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How Do We Use the Comment Box?.  Any guidelines?

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1 How Do We Use the Comment Box?

2  Any guidelines?

3  None on RCGP  None on Deanery Website  None in Ram Mehay’s “bible”

4  Feedback Skills apply to the comments box!  What we do in practice  What should we be doing?

5  Based on the entry (observation)  Practical  Timely – yes you do need to read and make comments every week!  Concrete and specific  Descriptive  How they can improve

6  Focus on the positive  Focus on behaviours that can be changed.  When giving –ve feedback suggest alternative behaviours  Try not to minimise or collude.


8  Unpacking clinical reasoning and decision making  Discussing ethical values and beliefs  Guiding them in patient care

9  Did it go as planned –if not why not?  If doing it again what would you do differently?  This is what I think you might do differently in the future  How did you feel?  How do you think the patient felt?  What made you think that?  What do you think you might try first?

10  Check the accuracy of the matching  Base matching on “what did I learn”  Encourage them not to overmatch  Comment on accuracy of the matching.  Correct factual inaccuracies.  Give further information.  Illustrate with own experience.  Suggest further learning.

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