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Tom fleming / creative consultancy / Future City Jobs Inception Introduction Andrew Erskine.

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1 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Future City Jobs Inception Introduction Andrew Erskine

2 tom fleming / creative consultancy / about us We are a high profile creative economy, arts and cultural planning consultancy based in London, and we offer policy and industry leadership across the creative, cultural and knowledge economy. Through research, strategy and partnership, we position creativity as a key tool for economic and social development.

3 tom fleming / creative consultancy / our portfolio CHINA: Creative Economy Strategy support in Guangzhou and Shenzhen NORDIC REGION: Creative Industries Green Paper for the Nordic countries UK: A Leading Creative Economy Consultancy and Research Company driving policy at a high level EGYPT & DUBAI: Creative Cluster development BULGARIA & GREECE: Creative Investment & cluster consultancy USA: Creative Economy Strategic Planning for Boise, Idaho; & Intercultural City consultancy, Chicago RUSSIA: Creative Cluster Development and Strategy, Tolgliatti, Perm, Novosibirsk, Altai, Tula & Moscow PORTUGAL: Creative Economy Strategic for Northern Portugal BRAZIL: Creativity and Innovation Strategy in Sergipe & Creative Industries Investment consultancy, Sao Paulo POLAND & HOLLAND: Warsaw ECOC Quest: Design in Manufacturing Strategy UKRAINE: Creative Economy Mapping Support LEBANON & SYRIA: Cultural Planning &Creative Industries Mapping and Strategy Development BALTIC STATES: Creative Mapping & Strategy in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA, CROATIA & MONTENEGRO: Creative Economy Strategy Support

4 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Desenvolvi mento de um ‘cluster’ Das Industrias Creativas Na Regiao Norte

5 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Four themes for today 1.Context and Background 2.Skills, jobs and the creative economy 3.Types of intervention 4.Guiding principles

6 tom fleming / creative consultancy /


8 Cohesion Confidence Capital Coordination Cuts

9 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Youth Unemployment: Average 20%

10 tom fleming / creative consultancy / “Britain's future will be built not on credit default swaps but on creative industries” tom fleming / creative consultancy /

11 Daniel Pink:‘A Whole New Mind’ “Our sons and daughters will not hew, forge, mine, plough or weld. They will serve, design, advise, create, compose, analyse, judge and write. Their skills will be applied to all industries and services, not just the high-tech. Agriculture, the oldest industry of all, is becoming increasingly dependent on bioscience, information technology and branding”. Charles Leadbeater “Britain’s creativity challenge”

12 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Moving into a Conceptual Age? 18th Century19th Century20th Century21st Century Agricultural Age (Farmers) Industrial Age (Factory Workers) Information Age (Knowledge Workers) Conceptual Age (Creators and Empathizers) ATG (Affluence, technology, Globalisation) Daniel H. Pink “A Whole New Mind”

13 tom fleming / creative consultancy / 2. Skills and Jobs in the Creative Industries tom fleming / creative consultancy /

14 Five things we know about the Creative Industries 1. Lots and lots of small businesses – only a few will ever grow 2. Nature of work is changing – New business models, merging of sectors 3. Increasingly freelance – teams coming together for projects 4. Increasingly global – At an earlier stage, changing markets and competition 5 Connected to aspirational and hungry consumers - apps, co-curation, co-creation, co-consumption etc

15 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Equipped to Succeed? Business planning and development Accessing finance Intellectual property rights Peer-to peer knowledge Markets and supply chains Where to grow and succeed Fahima, Founder of Virus Communications and CEO of Virtual Consulting Virtual Consulting

16 tom fleming / creative consultancy / The Inside Out Support Model (apologies to Maslow) Workspace, heating, sustenance, travel Technology/Communications, legal/financial knowledge, business planning Networks, contacts, peer-to-peer learning Confidence, membership, access to markets/supply chains Creativity, innovation, dynamism Physiological Safety Love/belonging Esteem Self Actualisation

17 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Five further things we know about jobs in the Creative Industry ‒ Creative industries are place based – Clustering, local supply chains, routes to market still matter ‒ Growth is not linear – therefore job creation is spasmodic and hard to predict ‒ Some sectors provide the majority of growth and jobs – in UK digital and new media ‒ Connection between creative industries and mainstream still underexplored ‒ Creative industries is a branch of the knowledge economy

18 tom fleming / creative consultancy / 3. Types of Intervention tom fleming / creative consultancy /

19 Four main rationales for intervention 1.Formal education – connecting to industry, building progression routes, skills to succeed 2.Informal education – work-related learning, secondary school level, Arts-led 3.Overcoming barriers – diversity, regeneration, educational attainment, background 4.Growth driven –job creation, tackling unemployment

20 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Apprenticeships/Placements

21 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Apprenticeships/Placements

22 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Support and mentoring for start-ups

23 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Support and mentoring for start-ups

24 tom fleming / creative consultancy / Workshops in soft and hard skills

25 tom fleming / creative consultancy / 4. Guiding Principles

26 tom fleming / creative consultancy / 1. Local context is vital e.g. Place, local creative economy, mainstream economy, cultural infrastructure

27 tom fleming / creative consultancy / 2. Must connect - progression routes To wider infrastructure, institutions, society, private sector

28 tom fleming / creative consultancy / 3. Clear aims and objectives What success equals, job creation, social motives, short/medium/long

29 tom fleming / creative consultancy / 4. Flexibility Adapt to change, different individuals, no one size fits all

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