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How the TI-Nspire document model can change the way we teach Mathematics Andy Kemp Friday 27 th February 2009 10:15 – 11:15 Session: 015.

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1 How the TI-Nspire document model can change the way we teach Mathematics Andy Kemp Friday 27 th February 2009 10:15 – 11:15 Session: 015

2 Who am I? Head of Mathematics at Taunton School, UK – Independent co-educational school for ages 2-18+ – Teaches the IGCSE, A-levels and the IB Previously taught Maths and ICT Technology enthusiast!

3 UK to US Glossary GCSEs – Sat at age 16 – Students typically sit 9-10 GCSE (in single subjects) – 5 GCSEs at grade C is supposedly equivalent to High School Diploma A-level & IB – Sat at age 18 – Broadly equivalent to AP

4 TI-Nspire

5 What makes the TI-Nspire different? There are many features of the TI-Nspire that make it different from the TI-84, TI-92 etc. – Natural Display technology – Multiple representations – Data & Statistics Display – Spreadsheets and... – Document Model...

6 What is the Document Model? The document model enables the user to save and open documents in exactly the same way as they would using something like a word- processor... But how could this be useful?

7 Uses? Continuing work between lessons Flash Cards/Revision Worked Examples Pre-prepared Activities Investigations Lets have a look at some examples...

8 Continuing Work between Lessons

9 Flash Cards Tom Reardon – Study_Cards_Parabola_Equations.tns

10 Worked Examples Tom Reardon – Quadratic_Formula.tns

11 Pre-Prepared Activities TI Math – Alg1Week15_Slope.tns

12 Investigations CompassTech - Vince Geiger – Act14_ChickenRun.tns

13 Instructions Tom Reardon – Factoring_1_GCF.tns

14 Quizzes & Questions Andy Kemp – Guessthegraph.tns

15 Something Old... You can also create TI-Nspire documents from other file types...

16 LearnCheck Files The Computer version can also convert LearnCheck (.edc) files into quizzes for the TI-Nspire SATMT01.edc AP Calculus Questions – TPRAPCA01.tns

17 Geometry You can convert Cabri Geometry files into TI-Nspire files by opening them on the computer version of the software: Circumcircle.fig

18 How to build a Document? In the next few minutes we will demonstrate the process of creating a document that could be used in the classroom. Topic Angles in a Cyclic Quadrilateral

19 How does this change our Teaching? Less photocopied worksheets! Less time required to get students to create the environment you want them to work in More time spent of the Maths! Less on the technology...

20 Instructions included... Because of the addition of the seemingly innocuous Notes page, we can now create entirely self contained activities. These can present a task, explain how to complete it, give the student a pre- constructed environment to complete the task in and then test their understanding... All without any need for a printed sheet or textbook

21 Photocopies... This means the end to the pre-printed instruction sheets that are so common to current graphical calculators because we can embed the instructions in the task itself

22 Microworlds One of the significant, but not often spoken of benefits of the document approach is that it enable us as educators to create ‘microworlds’. A ‘microworld’ is the idea that we limit our domain of interest to small subset of functions, so we can build an environment for students to explore, that is rich in mathematical content.

23 Microworlds By working with premade documents we can build an environment which will focus students’ attention on a particular topic. Students can then explore this environment in a controlled or more open manner. My experience with this is that students seem to be much more focused when working on a document and are less prone to distraction.

24 Example of a Microworld Andy Kemp – BinomialExpansion.tns

25 Example of a Microworld Steve Arnold – Quads.tns

26 More time for Maths! Say you want to do some statistical work analysing some data on your graphical calculator, you don’t want students to spend 5-10mins entering the data... Maybe you are doing some geometry and you want students to explore a complex construction – do you always want them to spend the time constructing it themselves World Data.tns

27 More time for Maths! You are doing an investigation into transformations of graphs. The students could draw the graphs one by one, or you could give them a construction using sliders... You want to explore some random stochastic processes, you could get them to generate random numbers or write a program or you could give them a fully constructed learning environment... Nelson Sousa – Galton’s Bean Machine.tns

28 Time for everything... Obviously there will still be times when you just want students to use the calculator like any other calculator and have no interest in the storing the results for another time... But sometimes there will occasions when your focus will be more on the Maths and less on the use of the technology and it is here that the document model comes into its own!

29 The future? I can foresee the day when we start to move away from the textbook as the focus of our curriculum which we hang other resources around... Instead having a scheme of work which is based around a series of calculator documents which can be arranged to form a coherent and flexible curriculum In fact I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few commercially available packages in the next few years...

30 Distribution Methods This however leaves one key issue with this document model is the question of how we get the documents to the students (and in some cases back again!) Thankfully there are various methods of distribution available depending upon budgets!

31 Computer Distribution Files can be built on the computer version of the software Then use the ‘Computer Link’ software to transfer the file to each handheld. Good for small classes

32 Viral Distribution If you have the file on one handheld then you can copy it to another handheld... I copy the file to the first calculator in a row and then get them to send it along the line.

33 Connect to Class ‘Connect to Class’ enables you to install some software on you computer and then connect up to 8 (or 16 with two kits) to connect at the same time Enables the distribution & collection of files to multiple users at the same time Enables upgrading of OS on multiple handhelds at the same time.

34 TI-Navigator Wireless connection for a whole class of calculators Enables the distribution & collection of files Enables the viewing of the whole classes handheld screens Quick Polls Coming soon...

35 Sources of Premade Activities TI-Math – TI-Nspire Google Group – Stephen Arnold’s website – Tom Reardon’s website – Nelson Sousa’s website – Activity Exchange – –

36 Thanks! This presentation and associated files are available for download from:

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