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Who Are we? Manufacturers of ultra reliable, high performance discrete semiconductors, power modules & hybrid microelectronic solutions designed to operate.

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0 Power & Hybrid Business Unit, Microelectronics

1 Who Are we? Manufacturers of ultra reliable, high performance discrete semiconductors, power modules & hybrid microelectronic solutions designed to operate in any environment.

2 Our aim Through our flexibility and innovation, we aim to be recognised as trusted technology leaders in the aerospace, space, defence, medical and industrial markets.

3 What we do We research, design and manufacture an innovative range of MOSFETS, Bipolar Transistors, IGBTS, Power Modules, Diodes, Voltage Regulators and Customised Hybrid Microcircuits.

4 Customers and markets we serve
Aerospace Market Segments Actuation RADAR Engine control Flight subsystems . Space Market segments Commercial Satellite - Telecoms, Broadcast, GPS, Weather Exploratory Missions Nano and Cube Satellites Industrial Market segments RF Energy (oil/gas, renewable) Audio Power conversion & management Customers and markets we serve Military Market segments Transportation Communications Homeland Defence Aircraft UAVs Motorsport Market segments Formula 1 KERS Touring Car KERS Medical Market segments Analytical equipment Oncology equipment De Fib

5 Our Portfolio Product/ Technology Features Applications Benefits
Discrete Semiconductors Wide Range of modern & traditional packages Screening to International standards Down-hole drilling Satellites Defence programs Choice of silicon to match application 35 year pedigree of supply RF (VDMOS) MOSFETs High Gain Excellent linearity Jammers Radios Broadcast Never made a part obsolete Higher performance Very rugged and reliable Power Modules IGBT’s, MOSFET’s, Diodes High-Rel screening Hermetic or Plastic Hi-Rel Aircraft Actuation Power Factor Correction Hybrid Motor Drive Extended reliability Long term supply Harsh environment capability Hybrid Microcircuits Superior resistor characteristics MIL-PRF-38534, Class H certified & MIL-STD-883 screening options Fully customized circuits High temperature operation Aero-engine cooling systems Renewable energy – Solar CPV Driveline modules Exhaust after treatment Reduced size Improved circuit performance Enhanced thermal properties Improved reliability 5

6 Power Modules Space High Temp Solar
Power conversion: Inverters for wind & solar Motor drive: HEV (on and off road), traction Actuation: Hydraulic replacement, steering Discrete product for Satellite subsystems: Nano and Cube satellites GPS and Communications constellations Weather/Scientific monitoring in Space Motor drive actuation Control systems Inverters Power factor correction Concentrated Solar energy collection systems - using photo-voltaic cells

7 Automotive KERS Module
Customer Requirement Power module solution for racing car Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) Solution Custom Power Module Custom configuration for application Enhanced electrical, temperature and mechanical operation Value Proposition High temperature capability through using latest available technologies Customised solution utilising the latest aerospace technologies to deliver high reliability in a very harsh environment Reduced weight through utilising latest materials to deliver a solution that is light yet extremely rugged Core Competence Flexibility – Closely working with the customer to realise their stringent technical & environmental requirements Innovation – Utilising cutting edge mechanical and silicon/SiC technologies to achieve the spec Pedigree - 35 years proven understanding of harsh environment requirements for high temperature and high reliability applications Status Successfully designed, built and winning races Currently working with teams on the 2013 season Proven experience and success at the highest performance level Now looking to move into more race types Reason for success? Technical Innovation, experience in ultimate reliability and close engineering to engineering relationship with customer to understand their application and deliver a winning solution

8 Why Use Microelectronics
Braking Resistors/Heaters Power & Control High Power High Density & Reliability High Frequency

9 Thick Film Circuit Thick Film Ink Systems Printing – Firing – Lasering
Gold, Silver, High and low Temperature Copper. Resistor Printing directly in circuit. Aspect ratio to 0.1mm track and gap width, +/- 0.03mm registration. Automatic printing machines cassette to cassette process. Automatic Laser trimming and continuity testing. Clean-room facility operating on 3 shifts.

