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National and local updates SENCo Cluster Meetings Autumn 2012.

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1 National and local updates SENCo Cluster Meetings Autumn 2012

2 Gloucestershire SENCo Clusters Meet 3 times a year Generic and personalised agenda Impact upon SEND children – monitored and analysed Funding for projects available Schoolsnet website

3 Ofsted – key strands Raised expectations Governance – how does the GB know the school is doing as well as it can do? Reading, literacy and mathematics as high priorities Pupil Premium – How spent? What impact? Leading the drive for teaching quality; all leaders as leaders of learning Focus on CPD and performance management Vulnerability – which pupils? What progress? Those with multiple vulnerabilities? Behaviour – pupils active in classroom, not passive? Bullying?

4 Ofsted continued: TAs and other adult workers – quality and impact: Do they add value? Are they value for money? What CDP have they received? How do TAs tackle identified weaknesses? How do they promote participation? Independence? Increasing standards?

5 Ofsted continued: Progress – progress from starting points and speed with which gaps are closing Views of parents Internal monitoring and evaluation – records. What difference has it made? Case studies – where academic outcomes have improved and what the school did to make the difference Data

6 Draft Legislation Wordings changed to include academies Single Plan Refer to Green Paper: Next Steps New code and indicators when new Bill is passed

7 Response to The Green Paper Support and aspiration: A new approach to special educational needs and disability Progress and next steps

8 Section 3 – Next steps 3.34 In 2012 we will work with experts in the education sector, including Teacher Associations, SENCOs, head teachers and educational psychologists on replacing the current categories of School Action and School Action Plus (and their equivalents in the early years) with a single category. In doing so we will ensure a focus on outcomes rather than processes in SEN identification, and on ensuring that pupils’ needs are not missed. We will then revise the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice to give clear guidance on identifying children who have SEN and on the operation of a new single category of SEN.

9 Educational Psychologists Info to follow………… New Lead EP appointed from January 2013 – Deb Shepherd

10 Local news Glos Ed Leaders for SEND icleid=103472 icleid=103472 SENCo Conferences: 7 th and 8 th November; Forest Green Rovers – contact SEND newsletter: icleid=103472 icleid=103472 Free training for SENCos – primary and some secondary with NASEN

11 Interventions In Gloucestershire Children Count Literacy and numeracy interventions What are you using? Which pupils?

12 Future updates?

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