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Wellcome. Serdar GÖRGÜÇ General Manager 2006 Evaluation 2007 Targets AGENDA About OTOKAR.

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1 Wellcome

2 Serdar GÖRGÜÇ General Manager

3 2006 Evaluation 2007 Targets AGENDA About OTOKAR

4 ‘0 7 Otokar was founded as Turkey’s first intercity bus manufacturer by Mr.İzzet Ünver ‘6 3 ‘7 0 ‘8 0 ‘8 7 ‘0 3 ‘0 2 In early 70’s Koç Group became the major shareholder of Otokar taking over the management. In mid 80’s Otokar manufactured the first Turkish Armoured vehicle as cash carrier. In 87, Otokar started to manufacture 4x4 tactical vehicles under the license of Land Rover-UK After the merge with İst.Fruehauf in 2002 trailers were added to the product range In 2003 SULTAN Midibuses were added to the civilian product range ‘9 5 In 95,Otokar’s public offer was realized.. ‘9 0 In early 90’s, Otokar combined its armoured technology with its military vehicle experience by developing Turkey’s first 4x4 Light-armoured tactical wheeled vehicles Otokar History In 2007 a new era started for OTOKAR with the launch of a midsize bus named DORUK/VECTIO

5 COMMERCIAL VEHICLES Minibus Midibus Sultan/Navigo Midsize Bus Doruk/Vectio Trailer/Semi-Trailer Fruehauf Otokar DEFENCE VEHICLES Land Rover Defender Armoured tactical vehicles Cobra ZPT Akrep(Scorpion) Secret Armoured SW Otokar-Yavuz Armoured İ nternal Security Vehicle Product Range

6 Having products which the industrial and ownership rights belong to Otokar Working with well known brand names Flexible production capacity Ability to offer customs design Strategic Location Low engineering costs Test & Design Center Unique in Defence Industry Product reliability in markets Capability to react urgent defence oriented orders Customer satisfaction guaranteed Low logistics costs Lower unit cost Shorter test time for vehicles- lower unit cost Competitive Advantages

7 2006 Evaluation 2007 Targets AGENDA About OTOKAR

8 Total Revenue EBITDA Net Profit Shareholder’s Equity ROE (%) EBITDA Margin(%) Net Margin (%) Current Ratio Total # of Employees Key Financial Indicators 240,19 33,3 29,5 96 30,7 13,9 12,3 1,56 958 As of 31.12.2006 (USD mio)

9 Revenue

10 Exports Sales unit Profit 338 million YTL 112 million USD 3780 41 million YTL Otokar in 2006

11 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110 115 2005 2006 Exports 112 78 112 million USD % 43 increase

12 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 2005 2006 Profit 42 9 41 million YTL

13 Margins

14 Capital Expenditures

15 Dividend Performance

16 Stock Performance

17 Sustainable Growth for Otokar Product Differentiation Expanding the Market Investing in high technology Developing Otokar’s test and design ability Industrial and Proprietorship Rights Investing in critical technology Increasing the economical profit Increasing productivity

18 Sultan Maxi Sultan 125S series Navigo 160 series Vectio / Doruk Otokar brand semi-trailer Cobra 20 mm otomatic cannon platform Product Differentiation

19 Expanding Markets From Truck to Trailer by Otokar brand Record Otokar production in trailer-1340 units New markets and new purchase orders in defence sector Record production in armoured vehicles-529 units To meet the demand in the domestic market by altering the vehicles to midibuses New products and new distribution channels in Europe

20 In order to meet the demand of armoured vehicle purchases quickly and effectively, a new special armoured body welding robot was put into use. The quality in welded armours has become permanent with the use of the new robotic weld causing speed in production. With this modern sytem Otokar has taken its place among the producers of armoured vehicles having the most developed techniques in armoured technology.The speed in the production of armoured vehicles has been increased by 2,5 times more. Investing in high technology

21 Increasıng the economical profit Productivity Studies 6 Sigma Studies To encourage the new discovery and inventions

22 Exports THE EXPORTS LEADER OF TURKISH DEFENCE SECTOR Otokar, has realized % 30 of all the Turkish Defence Sector exports all by itself.

