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Starter Activity

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2 Starter Activity

3 The Gypsy, Roma & Traveller Home We are going to enter a T-Shirt Competition. We are going to design a t-shirt about a travelling home. We will learn about the history of travelling homes. We will understand that we don’t all live in houses and have fixed addresses.



6 The Gypsy Wagon Gypsies have only lived in caravans for around 150 years. The Gypsy name for a wagon is a ‘vardo.’ Before this they walked on foot. They used horses and carts to move their belongings. They lived in tents called ‘benders’. The tents were made from twigs and canvas.

7 Using our imagination - circle time Colour? Patterns? Materials?






13 Watch the clip px9Y px9Y)

14 The T-Shirt Design

15 2nd lesson - Watch the clip ( next=1&list=PLF5F0A7479997B497&feature=results_m ain) next=1&list=PLF5F0A7479997B497&feature=results_m ain

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