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The NEW VARTA dynamic Trio Training Notes July 2007.

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1 The NEW VARTA dynamic Trio Training Notes July 2007

2 VARTA. The power behind the biggest brands.

3 The Power of the OEM‘s = Nr. 1 in the Aftermarket  The Varta Brand is well known in the market for high quality, innovative products  First choice for the vehicle manufacturers is the best argument for the replacment market: VARTA every time  High quality and perfect market coverage guarantee satisfied customers and smooth sales development without time wasted looking after warranty issues

4 Increased Demand & Requirements  More vehicles are now on the road.  The number of electrical consumers is growing – on new vehicles, but also on older vehicles too (sat-nav, sound systems etc.).  The number of journeys is increasing (also the length of journey is decreasing)  The proportion of diesel vehicles on the road with their higher cold start requirements is increasing.  Starting and driving conditions have become more electrically demanding.  More batteries – as well as higher performance batteries – are now required.

5 Tailormade power for every car  Since virtually all car makers put VARTA batteries into their new cars, the VARTA brand is extremely respected and trustworthy.  When your customer comes to you for a replacement battery, make sure you recommend the original power behind.

6 What power for which vehicle?  The choice of vehicles today is immense. Which battery is required is often difficult for the end consumer to work out.  At the time of replacement, the customer is presented with an offering of unknown origin and quality, but also a choice that isnt transparent.  VARTA as brand name is the market leader.  VARTA allows the Aftermarket consumer to place their trust completely on the power of the brand.  Use the VARTA catalogue to identify which battery options are available, and sell up if possible. The battery recommended furthest right will generally be the most economical option for the customer - but be sure to sell up if extra electrical equipment has been fitted, and check the OE battery coming off the vehicle.

7 Which line for which vehicle group?  The 3 lines are segmented according to vehicle age, cranking power requirement and amount of electrical consumers fitted to vehicle  The 3 lines are also separated on a pricing perspective  But also older vehicles, with many electrical / electronic consumers can be served by the upper segments.

8 The solution for every car: The VARTA dynamic Trio

9 The new VARTA dynamic Trio  VARTA has now provided segmentation into 3 clear lines: SILVER – BLUE – BLACK.  The 3 segments have been split down according to vehicle type / power requirements.  Clear allocation and product recommendations ease the choices at replacement.  You are now able to quickly offer the customer the correct battery for their application with the dynamic Trio.  Significant improvements in design and inner construction on all 3 lines.

10 Attractive Design  Improved design and colour features separate Varta from the black case uniformity of the battery market  all 3 lines in the same silver case  But with optical differences through lid colours SILVER – BLUE – BLACK

11 Handle and Terminal Covers  Ergonomic design of the wide carry handle enables problem free handling  comfortable, plastic handle – makes carrying easy  integrated terminal covers  Vent plugs integrated into the terminal covers

12 Lid Construction with improved Safety Functions  patented labyrinth double lid for added safety  Success in the ‚Roll Over‘ test:  No dangerous leakage of acid  Double flame arrestors – minimise the risk of explosion  Suitable for use in internal compartment (with venting)

13 Case incl Hold Downs Positive Plate Group Positives Grid with Silver Alloy Positive Plate Positive Plate in Separator Negatives Grid Negative Plate Group Plate Block Negative Plate Optimised Construction with Silver Alloy

14 Grid Geometry  The positive grid contains silver – this optimises the electrical flow  The unique cast grid minimises grid growth and corrosion – this increases lifetime  The negative grid is expanded – this aids resistance to high temperatures

15 Lead/ Antimony Calcium/ Silver Lead/ Calcium 6g/Ah 2g/Ah 1g/Ah g/Ah Calcium-Silver Alloy  Water loss is reduced to a value that is difficult to measure (1g/Ah) – this value lies well below the EN and OE specifications  This results in substanstially increased lifespan  Since topping up is no longer required, the VARTA dynamic TRIO range of batteries are absolutely maintenance-free. Fit it and forget it!

16 26101418 12,6 12,5 12,3 Condition in % 12,7 90% 80% 70% 60% 100% Volt 12,4 dynamic Trio lead / Calcium Lead / Antimony Months Low Self Discharge  dynamic Trio batteries are supplied filled and charged  Up to 18 months shelf life  All products are ready for use  No need to store battery acid separately for these types

17 The SILVER dynamic The VARTA High End Product

18 The SILVER dynamic  ideal for vehicles with many electical consumers (sat-nav, ESP, etc.) whether factory- or retro-fitted  For vehicles with especially high power demand  also suitable for diesel engines  Highest capacity reserves  Through concentrated cold start performance, it is also suitable for extreme climate conditions  the High-End Product on the market (Only the VARTA Ultra dynamic as AGM is positioned higher: for luxury vehicle segment and the new micro hybrid vehicles with automatic start-stop systems)  8 types available

19 The BLUE dynamic Our proven best-seller

20 The BLUE dynamic  The Blue Dynamic should be viewed as the all round battery for modern vehicles of all classes  Has been improved still further from its recognised performance characteristics  A product directed towards the middle, high volume price segment  The most sold product in the premium market  Fulfills and exceeds OE requirements  Very wide performance spectrum  22 types – 12 thereof with specific requirements and dimensions for vehicles from the Far-East (replacement for ASIA dynamic)

21 The BLACK dynamic For those who previously went without - offers premium quality at an unbeatable price.

22 The BLACK dynamic  Serves as the choice for the smaller and older vehicles (over 7 years)  A solid and reliable choice  Premium quality a segment that otherwise knows only ‚Standard‘  Full VARTA brand quality makes it more difficult for clients to downgrade to no-name offerings  12 types with more than sufficient starting capacity

23 For ease of supersession and to aid replacement planning, ask for our new A3 supersessions chart: „Getting started with the new VARTA dynamic TRIO range“

24 Adapers are available separately Adapters for the dynamic Trio  With the addition of the Ford terminal adapters and the VW hold down adapters, the new VARTA range covers 99% of the vehicle parc.

25 Application Guide 2007

26 Application Guide for the VARTA dynamic Trio Well-presented catalogue with clear and concise applications listings. Batteries are listed in a best / better / good order. BLACK dynamic is specified for vehicles of over 7 years old.

27 VB Automotive Batteries Ltd Broadwater Park North Orbital Road, Denham, Uxbridge Middx UB9 5HR Tel: 01895 838991 / 93 / 95

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