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THE T&L DIRECTORATE The “Story” So Far Prof Brian Chalkley.

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1 THE T&L DIRECTORATE The “Story” So Far Prof Brian Chalkley

2 SOME KEY DATES January 2009T&LD Launch Spring 2009T&L Strategy Summer 20093 Endsleigh Place September 2009Careers & Learning Development January 2010T&LD meets CEG February 2010QAA outcome April 2010First Strategy Day

3 Are we up to speed?

4 SOME KEY AIMS Promote excellence in T&L Build staff capacity Lead on T&L Strategy Lead on parts of the Corporate Plan Support Schools and Faculties Encourage pedagogic research Horizon scan Showcase Plymouth’s achievements


6 SOME KEY ACTIVITIES Conferences and workshops Sharing innovations and good practice LTHE/PGCAP Publications External grants Liaise with colleagues, UPSU, etc NTFs and UoP Fellowships


8 SOME CURRENT KEY PROJECTS PebblePadPedRio CETL RepositoryPlymouth Award Plymouth Student Volunteering CPD Employability Centre2 Year Degrees


10 SOME KEY CHALLENGES The T&L Strategy Our NSS and DLHE performance Funding issues Responding to “Higher Ambitions” Plymouth’s national/international profile


12 SOME KEY TASKS FOR YOU Identify areas where the T&LD has already made positive achievements. What are we doing well? Identify areas where we have yet to make our mark Identify areas which need to be high T&LD priorities for the next 1-2 years

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