m tapedown runway, duct tape, rollers, brooms, spare plasticine, water, tidy site, competitor labels, watering cans with water Dave Triple jump Both pits Level / water sand. Sweep last 10m of runway. Prep. & set take off & no jump boards also wind gauge, site boards, Scoreboard, Runway markers, clock, rakes, 4 cones, flags 2xred/1xwhite/1xyellow, 20m tape, 50m tapes down runway, duct tape, rollers, brooms, spare plasticine, water, tidy site, competitor labels, watering cans with water Dave HammerCheck cage and netting, does door move and fix correctly, do we need circle inserts? Sweep circle Mat, 100m tape, Flags 2x red / 1x white, 1x yellow, clock, brush, spare cable ties, horn scoreboard, cone Jane DiscusCheck cage and netting, does door move and fix correctly, do we need circle inserts? Sweep circle Mat, 100m tape, Flags 2x red / 1x white, 1x yellow, clock, brush, spare cable ties, horn, scoreboard, cone Jane ShotCheck circle and sweep and rake sector Mat, 40m tape, Flags 2x red / 1x white, 1x yellow, clock, brush, scoreboard, cone John JavelinCheck runway, place 4m mark with tape or cones, check 8m point. 100m tape, 20m tape down runway, runway markers, competitor labels, duct tape, cone, scoreboard, clock, flags 3xred/ 2x white, 2x yellow, horn Jane High JumpCheck bed including cover and tie together Check fan for markers, clean Set uprights and check at 1.50 and 2.00m Mark comp bars x2, clock, scoreboard, cone, flags (2x red, 2x white/ 1x yellow), vernier, drawing pins, competitor labels Paul TrackEnsure starter podium on track (start finish line) (do starters want at 3000m) Ensure blocks on track Ensure lapboard and bell Ensure flags (red and white) and prisms at track stand Ensure 800m break flags at back straight Ensure 3 red and 3 white flags for relays, with batons at track stand Check with track referee and timekeepers re other cone markings needed 3000m, mile. Check arrangements re 400m Hurdles M&W John 17.15 U11/U13/U1 5 4 x 100m Move podium to 3000m start John 16.3017.30WHammerTake out 4k Hammer and implement list Jane 17.30U15/U17 G3000m Podium in place?John 17.3018.40WPole VaultHave we cleaned runway and tidied site from previous competitionPaul 17.45U15/U17 B3000m John 18.00 Seniors/U20 W 3000m John

38 18.15 Seniors/U20 M 3000m Podium to 100m start John 18.20National Anthem 18.1518.45MShot PuttTake out 6k and 7.26K Shot, also implement list Jane 18.30Women100mHeat 1 John 18.2018.35WHigh JumpCheck with event leader Paul 18.37Women100mHeat 2 John 18.2018.55MDiscusTake out 1.75k and 2k Discus and implement list, bring back Hammer 4k and list Jane 18.2518.30MLong JumpBe prepared to change warmup board to comp board Dave 18.45Men100mHeat 1 John 18.52Men100mHeat 2, move podium to 400m start John 19.00Women400mFinal John 19.08Women400mB Race John 19.15Men400mFinal John 19.23Men400mB Race John 19.3020.10MHigh JumpHas fan been cleaned and area tidy from previous competitionPaul 19.3020.20WTriple JumpConvert from long jump to triple (11m board needed) Tidy area and clean runway, deliver new competitor labels Rake pit and check water requirements Dave 19.30Women800mFinal John 19.3520.25MTriple Jump13m board neededDave 19.40Men800mFinal move podium to 100m start John 19.4520.15WShot PuttTake out 4k Shot and list, bring back 6k and 7.26k shot and listPaul 19.50Women100mFinal John 19.5520.30MJavelinTake out 800g Javelin and list Bring back discus and list Jane 20.00Men100mFinal move podium to 1500m start John 20.10Women1500mFinal move podium to 200m start John 20.20Women200mFinal John 20.30Men200mFinal move podium to start finish John 20.40Women400m HurdlesFinal John 20.50Men400m HurdlesFinal John 21.00MenMileFinal John 21.10Women4x100mFinal John 21.15Men4x100mFinal John 21.20W4x400mFinal John 21.25M4x400mFinal John 21.25 ThanksSafe JourneyHome Bring back Javelin 800g and list Bring back Shot and list Bring back all equipment TJ, HJ, PV, SP, JT, HT, DT EDM back Clear track equipment (podium, lap board, flags, relay batons Jane All



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