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A new cycle route on a major desire line: Bridgewater Way in Trafford.

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1 A new cycle route on a major desire line: Bridgewater Way in Trafford

2 Bridgewater Canal: A bit of history The 3 rd Duke of Bridgewater opened the canal in 1761 The first ‘modern’ canal in Britain – the start of the canal age Linked the Duke’s coal mines at Worsley to Manchester and Liverpool Approximately 12 miles of the canal lies within modern day Trafford

3 What’s the Bridgewater Way? Ultimately: 40-mile traffic free route for pedestrians and cyclists on the Bridgewater canal towpath In Trafford - a particularly valuable utility/leisure route linking Altrincham, Sale Stretford, Trafford Park and Manchester city centre

4 Manchester City Centre Geographical Context

5 Bridgewater Way in Trafford Approx 3 miles currently upgraded and open, plus significant upgrades to access points and routes (phases 1-3) Funding now secured for a further 6 miles of towpath, plus associated access points and routes (phases 4-6) Will form the spine of Trafford’s walking and cycling network

6 Funding Mix – phases 1-6 Total cost of phases 1-6 = approx £4.75m (includes towpath, access and highway works)

7 Funding Mix – phases 4-6 Total cost of phases 4-6 = approx £2.5m (includes towpath, access and highway works)

8 Governance/Management Project Steering Group:  Chaired by Cllr Ken Weston  Peel (canal owners and managers and funding partners)  Trafford Council (highway authority and funding partners)  Transport for Greater Manchester (LSTF funding managers) Supported by Project Technical Group  Peel  Trafford  Consulting engineers/contractors as appropriate Trafford Cycle Forum: key advisory/consultee role throughout

9 Key Features/spec  Built to Sustrans NCN and Greenway design standards  Minimum 1.8m path width  Tarmac spray and chip surface  Brief to improve existing or provide new access points  Ongoing maintenance commitment from canal owners  Signage both on the tow path and to/from the tow path via all accesses  Consultation with and support from Trafford Cycle Forum throughout  Principle that cyclists give way to pedestrians

10 Images








18 Results from phases 1-3






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29 Results from phases 1-3


31 Summary of Monitoring Results: Average increase in cyclists: 370% Average increase in pedestrians: 80%

32 Did you know? More Greater Manchester residents now commute by bike (25,042) than by Metrolink (15,742) (Census 2011)


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