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Creating a Learning School ‘Reflections of the Day’

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1 Creating a Learning School ‘Reflections of the Day’

2 Common Strands emerging from groups Structure Curriculum Learning Environment Pastoral

3 STRUCTURE Restructuring of the school day in order to allow for greater enrichment opportunities More late buses for after-school activities More creative use of ‘meetings’ and to provide opportunities to bring staff together for planning Fewer meetings more clubs Different views about length and use of lunchtime Post lunch sport Free up one afternoon per fortnight (ie., students go home early) allowing time for planning Abandon bells Greater links with the community Crèche/childcare facilities

4 CURRICULUM Themed days and weeks (vertical and horizontal groups) Accelerated course provision for most able Increased ‘hands-on’ provision More subject integrated approach to learning More flexible timetables at KS4 Cultural topic in each year Greater use of the International dimension Employment of key staff eg., International Co-Ordinator More use of outside agencies, speakers, parents and ex-pupils Pupils learning to teach groups of students covering teaching of spec. TA’s to specific faculties Study periods for KS4 supervised by staff An integrated PHSE timetable to cover citizenship, careers and the learning to learn agenda

5 LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Improved display facilities across the school Use of Plasma screens All classes fully equipped with IT facilities Students involved in developing school environment –New Buildings –Grounds Nice smells/clean windows/smells/warmth/storage Flexible furniture – multipurpose classrooms More boards for visual stimulus Projectors/smart boards and students with laptops All subjects to have at least one dedicated classroom

6 PASTORAL Review of focus and allocation of Pastoral time More 1-2-1 time for Tutor and Student More creative use of meeting time Split assemblies across key stages No assemblies in period 1 - a key learning time Personal challenge week - extending Arts Week focusing on personal aspirations and learning Developing individual skills of the students More use of SIMS for registering, etc as a time saver Teachers delivering the House Period Competitive enterprise week

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