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1 Mr Hywel Rogers Dr Shaaron Pratt Dr Tina Gambling Dr Paul Brown.

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1 1 Mr Hywel Rogers Dr Shaaron Pratt Dr Tina Gambling Dr Paul Brown

2 2 The processes and technology required to capture, store, distribute and analyse patient and service data.

3 3 Improved turnaround times (Mackinnon et al., 2008)

4 4 Aim  Radiographers’ engagement, ability and confidence Home based applications Work based applications  Areas to include: IM&T ability Work based IM&T usage Personal IM&T usage Security & governance issues Education & training experience The future

5 5 Challenges  Population of ~20,000 UK radiographers  Number of facets to radiography IM&T  Time limitations  1st September to 10th October 2008  Amount of data to analyse  Cost implications

6 6 Options  Interviews  Discussion groups  Questionnaire (Alasuutari et al., 2009)

7 7 Online questionnaire  May provide more honest answers  Response is similar to paper surveys  Respondent can be directed more  Small research team needed  Suitable for large numbers  Low cost  Faster speed of response  Ticks all the boxes for our challenges especially time

8 8 Considerations  Exclusion of technophobic respondents Now said to be insignificant (Evans and Mathur, 2005)  Advertising the survey Wide range of methods  Length of questionnaire Potential disadvantage

9 9 Incentives  Incentives improve response rates (Kessler et al., 1995; Ryu et al., 2005)  Link to prize draw at the end of the survey  Manufacturers donated prizes Digital camera Webcams

10 10  Facilitates data analysis  Allows cross tabulation  Provides a means of exporting data  Collates all free text responses Bristol Online Survey (BOS)

11 11 Our experience  Only 1 person registered to use BOS A lengthy process  Reliant on expertise to assist with cross tabulation and exportation of data  Choice of delivery of questions All together Sectioned into a few pages  Ease of assessing ongoing response

12 12 Response  1,443  1,232 (85.4%) diagnostic radiographers  211 (14.6%) therapeutic radiographers

13 13 Opinions “Sometimes it takes longer to manage the IT aspect…… than it does to X-ray them. Surely personal care should be more important”; “too many people believe it is too difficult to understand and therefore don’t try to”.

14 14 Recommendations  IM&T skills for new graduates at least to ECDL level.  In-service education required for hospital/radiography specific applications.  Further research is required to evaluate the efficacy of different types of training.

15 15 Conclusions  Percentage of the population represented was low (7.4%)  Disproportion of age within each band Lower number of younger respondents  Paper copy of the survey was requested by 2 radiographers, but recognise that additional technophobic individuals may have been missed  Advertising the survey relied upon radiographers seeing the request to respond Other methods may have increased response

16 16  Dr Shaaron Pratt  Mr Hywel Rogers  Dr Tina Gambling  Dr Paul Brown SCoR web site

17 17 References  Alasuutari P., Bickman L., Brannen J. (2009) Social Research Methods. Sage: London  Evans J.R., Mathur A. (2005) The value of online surveys. Internet Research; 15(2): 195-219.  Kessler R.C., Little R.J.A., Groves R.M. (1995) Advances in strategies for minimizing and adjusting for survey nonresponse. Epidemiologic Reviews, 17(1): 192-204  Mackinnon A.D., Billington R. A., Adam E. J., Dundas D. D., Patel U. (2008) PACS lead to sustained improvements in reporting times and productivity. Clinical Radiology, 63: 796-804  Ryu E., Couper M.P., Marans R.W. (2005) Survey incentives: cash vs in-kind. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 18(1): 89–106

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