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TÜV Product Service Ltd 1 Overview of EMC Testing Martin Foley Commercial Manager – Industry EMC.

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1 TÜV Product Service Ltd 1 Overview of EMC Testing Martin Foley Commercial Manager – Industry EMC

2 TÜV Product Service Ltd EMC for all reasons Overview of EMC EMC Test Facilities Different tests for different markets Routes to Compliance How do you save money? Price Drivers Benefits of using TÜV Product Service Contents

3 TÜV Product Service Ltd 3 What is EMC? EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility

4 TÜV Product Service Ltd The problems of EMC interference with Broadcast Receiver reception interference from radio transmitters interference from transients

5 TÜV Product Service Ltd Test Overview Conducted LF/ RF immunity Surges / PSU Conditioning Transients/ Lightning Conducted AF/RF emissions Surges Transients Conducted LF/RF immunity Voltage dips & interrupts Mains harmonics & flicker Radiated HF/RF immunity Radiated HF/RF emissions I/O Power EUT ESD NB other tests may apply, e.g. magnetic field emissions or immunity, depending on the equipment or application

6 TÜV Product Service Ltd 2006-05-106 EMC Test Capability

7 TÜV Product Service Ltd 2006-05-107 EMC Testing  Test Documentation Construction & Review  Validation of customers requirements.  Readiness for Test Reviews covering  Logistics of Test  Application of Test  Rationalisation of Test Programmes  Testing & Assistance with EMC issues  Reporting (10 day turnaround)  Certification (Bearley Activities Only) TEMPEST Testing (TEMPEST Logo)  Test Documentation Construction & Review  Establishing customers requirements and rationalisation of the work program  Testing  Reporting (10 day turnaround) In-Situ Testing for the above  Surveys, utilising clients capacity, trials, large equipments which cannot be brought into a Test House Environment.  Consultancy to aid clients with solutions to their EMC issues. Scope

8 TÜV Product Service Ltd 2006-05-108 EMC Test Capability - Continued Conducted Emissions testing: 20Hz – 400MHz Radiated Emissions Testing: 14kHz – 40GHz Conducted Susceptibility: 20Hz – 400MHz (AF & BCI) Magnetic Susceptibility: 20Hz – 150kHz Radiated Susceptibility: 10kHz – 40GHz (with 18- 40GHz amps hired from Astrium). Levels up to 200V/m CW and 600V/m minimum pulsed. Power Supply Conditioning: New equipment to meet the Airbus requirements up to 800Hz with DO160E software being developed as an add on. Transient & Lightning: Elgal for Defence requirements, EMC Partner system for all indirect Civil Aerospace.

9 TÜV Product Service Ltd 2006-05-109 Octagon House: 4 x Screened Enclosures 1 x Lightning Lab & 1 x Prep Area Bearley: 1 OATS 1 Screened Enclosure Various small chambers & Labs Facilities

10 TÜV Product Service Ltd Why EMC is important? to meet legal requirements (e.g. EMC Directive) to meet voluntary schemes to meet a contractual obligation (e.g. DEF STAN etc.)

11 TÜV Product Service Ltd 2006-05-1011 Aerospace  Civil Aerospace - Airbus, Boeing (RTCA DO-160)  JSF, Eurofighter for Military (Mil Std, EFA) Defence  Air (as above)  Land (Vehicles, Man Portable Equipments, Security systems, etc)  Ships (From submarines, in-situ, to systems at the test facility) Industrial  Rail, Automotive (Car products, Motorcycles, Products for Rail as well as whole vehicles trackside)  Commercial (Showers, Broadcast Receivers (audio/visual), Basestations etc) Markets Addressed

12 TÜV Product Service Ltd Different tests for different markets Military, aerospace and automotive: RF field swept or stepped –from 14kHz to 40GHz –modulation EUT-dependent –field set by local monitoring, no uniformity specification specific test setup on ground plane levels from 1V/m to 56000V/m (TÜV limited) Commercial: RF field swept or stepped –from 80MHz to 2.7GHz (possibly up to 6GHz) –amplitude modulated 80%, 1kHz –field set by substitution method –field uniformity at EUT, +6 -0dB each face of EUT subjected to vertical and horizontal polarizations levels from 1V/m to 10V/m and above

13 TÜV Product Service Ltd 13 Different tests for different markets Military - There are two main set ups in a screened enclosure for military & aerospace equipment depending on how it will be installed in its intended environment. –On a ground plane. –On a mannequin or non conductive ground plane. UK standards converging with NATO and US. Increasing immunity levels due to higher power pulsed transmitters. Increasing lightning levels due to more composites in aircraft.

14 TÜV Product Service Ltd 14 Different tests for different markets Civil - We are seeing a growing trend for CE marking to be applied to military equipment broadening the scope of equipment we need to address. Test levels are increasing specially in safety critical environments i.e. Rail. The standards are changing at almost a daily basis with general emissions standards converging to American standards. For many large items limited to testing on-site.

15 TÜV Product Service Ltd Routes to Compliance Accreditation covering testing in our permanent laboratory and also SMT scheme. Manufacturer’s test reports can be used to obtain EMC Attestations for CE marking, CB Certificates via the CB Scheme. Initial audit of the test laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025. Support and training. Issue of required attestations and / or CB Certificates. A combination of spot check testing and annual laboratory assessments ensure the continued smooth operation of the SMT partnership. 15

16 TÜV Product Service Ltd How do you save money? Design Review, Risk Assessments and GAP Analysis (reduce the amount of tests). Prepare a structured Test Plan. Be Test House savvy. –Cable lengths & terminations –Power supplies –Functional test equipment –On site support Pre-compliance – gain confidence before full qualification testing or going into production. 16

17 TÜV Product Service Ltd Price Drivers What will drive the price of your EMC test regime? Market access – Where do you want to sell it? Specification requirements – How and where will it be used? Number of modes of operation? Dwell time of EUT – Is it continuous operation? Number of ports or power / control & signal cables? Size of product (Can it be done in house or at the clients site?) 17

18 TÜV Product Service Ltd Benefits of using TÜV Product Service The right people –With over 50 years’ experience TÜV Product Service has a core team of global experts well versed in their fields of testing and certification of products to worldwide standards. The right time –With over 11 chambers and other facilities, flexibility to meet your lead-times regardless of length of project –Flexible working covering shifts and weekends The right solution –Complementary services such as One-stop testing and consultancy or certification –Flexible Schedules (always the first to achieve accreditation to address new standards) –At our site or we will come to you –Industry leading report turnaround – 48 hours on demand 18

19 TÜV Product Service Ltd 19 QUESTIONS!

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