10 Technologies Substrates Thick film on 96% alumina or aluminium nitride
Directly bonded copper (DBC) Active metal braise on aluminium nitride & silicon nitride High/Low temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC/LTCC) Steel Aluminium Thin film FR4

11 Technologies Component Attach Wire Bonding Packaging
Solder Surface Mount Polymer Component and die attach Vacuum soldering (Power Die Attach) up to 400oC Wire Bonding Fine wire Au 17um to 33um Fine wire Al 25um to 33um Large diameter Al >125um Packaging Hermetic sealing Projection weld & Seam Seal Ceramic lidding Glob-top / Silicon conformal coat

12 Microelectronics Assembly
Clean-room assembly operations. Automated die bonding and wire bonding by pattern recognition. Re-flow soldering and real time x-ray for void detection. Aluminium fine wire bonding for high density signal and control circuits. Large diameter Aluminium wire bonding for power circuits. Hermetic sealing in inert atmosphere. Leak detection. Automatic test facilities.

13 Test, Burn-In and Screening Facilities
Two General Purpose ATEs in Chip & Wire Clean Room. One reduced capability, DC only, ATE. One General Purpose ATE for one high volume product. Two ATEs for surface mount hybrids. One tray pack system – measure, accept/reject, pack. One PIC program/test XYZ system. Screening: Temperature cycling Constant acceleration Burn-in Fine & Gross Leak Test Pin D Bump Limited range vibration

14 MCM Engine Management Function: Characteristics:
Engine management (FADEC) Custom ASIC - CPU, SRAM, EPROM, Oscillator Hi Reliability >20yrs life Characteristics: High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (HTCC) Chip and Wire (>1000 bonds) High Density – Reduced size and Weight Hermetically sealed Engine mounted Qualified –55oC to +150oC Extended high temperature approval testing –55oC to +205 oC. Completed 1000 hours +205oC Completed 100 cycles –55oC to 205 oC

15 MCM (Linear) Engine Management – Civil Aviation
Function 3 Precision instrumentation amplifiers High common mode rejection Precision gain 3 Precision voltage references General purpose comparator Characteristics High operating temperature -55oC to +150oC Engine mounted Thin Film provides high accuracy and stability. Active Trimming to <0.01% tolerance. High precision and accuracy achieved with low cost Commercial Off The Shelf Components. Easily redesigned if amplifiers or reference become obsolete

16 DC/DC Converter – Civil Aviation
Function: 3 Fixed DC Outputs from 14 to 36VDC 28 Watts Flight computer System Self Monitoring Self Diagnostics Characteristics: Mixed power and control circuits. High reliability >20 years life proven through extreme temperature cycling (>3,000 cycles) and HALT testing. Operating temperature -40oC to +95oC High packing density. Relatively low cost.

17 Safety Critical Fuse Function: Current applications:
10 amps continuous current carrying capacity Fuse activation by external control Fusing time <5 -40oC to +110oC Current applications: Wing ice protections system, heater circuit protection (787 Dreamliner) Engine de-icing (Joint Strike Fighter) heater protection

18 Power MCM – Civil Aviation
Function: Part of Wing Ice Protection System Switching controls power to wing tip or engine heaters (up to 5 amps continuous without heatsinking). Used in conjunction with thick film solder fuse protection device Characteristics: Each module contains 8 MOSFETs with low Rdson (<138m Ohm) High packing density and low assembly cost (35mm x 20mm) Good thermal management High reliability

19 Sonar Transducer Power Driver – Naval Systems
Function: H Bridge MOSFET Switch to control power to sonar antenna Intelligent switch with ASIC control and MOSFET drivers. Characteristics: Each module contains 4 MOSFETs with low Rdson, drivers and control ASIC Uses mixed technologies Good thermal management High reliability

20 Flight Controls Steel Dynamic Braking Resistors
For Aileron, Elevator and Rudder Actuation Increased power dissipation by the use of bottom and top heat sinking Low profile, Low Weight Design-ins on: Airbus A400M A330 MRTT Boeing 787 EBACS

21 Power Resistor – Motor Speed Control
Design for high temperature environment Design for high reliability Low Profile, fits in motor housing 0.7 Ohm Resistance Curved shape to fit in housing Test Requirement Duty Cycle Number Power On Off Cycles 300W 3 10 100 100W 50,000

22 AIN Heater – Toner Fusing
Function: Instantaneous heating with individual control of 3 discrete segments 210°C in 2 seconds (1kW) Precision Temperature Control Characteristics: Large size printing AlN Hi thermal Conductivity Resistance to thermal shock Developed Inks with Fraunhofer Institute

23 Hi Frequency Telecoms Function: Frequencies up to 38GHz Hi Reliability
Direct feed to antenna Small Package size Characteristics: Low loss at high frequency Gold based ink 0.38mm thick substrate down to 0.1% tolerance Good thermal management Precise track definition

24 Automotive – Mass Air Flow Sensor

25 Industrial – Ink Jet Print Head

26 Military and Avionics

27 Industrial – Power Module

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