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Your First TT Club or Open? Dick Poole President FCCC.

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1 Your First TT Club or Open? Dick Poole President FCCC

2 What’s the difference Club TTs No pre-entry required Turn up, sign on, pay, ride Informal Courses vary – Roadworks, weather etc Open TTs Pre-entry required – Special form Formal – E.g. start times – Regulations Courses fixed Buy handbook – available from Donald!

3 Club TTs FCCC monthly – 2 nd Saturday at 10.00 am FCCC Weekly – Thursday evenings at 7.00pm – Start after clock change - March 31 st 2013 – Early course 8.5 miles @6:30, 6:45 because of light – Course details on website

4 Club TTs - Courses CC216 HC255/255a

5 Club TTs - Courses HC175

6 HCC257 (12.5m)

7 Open TTs Pre-entry required – a couple of weeks before – Dick suggests apply three weeks before May allow time for alternate event in case of full entry – Check CTT website May be online or postal mail entry – Fixed number of spaces (120/150) Spaces allocated on performance basis Stand-by places are available if event is full – Large field Times according to organiser – Must be at the start ready – Late start ‘ready to ride’ means lateness is added to finish time –e.g. 2 minutes after official time – start will be delayed until there’s a place and your time has 2 minutes added. Allow for time to get to start and watch for special regulations (e.g. ‘no U turns near the start’)

8 On The Day Check your bike – Especially tyres for flints etc Registration – Number – Sign in – Allow for time to get from HQ to start Results at HQ

9 Open TTs Seniors Women Juniors Espoirs (18 – 23) Vets (40+) may be judged on – Age group – Standards – standard times for standard distances – your age means a standard time. You may win if you beat your standard time Tandems Handicaps




13 If you have only entered club events, list those times on the form


15 Bentley H10/8

16 H25/8

17 H25/88

18 HHC018 Hill Climb

19 Wessex VTTA Contacts VETERANS' TIME TRIALS ASSOCIATION Group Secretary & Treasurer – (Pro Tem) Ken Blowe 11 Marlborough Park Warblington Havant PO9 2PP 023 9247 5683 Ken Blowe Group Recorder & Press Officer – Peter Warhurst 4 Mortimer Road Bournemouth BH8 9HP 01202 548607 Peter Warhurst

20 New Support Scheme To encourage competitive rides Member must be ‘of good standing’ Agree to enter 6 events – TTs or – Road Races 50% of entry fees for TTs 50% entry fess & licence for road race More details to follow – watch the website

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