23 2006 Evaluation 2007 Targets AGENDA About Otokar

24 Targets of Otokar 2007 Revenue Exports 300 million USD 120 million USD

25 Strategy for 2007 To continue the present success in Military Vehicles range. To expand with new models of Commercial Vehicles range both in domestic market and in European markets. In order to maintain the sustainable growth

26 Growth in commercial vehicles-Public Transportation The studies of a new bus series The R&D studies and tests on the midsized bus range is continuing. We are preparing the sale of DORUK in the Turkish Market in May. We will be presenting the newest models of DORUK in Busworld Belgium in 2007. To become widespread in Europe with midsized buses

27 Growth in Commercial Vehicles-Semi-Trailer To present special solutions to the companies in Logistics on an international platform The introduction of Otokar brand semi-trailers in Turkey

28 To maintain success in Military Vehicles Two very big and important purchase orders in the first 3 months of 2007 for a total of 170 millon USD : - Exports Market - Domestic Market We have been invited for the agreement negotiations of the National Main Battle Tank Project. Otokar, is going to exhibit its worldwide known vehicles in İ DEF 2007 taking place in Ankara during May.

29 To maintain success in Military Vehicles-Exports Our target is to expand to the new world markets with our Defence Vehicles

30 To maintain success in Military Vehicles-Exports The most prefered Turkish Armoured Vehicle in the World: COBRA Otokar is working on different configurations of Cobras for different countries; The presentation of Cobra is going on in many countries and the vehicles are being tested in various places.

31 To maintain Success in Military Vehicles- Domestic Market The biggest Armoured Vehicle purchase order received by Otokar till today with one single contract COBRA, is being widespread among the Turkish Military Forces. The total amount of the order is 167,5 million YTL.consisting of the Spare Parts and the training.

32 To maintain success in Military Vehicles Otokar, with the orders received in the first 3 months of the year; Is going to produce full capacity in the Armoured Vehicle band for two years.

33 THE PRODUCTION OF A MODERN MAIN BATTLE TANK PROJECT was introduced by Turkish Military Land Army in order to produce a national tank with local components under the supervision of national engineers To maintain success in Military Vehicles- National Tank

34 In order to design and produce a tank with all its industrial and property rights belonging to TURKEY; -A feasibility study was performed so that a Main Turkish Battle Tank can be designed and produced locally with a genuine model to meet the needs. -A tender was opened for the preparation of the design and the prototype of the Main Turkish Battle Tank. - The result of this tender was announced on March 30,2007 and Otokar was chosen and invited for the negotiations. To maintain success in Military Vehicles-National Tank History of the Project

35 Otokar, is a company in defence sector,with an ability to system, design, integration and product development with a perfectly experienced personnel in that area. Otokar, today,is producing and selling vehicles of which the industrial and property rights belong to itself. The armoured vehicles of Otokar designed with the help of its modern infrastructure are being used actively in more than 15 countries of the world other than Turkey. Otokar has a know-how in armoured vehicles which is accepted by the whole world. To maintain success in Military Vehicles-National Tank Why did Otokar applied for the National Tank ?

36 To maintain success in Military Vehicles-National Tank We, with this experience and technical abilities together with our engineer force and R&D facilities are ready to design and produce a new generation Tank that will solely meet the demand of Turkish Military Forces which all its industrial and propriety rights belong to TURKEY.

37 To maintain success in Military Vehicles-National Tank We, as Otokar, are very proud to be honoured and entrusted in such a huge national project which has a very strategic importance for Turkey. As always we will do our best to realize the most appropriate for our country and try to be worthy of such a trust.

38 Otokar in 2010

39 Revenue more than 500 million USD Exports to be the 1/3 of the revenue Growth with the industrial and property rights belonging to Otokar raeching higher profits Higher dividend yield Increasing the company market value To satisfy the shareholders Otokar Targets in 2010


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