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Town Meeting 4 th June 2013. Overview Meeting Fashion Show/ Fashion Week Update o What a success! We find out from those involved how it went! Super Sunday.

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1 Town Meeting 4 th June 2013

2 Overview Meeting Fashion Show/ Fashion Week Update o What a success! We find out from those involved how it went! Super Sunday Update o Find out How it’s going & what’s left to do May Fayre / Town Survey Update o Still need to get this filled in find out how you can help from Mark Walton Volunteers Needed Marketing & PR Update o Town Talk & Spreading the Word o High Street Forum Regeneration Update o What’s the status Bernie Pitch from WBC will give you the latest What Next o New projects and ideas discussion Next Meeting Wed 24 th July

3 What a Success!!! Positive feedback from retailers involved Fashion Show Atendees Customers on Discount Card Great TT & Town Exposure

4 Super Sundays / Market One Month pilot programme o Artisan Market 7 th July o Children’s Market 14 th July o Local Food Market 21 st July o International Food Market 28 th July Still need a few more Stalls – Do you know anyone? Volunteers Needed for.. o Overall Planning & Organisation o Co-ordinating Finances, keeping track of payments and costs o Talking to Retailers & getting the Town Open Marketing Work Required o Graphics for Banners, Posters & Adverts / Flyers o Arrange Banners to be put up o Flyers – Co-ordinate where and when to hand out o Flyers –weekly hand outs need volunteers on a rota o Social Media – Melanie? o PR – Press releases & Push to press mailing list o Photographs on the market Days o Collect Testimonials (video) and written from traders and customers o Post Event – wrap up press o Creating the Buzz and getting the posters Flyers etc. distributed CAN YOU HELP?

5 May Fayre Great Success!! Raised awareness Positive PR for Events Surveys Filled in Lots of Town Feedback Still need to input the Surveys – need volunteers o Takes 30 seconds on line o All you need is a PC or tablet, internet connection, 1hr and a cup of coffee o Need all inputed by the end of June o Speak to Mark to grab a stack o Not filled it in go to.. o

6 Marketing & PR Update We have a great team working on this o Need more people!! o Fantastic Joined up effort to get the Fashion Week & Fashion Show off the ground! Current PR Areas o Town Talk Facebook Now up to 1.5k likes We need more … please share the page and the updates and ask your o Town Team Website Gaining momentum a lot of content to update o @WokyTT - Twitter Mel doing a sterling job, do with more tweeters Follow comment and retweet please o Press Releases, Media Interface & Graphics Rachel & Kirsti has done some great work on the PR’s Still so much to do Marketing Strategy Needed o Bigger Picture & Long Term Strategy o Plan to create a calendar and a joined up plan of events and campaigns to run between now and Christmas Get Business community working smarter and together to promote each other o Branding work with Regeneration Team to get this right

7 Marketing & PR Update Marketing Campaigns o High Street Forum –lunch time – Wed 3 rd July Specialist Forum for those with an Active interest in the High Street Key Activities o Networking o Planning Joined up Town Marketing Campaigns o Advice & Support – external presentations & training offers o Joined up Voice – make action council projects (regeneration) o Monthly High Street Campaign o Super Sundays Jan and Lynda have done some great base work Need help to put the plan in to action & create the Buzz o Town Team Promo & Volunteer Recruitment o Wokingham Town Events Support the PR of Town Council & charity run events o All Future TT Events & Projects

8 Volunteers Needed Marketing & Promo – (George) o Marketing / PR / Social Media skills to work across projects where needed o Run and Manage Campaigns o Footwork spreading the word and the Buzz Sunday Markets (Stan) o Co-ordinate the Project o Run the Marketing Campaign o Volunteers at the markets to help out o Footwork spreading the word and the Buzz Surveys (Mark W) o Inputting the results Back Office – (George / Juliet) o Financial Help Book Keeping / Accounts / Process o Project / Team Management o PA Skills – organise meetings & chase people o Volunteering Manage and co-ordinate volunteers Partnerships – (Mark A) o Build Networks o Liaison- Get in the know with Town & Borough Council keep TT informed Please Give your Names at the end of the Night on form and we will be in touch..

9 Regeneration Update Bernie Pitch Overview of Regeneration Status Update o Phase 1 – works starting date o Phase 2 & 3 - Planning Status and planned Dates

10 What Next?? Need a Plan for the rest of the Year! We need Ideas / Volunteers for Future Events o Do you have a burning passion? o Have an idea for something you think will be great for the Town and / or help your business? Possible Ideas o Autumn Winter Fashion Week o Food & Drink Week o Father Christmas o Late Night Opening o Christmas Markets o Free Parking after 3pm / Wednesday’s o Christmas Carnival Stall o ?????????????????? YOU DECIDE !!! o Email us with your thoughts and Ideas

11 Next Meetings Big Town Team Meeting o Wednesday 24 th July o Wednesday 25 th September Same time, same place! Marketing & PR Meeting o Friday 14 th June 10 am Cantley Lodge Arts Bar Markets & Events o Tues 11th June, Tuesday 10 th September 6.30pm, Shute End Steering Group o Behind the scenes bit for team leads, finances & Project updates o 10 th July 6pm Shute End

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